Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 477

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 477 Hipolito almost crashed to deàth, Taskforce Agila raids the hideout of Dante

Hipolito was walking in the middle of the night and his wounded hand weakened him. A car was passing and he crossed and almost got knocked down. He fainted so the driver sent him to the hospital.

Lily called Oscar to inform him about her preparation to go to the funeral of Chikoy with him. Oscar was glad to hear her say that but Diana seemed not happy about the closeness of Hidalgo with Lily. Lily then told Lazaro that he would go and mourn with the former Vendetta.

Meanwhile, she prayed the goons who wanted to k!ll the entire Taskforce to do that as soon as possible for her to carry her evil plans. Hipolito woke up to find himself at the hospital. He overheard the doctor talking to those who brought him to the hospital that he was having a gün wound but the man and his wife said they did not know him. He just appeared from nowhere.

A nurse realised the patient had escaped so they alerted the police. Hipolito escaped the police. He was not ready to avail himself to be caught until he made Lily and Lazaro pay. Elsewhere, Flora arrived at the funeral and Cardo was upset that Flora and Alyana came there while he advised them to stay home. Flora could not wait and wanted to see Chikoy.

They sent him to see Chikoy. Oscar arrived to sympathise with the widow. Flora never knew that Chikoy’s son was that young. That, reminded her of Cardo and Ador when Pablo d!ed. Alyana lamented that she wouldn’t know what to do if she was in Michelle’s shoes. Cardo promised her that nothing of that sort would happen.

The president swore to Michelle to get justice for her and reminded Cardo to get the team to do everything possible to obtain justice. Lily who came with the President also sympathised with the bereaved family.  Elsewhere, Dante swore to bring a bigger war till he avenged his brother’s deàth.

When the President left, Cardo and his group also told Michelle that they were also leaving. Michelle told him to do everything to make her husband obtain justice. Cardo promised that first thing tomorrow the taskforce would begin their work to search for the culprit. Billy and Mark stayed behind to keep Michelle company.

The following day, the friends of Chikoy at work were surprised that they were now one man down. They believed the only way to seek justice for Chikoy was to find the felons. The female taskforce members were scared of their lives. They told themselves that they needed not to be walking alone since the enemy is crushing them, one after the other.

Cardo arrived at work to ask for an update on the case. Billy believed the group behind the grenade and the attack on them at the eatery was behind Chikoy’s tragic death. As they were talking, a higher rank told Cardo that he has deployed more men to search for the goons. Ramil suggested they go undercover and Dalisay seconded.

Major Basco introduced some men from the Intelligence unit to Dalisay to make them help in the search for the notorious group but Cardo wanted his group to take charge of it. Major Basco  said they needed to work together to find the group as soon as possible so Cardo complied.

Amir Marquez thanked Major Basco for trusting him and his team. They promised to gather intel to find the notorious group behind the attack. They claim the job was easy for them since they have handled more complicated jobs than that. The group realised that Taskforce Agila did not look happy seeing them. Amir told them to ignore them because they were more skillful and they were nothing compared to them.

Tadpole saw the new officers as cocky. Cardo reminded them that they needed to work together to find justice for Chikoy. Amir and his group were fantasising about the females working at the unit. Major Talked to Cardo and the new group, Amir said if Major Basco was riding the sëxy Alessandra, he would snatch her.

The cops had a lead about Dante’s hideout and with the intel they gathered, it was Skull who was the one who k!lled Chikoy. Dante’s men informed them that the police had discovered their hideout as someone had ratted them out.

They got away before the police would arrive at their hideout. Hipolito was also ready to talk to Dante but went to his base and did not find him.

Diana informed Hidalgo about the intel of the CIDG. Hipolito stumbled on the police and fled for his life. After scouting the place, the police did not find the group and believed the group had been tipped off and left, Cardo saw his pictures pasted on the walls and he told Major Basco that he was actually the goons’ target.


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