Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 478

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 478 Diana in loggerhead with Lily, Gina returns from her trip to cause trouble at Flora’s Garden

Taskforce Agila came out of Dante’s ghetto. Basco saw that the group was smart, they slipped away.  Cardo advised him not to be dismayed. They would find their new hideout. As the cops entered their cars, Hipolito who was hiding came out and bragged that Dalisay would not catch him.

Flora and her family wondered why the taskforce had been the target. Flora wished they found the culprit soon. Lazaro told Lily that his business was booming and needed protection. Lily asked the amount he would pay her and Lazaro said he could not mention any amount yet but he promised a handsome reward.

Lily left him to go and see Oscar. She told him that she was this close to winning Oscar over. Oscar was having a meeting with his cabinets to seek means to settle corruption, health issues among others and demoted one of his appointees for misappropriation of funds.

As Gina arrived from the Captains meetings, Lily also arrived at the palace to share some gifts. She left out Elizabeth and waited for the president since he was having a meeting. Elizabeth wanted her to leave the President’s gift behind and leave. Hipolito was upset that the raid of the cps at Dante’s ghetto would make Skull not return to the place. He wondered where he could find him.

Coun Gee and her allies thought of means to finally kick Flora away from their neighbourhood. Elmo told Yolly that they needed to open their eyes carefully to ensure that no one would come to spike their food. They knew Bart was hellbent on snatching their customers. Cardo and his comrades on the other hand, went to their favourite eatery closer to their workplace.

He told the sellers that aside their comrades who d!ed at the place another person has d!ed. Amir and his group call the taskforce as cheap for coming to a place like that. He said the cops were not vigilant that was the reason some of them lost their lives. They promised to show what they were made of if they encountered any danger.

Ramil told the group that they had to be cautious and stick together in order to fight the enemies. He said they have to remain high alert to fight the notorious group. Lily came to interrupt Diana’s meeting with the President so Diana lashed out to ask about her problem. Diana told him that the manner Lily sends him to places that she failed to seek permission was not right.

She told the President that his safety was paramount at the moment and they needed not to play with it. Oscar defended Lily and told Diana that he willingly went with her because he was starving and it was not Lily’s fault. Lily, later, asked about the development of the investigation on Chikoy’s death. Oscar said the Taskforce had a hint but the group behind it escaped.

Lily also asked about Hipolito and the President said the police had an update about him as he was being treated in a certain hospital. He got away before the police got there. When Lily left, Oscar had a meeting with Delfin and Diana. He learnt that Skull and his group were actually after Cardo but could not get the reason the group was after Cardo and the taskforce.

Jerome feared that the lives of Cardo’s family would be under threat. Cardo was sad that his innocent family was caught in the middle. He promised to ensure the group will not survive if they encounter each other again. Hipolito hit the road to search for Skull. He believed that Skull and his goons would be at where Cardo would be since he wanted to get rid of Cardo.

Teddy was writing an article on the k!llings of the police officers but Virgie was against it. She was scared of their safety and did not want his articles to once again compromise their safety as it happened at the tenure of Lucas. She suspected that the goons behind the police k!llings had been paid by some prominent individuals.

At his new settlement, Skull prepared his group to take the taskforce by surprise. He swore not to rest till Cardo became a history. Victor warned that they should not be complacent as a least mistake, the police would know their hideout. He believed they were lucky the other time that they were given a hint and knew they might not be lucky this time around.

Gina and Bart came to the Flora’s Garden to threaten to get the health unit involved for the kind of food she has been cooking that has become poisonous to the health of the people within the jurisdiction but Flora urged them on. Gina seemed surprised and added that the return of her grandson, Cardo had also had a negative impact on their neighbourhood, risking everyone’s life.

Flora was so pissed off. Lazaro wished there would not be a time that he would be forced to brandish a gün at Lily after Cedric made him aware of what Lily could do should she achieve her aim to win the president over. He was sure the woman would betray them like what she did to Renato.

Flora and her family sat to count the money they made from the eatery. Flora told her family not to tip off Cardo. They would go any length to face them whether in court or anywhere. Cardo arrived home to inform his family about their unsuccessful mission but he realised from the newspaper clippings that he was the main target of Skull.

Flora was scared for him. She did not want to lose him and wondered what he did. Cardo said he was yet to find out. Flora now believed they were all in danger so Delfin promised them protection.

He said he would deploy more police officers to secure the place. Cardo also said they were busy hunting the group before they strike. Alyana was frightened by the news. When she went to her room with her husband, she told Cardo how scared she was. Anytime Cardo goes out, she was scared something bad might happen.

Cardo promised to take extra careful of himself to escape the hands of those frivolous men. He said he would never rest till he brought Skull and his men to book. He hugged Alyana and told her to stay put, he would be saved.


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