Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 479

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 479 The police buried Chikoy, Skull and his minions captured female cops

Cedric asked Lazaro about his plans for Lily. Lazaro said he knew Lily’s secret and would use it against her, should things go bitter. Bubbles told Jerome that she now knew that Cardo was the one Skull was targeting. Jerome assured that they would do everything possible to get hold of Skull.

Lily arrived home to inform Lazaro that Oscar has given her protection against Hipolito. Lazaro considered that as a competition but Lily said there was no competition. Oscar wanted to secure and would order the PnP. Lily requested for the money they agreed upon but Lazaro did not give him the exact amount.

Lily insisted and Lazaro made Cedric to add the rest to it. Least, did Lily know that Lazaro and Cedric were doing that to get evidence against her. They reviewed the footage of Lily taking money from them. Lazaro wished there would not be a day that they would be compared to using that footage.

Unknown to them, Hipolito has also vowed to make them pay a hundred folds of what they have done to him. Cardo felt sorry that he has still not been able to capture Chikoy’s k!ller. Alyana comforted him. Flora was scared about the children’s safety. Yolly recalled the day Billy, Chikoy and Mark saved the children from the hands of the Cabreras.

Delfin assured to get the children protected. Diana said the children shouldn’t be caught in the fight. Lily called Oscar to ask if she could accompany him to the funeral of Chikoy and Oscar accepted. Lily looked at the pictures of Marisa and vowed to make Oscar see what he saw in Marisa in her.

Lily then dressed up and Lazaro complemented her looks, saying he was now looking like the first lady. He however, earned her not to fall for the president in the process of seducing him. Lily said she would not do that. Lazaro wondered if he could allow himself to fall for Lily.

Delfin later, went to stop the President from going to the cemetery for his own safety. Cardo, on the other hand, also stopped Flora from going to the cemetery. Cardo left the house with his comrades. Meanwhile, Skull has also ordered his minions to follow him. He was planning an attack to k!ll more of the officers.

Lily arrived at the palace only for her to hear from General Borja that Oscar would no longer be going. Lily understood him that he was protecting the President. As Delfin was leaving, Diana told Lily that she could go with Borja if only she wanted to be at the cemetery. Lily refused, she said she had an urgent matter to discuss with the president.

Oscar was dumbfounded, setting his eyes on Lily. He apologised for failing to inform her when he rescinded his decision. Chikoy’s remains arrived at the cemetery and they carried his casket. They were led by the wife and son of Chikoy. Delfin followed and as the body was being sent to his grave, a voice over told how an officer’s achievement and sacrifice would make him be a true hero.

“When a police officer dies what did they get for it”

“How does the country acknowledge their true act of heroism?”

“Is it enough for the government to provide aid for their families daily?”

“Hopefully, this act of sacrificing one’s life will not be in vain!”

“If only we can put an end to violence so that no family could suffer anymore.”

As the body was being carried to the grave, Skull and his men were in a van with their weapons ready. They arrived at the cemetery and Dante believed it was going to be a great show. They decided to wait and take the police one after the other when they went their separate ways.

The police after reaching the grave performed their duties as tradition to culturally and ethically lay Chikoy to the grave. The police force folded a flag and Delfin presented it to Chikoy’s wife. For the last time, the wife opened the casket of Chikoy and cried. The policemen were sad. In the palace, Lily told Oscar that she understood Borja and Diana that he needed to be secured.

While leaving, Delfin told Cardo to do everything he could to avenge the deàth of Chikoy. As Delfin was heading back to the palace and the female cops joined the others in their cars, Skull chose to attack the females and urged his boys to party. Doray confronted Elizabeth for bad mouthing Lily. Diana stumbled on them and listened to their conversation.

Lily told Oscar about the landslide that k!lled some people. Oscar said he was supporting the families of those affected. Lily came up with her own project of planting trees to help solve the problem and to prevent the tragedy from recurring. That reminded Oscar of his wife as that was her last project before her deàth.

Lily recounted the omen she passed through as a child and did not want anyone to experience that again. Oscar pledged to support her in that project. In the car going to the office, the female cops talked about the tragic fate of Chikoy.

One said her parents disapproved that she would be in the force. Cardo was already at the office when Oscar called to apologise that he could not attend the funeral.

Cardo said he already spoke to Delfin and it was good that he did not attend. He said so far as Madarang was not caught, his life was in danger. Oscar said everyone’s life was in danger and made Cardo swear to capture Skull.

Katherine was told to stop the car, as they realised that a lifeless body was found on the streets. The female police pulled over and rushed to check on the pulse and realised the man was alive and Katherine ordered for the rest to call for an ambulance.

Before they could do so, Katherine realised it was a trap and the man was alive. He was about to shōõt them but Katherine was fast to pull her trigger first. They tried to escape but they were ambushed by Skull and his minions.

Skull began to smell the ladies and told Katherine that she was smelling good. They dragged the female cops into their van.


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