Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 480

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 480 Skull rapes and k!lls Tiongson, Task Force Agila discovers the reason behind Madarang’s excessive k!llings

At the palace, Oscar wondered about the motive of Skull for going after Taskforce Agila. Gina and Bart plotted against Flora after seeing the eatery closed down. They said they wouldn’t have to do anything now since the De Leons have already closed down their eatery.

As they were celebrating with their song, we did it before we could do it again, Ema and some companions saw them and they went to the house of Flora to fish out the reason the eatery was closed down and the time it would be opened. Ema told them that their enemies were celebrating.

The police realised the absence of the female cops and they called their homes only for them to discover that the female cops were at work. Madarang sent them to his base to torture them. The police began a search for their comrades. Basco ordered Amir to find Madarang. As they came out, they found Dalisay and the rest looking so worried.

He asked Dalisay about the problem and Cardo told him about their missing comrades. Soon, Gina heard that Flora had opened her eatery and she got so upset. She believed Flora was only going to check out the place and lock it down for good. Flora stopped her family from confronting Gina and Bart.

General Dela Cruz announced to the CIDG and Taskforce Agila about the intel he gathered on Madarang. He said Dante had a twin brother David Madarang who was k!lled years ago by Dominador . Cardo now understood why he was the target of Dante. Dela Cruz gave them the possible hideout of the group.

Billy told him that they had other problems because four girls, Catherine, Tricia, Isabelle and Miranda were still not at the base after they went to the cemetery. Elsewhere, Dante had tied one of the girls, Tiongson up to rãpe her. After raping her, he stabbed and k!lled her.

The rest of the four girls Parana, Miranda, and Almario were also tormented by Victor. He tied up one and Dante came to meet them to tell the other two girls that he k!lled Tiongson and threatened that the two of them would be next. Dela Cruz told the taskforce not to relent on their efforts to carry out the mission immediately.

Cardo seeks Domengsu’s help for the mission. The minions of Skull carried the body of Tiongson and the rest of her comrades cried out. While the police were searching for Madarang, Major Basco called Cardo to ensure they did not make Madarang aware that they were on a mission to search for him. A faction of the task force went to the cemetery to discover CCTV footage.

They went to the towns hall to investigate to find the footage leading to the cemetery. They found out that Skull was behind the kidnapping but couldn’t get the footage of the route taken by Skull. Basco and the rest of the police officers asked around to find the house of Skull. Dante kept tormenting the remaining two girls.

Dela Cruz informed the president about the mission of the police and told him about the reason Skull was acting that way against Cardo. Delfin could remember the time Ador k!lled David. Diana knew Dante wanted to avenge the deàth of his twin brother. Elmo bought stuff for the eatery but no customer appeared.

Meanwhile, Gina celebrated that the next day Flora’s Garden would be closed down and would be thrown out from her house for them to leave their neighbourhood for good. Skull’s mother was so sick and told her caretaker that she would rather d!e alone than to be with Dante. The caretaker told the woman that her son appeared in the news. He was wanted by the police for the k!lling of police officers.

Cardo bumped into Basco’s group on the bridge.  Major Basco showed Cardo the house of Skull. Basco hoped Skull would not discover their mission. Cardo decided to leave Domengsu behind to fish out all information the police would be needed to track down Skull.

As Greco’s faction were still on their mission to find footage of the nearby town where Skull’s group routed, they found the car the girls were using and discovered their phones were in the car. They suspected that the girls were ambushed and they rushed to the office to inform Cardo.

Major Romero believed time was not on their side since they had to find the girls and save them before Dante killed them. Cardo said their only last hope was Domeng.

Meanwhile, Domeng after asking people at the bridge about Skull, found some men playing drafts who happened to be the friends of Dante.

He lied that Skull was his godfather and needed his help so was told to wait for him there since he most times get there in the evenings. Learning that Skull might be there due to his mother’s condition, Domeng hung out with those men and gave one money.

Skull was informed about the sickness of his mother so he decided to visit his mother and left the two kidnapped girls into the hands of Victor.


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