Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 481

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 481 Hipolito gets new allies, Taskforce Agila to embark on a new mission to save the four missing girls

At Kap and Kons eatery, Coun Gee had an idea from Nicho’s suggestion to spread rumours that those who would visit the eatery would die. They looted that their eyes would “be undergone.” Teddy and Virgie visited Flora and he apologised for his inability to attend Rivera’s funeral.

Flora said they could not go either since Cardo stopped them. Skull left the girls in the hands of Victor to play and do whatever he wanted to them.    Cardo told his men that Skull was going overboard with his excessive killings.

Virgie saw that Flora was not having customers and she explained that it was as a result of the issues. In the palace, Oscar told Lily that she was like his wife, Marissa who also løved to cook and bake but Lily said she could not come close to his wife. Oscar told her not to talk like that.

Oscar was called so once he left, Elizabeth gave Lily weird looks. Diana arrived there and Lily started to question her if Oscar was busy, she would go and come some other time. She saw Diana quiet and she asked if it was about Skull. She hoped that Skull would be found soon for the taskforce to carry out their duties.

Diana said Skull was not the only problem because once he was found, there would be other criminals like Renato on the loose. Diana knew Hipolito was even a risk to Lily. Lily admitted and she tried to turn tables that the one whose life was at risk the most was Diana.

Hipolito attacked an unknown man who was talking over the phone with his boss to run away with his car. Unfortunately, the boss and his men saw his car and his men raced after him with two different cars. Hipolito tried pretty hard to escape from their hands but he could not go far. The men ambushed him so Hipolito had no choice than to come out of the car.

While two men came out of the cars, one remained in the car to watch Hipolito closely. He realised he was the former Director of the National Defense Agency and even ran for a Senator who was the right hand man of former president Lucas Cabrera. Hipolito shõt at the men to flee. However, the two men caught him and asked him who sent him to k!ll them. Hipolito couldn’t reply so they decided to k!ll him.

The other one in the car appeared to stop them from doing so. He then revealed the real identity of Hipolito to them. He believed Hipolito would be a help to them. Mark was sad that after losing Chikoy and other CIDG officers, Skull also kidnapped the girls.

Elsewhere, Domengsu heard that Dante was there. He hid inside the bush to watch Dante as he told his men to stay behind because his mother would be upset seeing them. Dante went to the room and his mother asked him what he was doing there. Dante wanted to get her treated with his money but the woman refused to spend his money, she would rather d!e.

Dante reminded her that he was the only one she could rely on. He explained that he was avenging his twin brother, David’s deàth. He insisted that he has done no wrong in k!lling the cops. His mother wished that she had not given birth to him and his brother and told him to go to hell with his brother. Dante called his mother selfish and began to destroy things.

He sadly said his mother was not there for him and his brother and as at now, she still did not care about him. He said since she did not want his criminal money which was keeping him afloat, he would allow her to d!e. Once he left the room to leave with his guys, some of his old friends appeared there and he sent them out for drinks.

Domeng also followed but remained hidden as he heard Dante telling them that he was now k!lling cops but his friends asked why he was k!lling them. He explained that those cops k!lled his brother so he would k!ll them. He added that the name he hated  most was Ricardo Dalisay. His friend said he was a tough one but one said Dante could handle him.

They then said he should also give them some of the money he made from robbing banks. Dante was willing to share with them and even promised to gift them with liquor and better foods once he visited some other times. Aside from hunting cops, Dante said he has been following women and now has in his custody some taskforce Agila girls at his base.

The boys asked for his hideout and he said he had moved to a bigger and better place. Unknown to him, Domeng has heard the name of where he was hiding the girls. The family was asking for Wally but Wally was out and stumbled on some people who told him about the rumours they heard concerning Gina and Bart planning to close down Flora’s eatery.

Wally said it would not be possible and urged them to treat that piece of information with all the contempt it deserved. He went to Kaps and Kons eatery to find the man who mixed a foreign content in their food and was being paid for.

He rushed home to inform Elmo about it. Without wasting time, Elmo wanted them to tell Flora. However, Wally stopped them from doing that.

Victor after rãping the female cops he tied, ordered the rest to also go and have their intimate moment with her while the other two cops cried. Meanwhile, the police were not taking their missing comrades issue lightly as they were prepared to lay their lives to save the four female missing cops.

Dante praised himself for thinking two steps ahead and believed the police would not find their hideout. He woke up and spotted someone spying on him. He made his men drag Domengsu there. Domeng then pretended to be a blind man so Dante could not hurt him and was left unscathed.

He walked on the bridge, as he saw no one watching him, he cut off his pretence and fled. Hipolito’s new allies sent him to a club and he left for the washroom. He viewed around in order not for him to be captured by the CCTV. He thought of his next move and how he had to be careful so that he could use his helpers to his advantage in the near future.

Lily appeared in Lazaro’s house while talking to Oscar over the phone. Lazaro asked Lily where she went after the funeral. Lily said she couldn’t attend the funeral because Oscar was advised by his security agents not to go for his safety. She failed to answer other questions from Lazaro and reminded him that she did not have to report everything to him. All that mattered was she was doing her job.

Hipolito returned from the washroom to ask the three men who helped him with their actual work. One was a  drug dealer, the other smuggled cars and the other smuggled güns. He learnt that one of the guys was the son of Senator Adrian Soriano. Hipolito stated that his father was on the PNP top list. He smiled and said like father like son.

He asked if his father committed suicide and the guy said he was k!lled by Tony Cruz. Hipolito indicated that he knew the man who k!lled his father. The guy said he knew and was aware that Hipolito had also k!lled Tony Cruz. He thanked Hipolito and said earlier they thought he knew what was inside the car but it turned out that he was rather in need of a car.

The guys had a problem as the owner, who was part of the drug lord was informed about a girl who was acting up after taking drugs. They disposed of the body just like how he disposed of his driver who Hipolito earlier attacked.

Domeng went to Camp Crame to inform the Task Force about the hideout of Dante which was at

Seven Island where he has hidden the girls. Cardo mobilised his men to go on a mission to save the four girls. Unbeknownst, two of the girls had already lost their lives. Dante returned to his hideout to hear from Victor that the other lady dazed and they had to get rid of her.

Flora did not understand why Dante was hellbent on attacking Cardo while the actual k!ller of his brother was Ador. Borja said there were people like that and all of them, their lives were in danger. Major Romero gave out her rules on how they would attack Dante in his hideout.

She said Dante had already k!lled five of their comrades so it was a do or d!e affair. She told them to ensure they save the girls


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