Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 482

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 482 Dante rãpes Tricia, Skull fatally stabs and shoøts Cardo

The minions of Dante celebrated. Dante told the remaining two girls that in no time, he would send both to hell. He poured his drink on them and k!ssed them. Hipolito was still in the club with his new allies. He asked them if they had a private army. He was glad to have met his saviour even if he could not get Skull and his men.

He has gotten allies who he could rely on to get back at his enemies. At Camp Crame, Major Basco used a map to show the direction based on the information Domeng gave them. In his ghetto, Dante made his minions tie Tricia to a table and Victor was supposed to inject her.

Cardo told them to lock all the exits. Since they have the least idea on what might have happened to them so they needed to act with due diligence. Lily told Lazaro how impatient she was in getting Oscar to fall for her, the reason she was continuing all projects which Marissa couldn’t complete for Oscar to fall for her early.

General Dela Cruz had a video call with Oscar to inform him about the mission the taskforce was embarking on. Oscar had complete trust in the guys and prayed they would capture Madarang in his hideout to bring an end to his brutalities. After Victor injected Tricia, Skull carried her to another room to rãpe her.

Taskforce Agila arrived at Skull’s hideout and k!lled some of his security to get the place covered. As Victor was raping the other woman, Cardo and the taskforce made their way in. Most of Dante’s men were k!lled. One of his goons wanted to lay with the remaining one but Dante was saving the best for the last. Alyana spoke over the phone with her mother and father.

She told her parents that Cardo was on a mission and her mother could sense her troubled tone but she claimed to be okay. Teddy asked if Cardo was still on a mission to capture Skull. He was sure Cardo would capture him. The police still shøt their way into the ghetto of Skull. He was also tormenting the remaining girl, Miranda.

The girl told him to pray that he did not make it alive, otherwise she would make him pay for every single thing he did to her and her comrades. Skull went to use the washroom and heard günshot. Cardo heard Miranda’s voice and made orders to save her. He ran out of bullets so he was forced to throw his gün away to fight with his fist.

Dante and some of his minions discovered the attackers were the police. Cardo had a fist fight with Victor and managed to overtake him. He rescued Tricia and when he was about to escape with her, Victor snatched a gün but Cardo was quick to shōõt him. Basco ordered Ramil and his faction to back him up to rescue Miranda. Skull mobilised the rest of his minions.

Oscar had a hint that the taskforce had successfully raided Skull’s hideout. However, there was no news on the kidnapped girls. The minions began to throw grenades at the police, k!lling some instantly. Alyana came to Flora’s Garden and Flora asked if Cardo was already home but she said no. She told Flora not to worry because Cardo earlier called to inform her that he was doing something at work.

Cardo gave Tricia to the rest of his comrades to go after Skull. Meanwhile, Alyana prayed for him sensing danger. Skull hid himself while Cardo called out his name to order him to show himself to him because he was the one Skull wanted. He said he would put an end to his brutality. Skull laughed and hid while he watched him to see the shortcut he would use to get to him.

While Cardo was shõōting without targeting, Skull was just behind a pillar. He put his gün back inside his trousers and snatched a knife to stãb Cardo. Alyana had that bad feeling as she witnessed a picture frame fall. He ståbbëd him once again and said that was for his brother who Ador k!lled and stãbbëd him once more for himself.

Cardo fell while blood began to ooze from his mouth. Dante never knew his job would be that easy. He heard Cardo had nine lives so he shōt him multiple times in addition to ensuring Cardo did not wake up ever again. He heard some sounds and he fled, leaving Dalisay lifeless.

Flora received an update on her grandson from Delfin. Elmo was paranoid so Bubbles was consumed with fear that something bad might have happened to Cardo. Billy spotted Cardo and alerted Major Basco and other comrades. Major Romero ran to hold and scream out Dalisay’s name. She wept bitterly seeing Cardo in that situation.

After watching the lifeless body of Cardo for a while, Major Basco ordered the rest to carry Cardo. The Taskforce carried their leader and ushered him out of the building.


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