Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 483

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 483 Lily plots against Diana, Cardo regains consciousness 

Cardo was rushed to the hospital. His comrades were stopped by the health practitioners. Major Basco used that opportunity to call General Dela Cruz to inform him about what had happened to Cardo. He also said Skull escaped while two of the four girls were already dead so they rescued Miranda and Tricia.

Dela Cruz then called General Borja to inform him. Borja then passed the information to Oscar. He told him that Madarang managed to escape and when the taskforce reached the enemy’s camp, two of the four girls were deàd and two were rescued.

However, the bad news did not end there, Cardo was ståbbëd and shõt by Madarang. The doctors conducted an operation Cardo to remove all the bullets. He came out from the operation room to give an update to the comrades of Cardo. She said Cardo needed blood but his blood type was not available at the hospital’s blood bank.

Major Romero told her that she could donate since she was a universal donor. Her blood was then transfused. Delfin called Flora to gist her about Cardo’s situation and told her to meet him at the hospital. Lily arrived at the palace but Diana prevented her from seeing Oscar as the president could not be bothered. He had other important matters to attend to.

Lily took an offence that her presence was termed by Diana as a bother but Diana did not mean that. As she was walking out, Lily hissed.

“My patience is very thin Diana don’t you dare test me because if you do I might follow what Lazaro told me.”

The De Leon kids wanted to follow Flora and Alyana to the hospital. They were scared that something bad might happen to their idol Cardo but Alyana refrained them from entertaining such negative thoughts. Flora made Bubbles take care of the kids while she left with Alyana, Yolly and Elmo.

Oscar also allowed Diana to go with Delfin to the hospital. The blood was given to Cardo. Meanwhile, Virgie and JP saw the news report on the two dead cops and Virgie felt sad that Skull succeeded in k!lling two of the female cops. Elsewhere, Dante stayed around to watch the police and health practitioners convey all the deàd bodies into the ambulance.

Skull said although the police managed to k!ll all his man, he also fulfilled his promise to David, his twin. He recalled how he deeply ståbbëd Cardo and shõt him multiple times. He laughed. Jacob went to the room where the notorious criminal Hipolito who has named Uncle Red was resting to present him clothes. Hipolito told him that he had rested like he never did before.

Jacob, gave him a gün as well and Hipolito asked if he was not scared that he might use it against him but the guy believed they would rather get along well. Flora after she arrived at the hospital with her family was told by the doctor that her grandson was in critical condition. She begged the doctor to do everything to save Cardo.

Flora and Alyana sobbed bitterly so Delfin calmed his sister and was sure that Cardo would survive it. Skull fled to hide behind some walls to think of means he could gather the pieces to form new allies as his terror reign was not yet coming to an end. Hipolito dressed up and also thought of how things were now working for him.

He vowed not to allow anyone to bring him down ever again. At the palace, the people of Sto Niño thought about Cardo. Lily called Oscar to fake that she was bothered about Cardo and wanted Oscar to postpone their deforestation project but Oscar didn’t let him. Virgie began to shake when she heard the news of Cardo being in critical condition. She called Alyana and asked if she could come.

Alyana did not allow it so she promised to pray for Cardo. Lily lost appetite and explained to Lazaro that it was because Diana was getting her way. Lazaro wanted to take care of Diana but she refused once again. She planned on getting Oscar from the palace for them to be left alone so that she could seduce him.

Elizabeth had a talk with Diana concerning Lily. She once again told her all her doubts and suspicious actions of Lily. She said she was not bad mouthing her but everything she was saying was true. They decided to make what they discussed stay between them.

Hipolito after listening to the news to know what Skull had done was glad that he was not with him, otherwise, he would be going down with him. Alex talked to Cardo to survive because they have missions together. She knew he was brave and could get through it. She came out and was introduced to Alyana as Cardo’s wife. The two shook hands.

Meanwhile, Hipolito made up his mind to focus on those who betrayed him first before thinking about Dalisay. The Senator’s son, Jacob reminded him that they agreed to concentrate on their illegal business competitors. Hipolito decided to play along with him and when the time was appropriate, he would get rid of Jacob and his underlings.

Alyana went to the intensive unit to cry and plead with Cardo not to give  up. He should wake up because she was waiting for him. Yolly went home to inform Wally and Bubbles that Cardo was in critical condition.

Oscar also called Delfin to ask about Cardo but he was still in critical condition. Delfin had never felt this anxious and worried for Cardo before. Lazaro joined Lily who was viewing pictures of Oscar and Marissa. Lazaro was sure that Cardo might not make it and Oscar would not get time for her.

He  wanted Lily to be with him and was holding Lily when she tapped his hand, saying Oscar might need her to console him should Cardo die. Teddy arrived home from the publishing house to find his wife crying over the emotional stress her daughter, Alyana was going through. She claimed Alyana was too young to be experiencing such emotional crises all due to Cardo’s work.

She lamented Cardo’s life was always at risk along with Alyana’s and preferred Cardo to resign for her daughter to be okay. However, Teddy did not agree with her. Major Romero came to Camp Crame and wept looking at the empty seats of those ladies who passed away. Basco arrived to console her. Romero blamed herself for her inability to save the two ladies.

However, Basco consoled her and reminded her that the only one to be blamed was Skull. He promised his commitment to help the taskforce to accomplish its mission to get rid of Skull. While resting her head next to her husband, Alyana felt that Cardo was moving his fingers so she woke up to find her husband fully awoken.

She screamed out the name of the nurse and doctor to come as her husband was awake. Cardo watched her quietly.


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