Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 490

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 490 Uncle Red recruited men to form a private army, Flora grows suspicious of Jane’s attitude

Chloe advised Jacob to allow the police to handle the investigation but Jacob refused since that would make the police gain evidence to unravel their illegal operations. Chloe told him to allow his men to take charge of getting rid of Maureen but Jacob was hellbent on taking the justice into his own hands since he saw Ranold corpse.

Chloe was scared of losing him but Jacob knew she was rather scared of losing the things he showered her with. He yelled at her when she wanted him to stop trusting Uncle Red to concentrate on Migz and Lance. Jacob sent a bag of money to Hipolito for the men he wanted to recruit.

Uncle Red urged him to put his trust in him because before he was born, he had connections with criminals who were wanted but sly. Teddy talked his wife against her plans of going to convince the De Leons to give Alyana to them. Teddy believed Alyana was more safer at the house of De Leons than she would be in their house since the place was full of cops.

Virgie and Teddy arrived at the De Leons place and Virgie learnt that Cardo was still not home but at Camp Crame. Alex brought Cardo a flask of food and she met Jane. Coun Gee wished the task force would be busy so that they could not discover her illegal businesses.

Virgie did not understand why Cardo was still not in the house and insisted that his wife should call him. Alyana refused and Teddy also advised Virgie to allow Cardo be since he had other important things to do at the office. JP even believed that he was on Skull’s tail so that he would not be a harm to the society.

Teddy asked Flora why she had closed down her eatery. The family told them about Counselor Gina and Captain Bart who were sabotaging her work and were doing everything to get the eatery closed down permanently. Teddy could remember that Alyana had told him about the shenanigans of the counselor and advised Flora to take change to be the Captain of the area as before.

At Camp Crame, the comrades of Cardo left to go home and facilitate the process to get the room ready for Jane. Cardo also left the office with Jane and Domeng.

After their dinner, the Arevalos waited and had to  leave since Cardo was still not home. Virgie asked Alyana if Cardo was always that late. Alyana said he was not always late, unless something comes up at the office. Virgie was still worried about Alyana’s safety. Flora gave her some food to be taken home.

On their way home, Teddy told his wife that he would not allow her to go and bother the De Leons again over Alyana. JP seconded his father and insisted that Alyana was safe with the De Leons. Virgie felt that they were ganging up on her. Jane saw her room and since she did not bring any clothes along, Cardo decided to go and get clothes from his wife, Alyana to her.

As Hipolito was feeding the minds of Jacob with lies, Jacob also saw a saviour in him and also thought he could not only rely on him to punish his  business rivals but to use him to get everything he wanted. Alyana packed the things and followed Cardo to meet Jane. Jane was grateful that Alyana had brought her clothes and promised to return them.

Alyana saw no need for that. She explained that she no longer used those clothes that was the reason she was given them to her. Jane thanked the couple and told them that no one has shown her that kindness. When Cardo and Alyana were leaving, she had an evil plan in mind and watched them in fury.

Alyana told Cardo how proud she was of him because earlier when he told her about Jane, she was scared that their safety would be compromised with her presence but now that she met her, she knew Jane was a really nice person who needed help.

Chloe told Migz the truth that the men Renato recruited would be only loyal to him, not to Jacob and them. She warned him about the motive of Renato and told him to talk to Jacob in order to prevent Renato from brainwashing Jacob. Migz said he did everything yet Jacob had refused to listen to him and he knew Chloe’s attempt to convince him did not yield results either.

Jane was having an episode while sitting on her bed. Major Romero spoke with Basco concerning the serial k!ller and they vowed to go in-depth with their investigation. In the morning Gido and Niks came to the eatery to warn Flora’s customers who were there in their numbers since they have missed Flora’s yummy food that they would also be poisoned like the others.

Yolly, Wally and Elmo rebuked them but Flora advised her family not to stoop to their level. Alyana appeared there and as she was telling Flora about Jane, Cardo and his comrades brought Jane to meet Flora and they had breakfast there.  Uncle Red introduced the men he recruited to Jacob.

Migz found the story bizarre when Uncle Red said the bosses of some of the recruited criminals were imprisoned. Migz wondered how good the men he recruited were since some of their bosses eventually ended up in jail. Cardo left for work and Jane helped at the eatery.

Flora asked her about her family and she claimed she was the only child who did not know her father and along the line her mother also d!ed. Gina was told by one of her lackeys that Flora has hired a new beautiful caterer. Gina and Bart plotted to scare the people within their neighbourhood that Skull was found at the place so that they could blame task force Agila.

Niks who believed the plan would not work since they have tried that strategy before gave in and disguised himself as Skull in a bid to prank the people. Some three men went to the cemetery to speak to Andoy, the watchman and surprisingly one found Skull instead. He rushed to inform the other two. Thinking Skull was fast asleep, they decided to sell him out for the bounty.

Skull who had been pretending to be sleeping appeared with his gün but the three men were tough. They fought him and hit Skull with a shovel for his gün to fall. They mercilessly beat him for Skull to run for his life. The men ran after him but Skull hid himself since he could not walk properly due to the recent accident he had.

Gina’s lackeys began the prank and fueled it but the woman said the person they witnessed did not look like Skull at all. Skull secretly followed the three men to the precinct and he heard them reporting that they saw Skull. The police said they were lucky to be alive if indeed it was Skull that they saw. The men insisted that it was him but they were able to defeat him since he was limping.

The police said they had received a similar tip off, however, they all seemed not to be true as the people were just after the money placed on Skull’s head. After his chitchat with Major Romero, the police team received new information about some five men in Bulacan who were severely wounded. Rigor had no doubt that it could be related to the serial k!ller case they were handling.

Major Basco said four of the men were presently deàd but one survived so Cardo sent Guzman and his team to go and investigate it. They should interview the survivor. Guzman and his team left the office to carry out their mission.


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