Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 496

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 496 Three new ladies join Task Force Agila, Diana catches Lily and Lazaro

Skull managed to escape from the police. He attacked a driver and took over his car. At Camp Crame, Jerome and some members of task force Agila felt sorry about the deàth of Jane and wished she had trusted them to open up.

Amir and his group were also praising themselves that now their majors have realised how skillful they were. They believed if Amir had not shõt Jane, Cardo’s funeral would be ongoing by now. Amir called Cardo’s group weaklings.

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As Elmo was sending the kids to school, Ema and some neighbours rushed there to show them a viral post against Flora and her eatery. Elsewhere, Gina and her lapdogs celebrated the fake accounts they have opened to share the post for it to go viral.

Yolly had no doubt that Gina was behind the viral post. Teddy was walking when his wife called him to inform him about the mean act of Alyana towards her. Teddy reminded her that he warned her. He finally arrived at his destination where a deàd body was being conveyed and the police were granting media interviews that Skull was found within the area.

The woman who witnessed the attack on the driver rushed there to also confirm that she saw Skull within the area. Oscar held a meeting to make Lily present solutions to some economic challenges. She suggested housing and employment projects to help the youth.

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Unknown to them, the Magbanua properties she was talking about were owned by her and she was ready to sell if the price was good. Major Basco had a meeting with Amir’s group and commended them for their efforts in bringing the serial k!ller’s case to an end.

He urged them to work with the task force on the new mission to find the armed men after Jane. Major Romero brought Karekare to Cardo and due to the teasing, Cardo told his friends that Major Romero brought that to all of them. Major Basco and Amir’s group showed out and he said Karekare was his favourite too.

General Dela Cruz introduced a new recruit from the Special Intelligence Training Cop of the PNP to replace Amanda’s group. The three ladies introduced themselves and since they had worked with the Miami police before, General Dela Cruz believed they would be an immense benefit to the task force Agila. Major Romero would take charge of them.

Lily after the meeting, thanked Oscar for defending and appointing her to share her views on bothering issues in the country. Oscar thanked her instead for her brilliant suggestions. He was about to k!ss Lily when Elizabeth interrupted. At Camp Crame, General Dela Cruz asked about an update on the group of the armed men and Basco said per the investigation, their fingerprints matched that of drug addicts.

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Elmo and Bubbles were sad that the culprit was making fun of the deàd. Elmo knew his wife was right to claim Gina and Bart were the ones who had the motive to do that. Wally believed that Gina and Bart were the only ones who wanted them to be kicked out of the neighbourhood.

Flora and Yolly were bothered by the customers who were not coming. Elmo and Bubbles came to show the damaging content which Gina and Bart had been circulating. Flora told them to use the same social media to advertise the food that she was selling. Elmo took pictures of the food and posted them.

Meanwhile, Bart and Gina addressed some of the people within Flora’s neighbourhood to pit them against Flora. She served them with free food, yet the people were not convinced so she kept convincing them.

The police went on break and ate the Karekare which Major Romero cooked. Domengsu said Major Romero was a better cook than Alyana, making Cardo give him a weird look. Basco admitted that the food was yummy and told Major Romero that her future husband would be lucky.

Come to think of it, Major Basco asked her why she did not have a boyfriend and she said she had not gotten one that met her expectations but now one has caught her eye. Greco asked whether the person was in a jacket, she stared at Cardo and asked the guys why they had to even talk about that.

Amir and his group also told the three new ladies who have joined the CIDG that Task Force Agila was incompetent and weaklings. If Amir had not been the one to save Cardo, he might have been deàd by now. The girls were shocked since all they heard about the task force was a good story. They believed it would not be for nothing that the president had belief in the task force.

George’s group overheard their conversation. Following Delfin’s advice to follow her instinct about Lily, Diana followed the woman and saw her in the company of Lazaro. She wondered what Lily was doing with that suspicious man. They went to a restaurant.

Teddy advised Virgie to put a stop to her act otherwise she might lose her daughter. He asked her why she did not leave him when his job put him in danger and she explained that it was because she wanted her family to be together and be safe.

Skull went to see a friend in his ghetto but Busty made fun of Skull for not joining him earlier but chose to go his separate way. Hipolito went on a mission alone and Chloe was glad that Jacob did not go with him.

Diana also ate at the same restaurant and took pictures of Lily and Lazaro. Lily told Lazaro that once Oscar embarks on the project she introduced to him, she would earn 450 million and Lazaro asked for his shares.

Lily saw no need to give him a share from that but promised to reward him bountifully once she became the first lady. They had toast. Diana was about to go and settle her bills when Lily’s guard saw her. She was left with no choice to make Lily see her. She greeted Lily and when she was asked what she was doing there, she claimed that she was there for a meeting but it did not come on.

Lily introduced her to Lazaro but said Lazaro was called Rodolfo. Rodolfo acted along and told her how happy he was to know she was helping the president just like Lily.


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