Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 497

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 497 Renato recruits Skull to join his new group, Cardo gets a new lead on the armed men after Jane

At the restaurant, Lazaro told Lily that he did not like the name Rodolfo Cerēza, the name she forced on her. He was against Lily for not allowing him to k!ll Diana. Lily wondered how he was using his mind.

She said if Diana was suspicious of her, it meant that she had already told someone and that meant that should anything happen to Diana, she would be blamed. Diana promised to get to the bottom of the issue to find the man she saw Lily with, using the photo she snapped.

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Skull was grateful that Bursty helped him. Hipolito, on the other hand, was in a car thinking of a plan to initiate his mission. The lackeys of Bursty asked  him if Skull should be trusted, the man had belief in Skull. Unknown to him, Skull was cooking a vile plan to k!ll all of them.

Cardo while eating with his family was asked numerous questions about Major Romero. As the family and Domeng were painting a picture of Cardo having something special to do with Major Romero. However, Cardo answered to brush off the ideas Alyana was having.

Virgie saw the news report Teddy was filing. She read that Skull was still on k!lling spree. He attacked a taxi driver and took his car and also ran him over. She feared for Alyana’s life but Teddy knew Skull wouldn’t be able to attack Cardo’s family. He told his wife to allow Alyana to live her life with her husband in peace.

Skull attacked one of Bursty’s lackeys. He was about to k!ll Bursty and the rest of his lackeys who have gathered. Surprisingly, a group of armed men attacked and the group was no other than Hipolito and the private army he has recruited for Jacob. Bursty took Renato by surprise but Skull shõt and k!lled Bursty.

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Renato warned Skull not to pull the trigger because they had a common enemy to destroy. He announced to the private army that Skull was their newly recruit who would help them k!ll Ricardo Dalisay. He promised Skull to get his wounds treated and serve him with food.

In the lair, Lance told Migz that he has armed himself as a means to defend himself, should he encounter Task Force Agila. He believed that if the  police saw Jacob’s face, then it meant that they would be recognised as well.

Alyana gave Domeng a milk to ask him questions about Major Romero. He told her the truth but said Cardo and Major Romero only talked about work and advised Alyana not to get jealous. Alyana denied being jealous.

Chloe was agitated that the mission Uncle Red was embarking on would send them in trouble. She was scared that the people he was attacking would have allies who would secretly trace their hideout. Lance wished Hipolito would d!e before dragging them with him.

Cardo and his comrades were drinking when Alyana came there to serve them with snacks. Cardo left with his wife and told the guys that because he would have to be at work early, he was going to sleep and charged them to wake up early the next day.

Hipolito arrived and the mission was successful. Jacob was impressed and apologised for his act. Hipolito proceeded to introduce Skull to them but Jacob’s friends were unhappy with that.  They convinced Jacob to get rid of Skull before he landed them in trouble.

Virgie managed to convince Teddy so her husband promised to be the one to talk to Alyana to come home. Skull told Hipolito that he could sense Jacob’s friends never liked him. Hipolito promised to be the one to talk to them. The following morning, Cardo was set to go to work when Major Romero called him to come to the office early due to an emergency.

After having a misunderstanding with Lazaro and calling him a dumb, Lily called Oscar to tell him that she missed him. She asked him whether she could come over to the palace and Oscar urged her to come. After the call, she realised Diana hasn’t gotten into him yet. Unknown to her, Diana has launched an investigation on Lazaro.

Teddy called Alyana in an attempt to convince her to return home but his daughter refused to return home. As Lance and Migz had managed to convince Jacob to turn against Skull, Renato stumbled on Skull drinking and eating and feeling comfy. He asked Skull a favour to help his group to take down all their competitors in return, he would be filthy rich.

Skull protested because that was not their agreement for his stay there. Renato convinced him that they wanted to strengthen their forces with those operations so that they could direct their attention to Cardo and the task force to get rid of them.

Gina and Bart thought their strategy against Flora had worked and they were now having all the customers. However, Alyana went to Flora’s Garden and Elmo came with the good news that the page they created about Flora’s Garden has attracted attention and had already gotten 250 followers.

They have also attracted new customers while their old customers were also returning. One of Gina’s lapdogs came to deliver the message to her and Bart and they were surprised to discover that their hardwork has failed. Flora’s Garden was thriving and booming.

Elsewhere, Virgie advised Teddy to talk to Alyana again to convince her. Teddy said he did not want to sound persistent, otherwise Alyana would refuse to talk to him just like how she was behaving with Virgie.

In his new lair, Skull was in his morning coat and watched himself through the mirror to talk to his brother that he has now gotten new allies who would assist him to take down Ricardo Dalisay and Task Force Agila.

Cardo arrived at Cam Crame and went straight to Major Romero’s office to ask her about the intel they have received. Alex said they have discovered that the armed men who were pursuing Jane could be the private army of Ronald’s brother, Jacob. Cardo seemed alarmed.


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