Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 498

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 498 Lazaro orders for Diana to be k!lled, Lily discovers the evidence Diana has against her

Cardo asked Major Romero who gave that information to her. She explained that their men who were investigating the matter. She told Cardo that she had noodles for him but he shouldn’t tell his guys because she did not like the manner the guys teased them.

Domengsu while mopping, introduced himself to the new girls and told them that he was available, single and ready to mingle. As the comrades of Cardo were admiring the girls and were expressing their interest in the girls, Amir and his lackeys were also planning on taking the girls out on a date to propose to them.

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Elsewhere, Lily apologised to Lazaro for her actions, saying she was occupied with the thoughts of Diana and became aggrieved that she might ruin her plans so Lazaro ordered Cedric to eliminate Diana. Diana, on the other hand, showed Borja the pictures she took of Lily and her supposed business partner.

Diana told Delfin that Lily claimed the man was called Rodolfo Sereza but it was a lie because she could not find it in documents so she has called for further investigation to know the identity of the man. She was convinced that Lily was lying to them and was very dangerous.

Janine went to Flora’s place to confess that Captain Bart and Coun Gee had signed a petition for the De Leons to be evicted from the place. Janine was paid 300 and she accepted simply because her husband was not working. Yolly, Elmo and Bubbles went to see Flora to inform her about the free food and money Gina and Bart were given to the people for them to sign a petition to get them evicted.

Oscar ordered Elizabeth and Doray to cook for Lily.  He also ordered flowers. Lazaro went to Lily in her room to also apologise for yelling at her. Lily was on her way to see Hidalgo when she received a call from Oscar asking her whether she would join him for dinner. Lily accepted and told him that she lõved him and Oscar’s response did not move her.

She was unaware that Oscar said that since Diana, Delfin and Edwin were with him. He braved up to say the magic words that he lõved her too. He then got seated and told Delfin and Diana that he was now dating Lily. He explained that it has been a long time since he felt that happy. Diana knew it already but said she and Delfin did not want to play into his private life.

At Camp Crame, Major Basco announced to the police officers that they had gotten a new cook and the person was no other than Mrs Nita, the person operating the food joint closer to Camp Crame, where Cardo mostly eat. Cardo was happy that she and her family joined the bidding.

Major Basco was happy that now they would pay for good food that would be worth their money. Jacob asked Hipolito why he brought Skull and he explained that Dante and him had a common enemy. Jacob and Dante later had grudges and Hipolito stood in to tell them that they should put their personal differences aside and work as a team.

Jacob explained to his lackeys that Uncle Red told him that he and Dante shared a common enemy so that meant that they could use him to their advantage to get rid of all their enemies. Unknown to him, Dante wanted Hipolito to team up with him to k!ll Jacob and his lackeys to take over his mansion and business. Hipolito held himself aback and told him that he just got there and that was his plans.

Dante admitted that he was his boss but he should also be thankful to him because he saved his life from Bursty, otherwise he would be  buried six feet under. Cardo and his team went to the cafeteria to eat and were happy with the home food they were eating. Alex served them the  food she cooked in addition to what they bought from Nita.

Domengsu, Billy and his faction sat with the new ladies and the rest of the guys were feeling jealous that Billy made the first move. However, Greco’s team believed the girls would grow tired of their faces, hence they would get a chance. Amir and his group also had a similar hope.

Meanwhile, when he was seeing Lily off, Lazaro  vowed that he would get rid of Diana for Lily and he admitted that he had fallen for Lily but once she betrayed him, she would make her join Diana in hell.

Elsewhere, Coun Gee did not make money from her eatery and illegal business and wanted to get the De Leons evicted as soon as possible.

Lily arrived at the palace to hear from Edwin that Oscar was having an emergency meeting and she thought other corrupt officials had been caught.

Diana appeared in the scene and retorted that the government would not relent his effort in arresting and investigate corrupt businesses and officials. Lily asked Diana about her last business meeting and Diana said she rescheduled it.

She also asked Lily what her business with Mr Sereza was about. Lily claimed it was a kitchen equipment business for her restaurant and Sereza’s company was called RS industrial.

She explained that it was a new business in the Philippines. When Diana left, she told Edwin to be with the president, she could manage herself there. Least, did Edwin know that Lily was looking for an opportunity to go to Diana’s office to investigate what Diana knew about her.

Elsewhere, Cedric left the mansion to carry out Lazaro’s order and told him that he would make it look like an accident. Lily sneaked her way into Diana’s office and found the evidence she had been searching for.

She knew Diana would stop at nothing till she ruined her and planned to twist everything to her advantage. However, Delfin saw Diana and told her that he wanted to talk to her about Lily so Diana led him to her office. Lily was also still inside her office looking at the picture Diana snapped of her and Lazaro.

She heard steps approaching the door and was staring, thinking of her next move to cover her trace.


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