Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 560

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 560 Cardo beats Lemuel, Oscar collapses during a press conference 

In tears, Alyana rushed to her room. Letlet called her but she did not mind her. Lemuel brought her noodles since he thought she had not eaten yet. He served her and when he heard Alyana went to the Paduas to confront Clarice and to find her husband there, Juan claimed after the k!ss he did not believe Cardo would be in the mansion of the Paduas.

He incited Alyana to make her believe that Cardo would give in to Clarice’s advances. James met with Diana at a certain place. James told her about the President fighting Padua over a document he did not want to sign due to its negative impact on livestock farmers in the Philippines.

He believed the President was getting better. Diana urged him to keep close eyes on the president. Lily told Padua that she has given the President the drug to tame him in an attempt to manipulate him.

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Padua went to ask Oscar about the press conference in order to fish out what the agenda he would talk about would be, only for Oscar to !nsült him. He went to see Lily and asked if she indeed gave him the right dosage. Oscar was feeling uneasy and requested to sleep but he fell in the hallway.

Salonga and the rest of the PSGS were holding him, he insisted on walking on own. Lily and Padua were informed that Oscar had fallen and they rushed to the scene. Oscar insisted on walking alone and told his wife that he could manage. Lily made Padua call the doctor.

The doctor told Lily that the drugs had dire consequences on the health of Oscar. Lily felt that the doctor was blaming her. Padua told the doctor to prepare a hospital for Oscar to be transferred there should his health take a downturn.

Cardo saw Letlet on his way home and the girl was happy to see that her father had returned. She urged Cardo to go in to make up with her mother and Cardo assured to do it. Meanwhile, Lemuel was still feeding the head of Alyana with lies that Cardo was involved with Clarice and his action of not coming home proved that he was having an extra marital affair.

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Unbeknownst, Cardo overheard it and came to beat Lemuel and dragged him out. The family felt disappointed in Cardo for beating Lemuel till they heard the truth from Cardo. They wondered why Lemuel could do such a thing. Cardo did not understand why Alyana would believe in Lemuel but Alyana said she did not believe him.

However, her problem was about the k!ss he gave to Clarice in front of everyone. Cardo said it was Clarice who k!ssed him unexpectedly and told Alyana that she knew he had many shortcomings but he would never sleep around or cheat on her. The family advised them to go home and settle their issue amicably.

They went home and Cardo apologised to his wife  but he kept talking on top of his voice. Alyana calmed him and tried to understand him for not coming home. Cardo explained that it was out of respect that was the reason he did not come home. He could not stand that they could not see eye to eye.

At Camp Crame, Major Opena ordered Villaluna to present to her all the documents related to Delfin’s case. Oscar prepared for the press conference but Arturo and Lily wanted him to postpone it. Oscar condemned them and told them that he knew they had joined forces against him and would not cancel the press conference.

Both Lily and Padua were surprised by Oscar’s utterances but Salonga was happy with Oscar’s remarks. Hipolito was quite upset about the fact that his face had appeared with Eliza and still was not over the fact that his ally couldn’t do his work right. Cardo made merry after resolving his issue with his wife.

He cleaned the house and Letlet came to ask if he and her mother were okay. Cardo admitted they were fine now. Letlet was happy when Alyana appeared in the scene to confirm to her that Cardo and her had settled their differences. Even Cardo had promised to make up to them.

The Press conference was held and Teddy together with other journalists were there when Oscar delivered a message to protect the interest of ordinary farmers. Some of the journalists question Oscar about the rumours concerning the imported frozen meat.

Oscar said it would never happen under his administration. He made a promise to the Filipinos and he fainted. Teddy called Diana to update her. Since Judge Padua had already made arrangements, Oscar was rushed to the hospital.

Padua ordered James to impose a media blackout so that no one would be aware of the incident that happened in the palace. However, some journalists gave live updates on it. Diana got to the house and the family told her about Cardo’s fight with Lemuel.

The media followed the ambulance to the hospital where Oscar has been sent. James called Diana to tell her that Padua wanted him to execute the media blackout. The journalists asked Secretary Padua about the President’s health and he promised to give an update once the doctor finished examining him and diagnosed him.

Teddy called Cardo to inform him about Oscar’s condition. Cardo wished nothing bad should happen to the president and urged Teddy to get him updated. The doctor informed Padua and Lily that the President took in an overdose and Lily blamed Renato for it.


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