Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 561

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 561 Lemuel takes a swift revenge on Cardo, Lily and Padua to foil the Vice President’s chance to rule the country 

Lily and Judge Padua were with Oscar at the hospital when Captain Salonga had a call from Diana. He quickly cut off the line in order for Lily and Padua not to suspect anything.

The guards watched the news of the unfortunate incident that happened at the palace while Delfin was sleeping in sorrows. Lily called Hipolito to blame him for what had happened to the president and accused him of sabotaging her.

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Arturo took the phone and spoke with Hipolito, demanding him to search for a doppelganger of Oscar as a backup plan should Oscar’s case get deteriorated. Ramil was informed about Cardo’s fight with Lemuel so he and his colleagues went to Flora’s house to get to the bottom of the issue.

They were told that Lemuel lied to Alyana to put her against Cardo. The comrades of Cardo were disappointed in Lemuel since they treated him as family. James told the palace servants that they needed to inform Diana and Cardo about the worsening condition of Oscar before things went overboard.

Major Opena told Major Basco that she would go to the hospital to find out the exact thing that had happened to Oscar and since Lily was unaware that she was part of the Taskforce. Before she would leave, General Dela Cruz called the two Majors to inform them that since Oscar was admitted, it was important for him to reopen his investigation on the first lady.

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Hipolito sent one of his lackeys to scout the entire city to find the lookalike of the president. General Borja began to cough and threw up when he was served with his food. The police were compelled to send in a doctor to check on his health.

Ramil set eyes on Lemuel and wondered why he tried to ruin Cardo’s marriage by feeding Alyana’s head with lies. Lemuel claimed he only wanted to ease the pain of Captain Alyana. The guys got furious and questioned him on how feeding Alyana’s head with lies could ease her pain.

Lemuel decided to leave the neighbourhood. He packed up his stuff and came to inform the comrades of Cardo that he was leaving. Ramil told him to leave before he got upset. Secretary Padua addressed the media and informed them that Oscar was fine and the doctor said he fainted due to lack of sleep.

Teddy asked if they were hiding something that was the reason they staged the media blackout but Padua said they were not hiding anything. It was prudent for  him to execute a media blackout not to cause tension based on what happened to the President.

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Lemuel returned to Flora’s Garden wearing a helmet and came to shōõt everyone eating at the place and shõt Cardo’s house so Dalisay and his family had to seek shelter. The De Leons also heard the shõt. Diana covered the family and ordered Elmo and Domengsu to secure the family in a room.

Cardo brought his wife and daughter to safety and took his gün. His comrades also heard the shõt and went down to check. They saw the man in black and almost shõt him but Lemuel was quick to shōõt them and they went for cover. Cardo stormed out the moment Lemuel was leaving.

He met his comrades and they went after Lemuel. He escaped on his motorcycle but Cardo and his comrades chased him out and shõt at him till he fell off his motorcycle. Cardo and his comrades went after him and the exchange fire. Lemuel threw a grenade, Cardo alerted his comrades and they sought shelter.

Still they were not deterred and went after him. Cardo managed to shōõt and injured Lemuel. Lemuel fell off the stairs but got away, leaving behind his helmet. Cardo told his comrades that the person got away but he injured him.

Meanwhile, Diana got to Flora’s Garden to find police men seeing the casualties. They informed Diana that Dalisay and Task Force Agila went after the suspect but witnesses couldn’t identify the gün man.

As the Vice had a meeting with the Chief Justice to see the way forward if he would act on the President’s behalf, Padua and Lily were scheming on means to be in control over the situation. Lily had been calling Juan but couldn’t reach him. She called Ernesto to find Juan and prepare themselves to leave the country should the vice take over.

Ernesto was surprised since the news said that Oscar was fine. Lily !nsülted him and reminded him that there was no way they would tell the public the truth and give him wrong inner information. As Juan managed to escape and had blood oozing from his arm, he swore to get back at Cardo and none of his family would be spared.

The Vice President spoke to Secretary Padua to ask about the condition of Oscar. Padua claimed he was under observation. The executive secretary said he would come over to check on. Armed with this information, Lily and the executive secretary went to talk to the doctor to prepare her to cover their backs by hiding the actual truth from the vice president.

Padua used threat, saying if she only wanted nothing bad to happen to her. The doctor said she knew what to say to the Vice. The Vice President arrived at the hospital and the journalists rushed to ask him if he was aware of the current condition of the president.

The Vice said it was the reason he was there to find out. Teddy asked if he would take charge. The Vice said per the constitution, if Oscar was not in better condition to steer the helm of affairs, he would act on his behalf.


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