Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 562

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 562 Lily føōls the country with the body double of Oscar, the police go on a manhunt for Juan

At the hospital, Secretary Arturo informed Lily that  Vice President Abellana was there to ascend to the throne and Lily swore not to allow that to happen. The Vice President and the Chief of Staff got there to talk about the succession of the president but Lily told them that there was no need for change of power, her husband was fine and she had spoken with him.

The doctor confirmed that Oscar was alright and was resting so they did not allow them to see him. Diana arrived at the room of Flora with the local officers to inform her that Cardo and his comrades went after him.

The journalists surrounded the vice and the Chief Justice to ask for updates. Abellana told the journalists that the President’s condition was stable and he could still deliver on his mandate. Arturo called Hipolito and he told him that things were getting complicated as the vultures wanted to feed on the leftovers.

Hipolito said it was no longer a problem, he now had the body double of Oscar. His name was Mariano and was a good actor. Arturo knew they could count on Hipolito. Lily sent Augustus to go for the merchandise and she relieved Captain Salonga of his job based on Arturo’s suggestion.

Meanwhile, Major Opeña arrived at the hospital during Vice President Abellana’s interview with the media and Teddy had a secret chat with her. He warned her to be cautious as the security was heavy there. Cardo arrived home and the family wondered who went on the rampage.

Cardo had no doubt that it was a person who had an issue with him and was sure Juan was the person behind the attack. He was avenging what he did to him that morning. Though the family had their doubts that Juan could have such high caliber weapons to attack them.

Cardo sent his team to investigate. They went to Juan’s room and did not see any suspicious thing that could link him up to the shōõting incident. They arrived to tell the family. Ramil indicated that  if Lemuel was behind the attack, then he covered his tracks well.

Juan called Lily to inform her that Cardo had now blown his cover. Lily got upset that he was also adding to her problem with Oscar’s condition and warned him to lie low at the moment. After the call, Juan swore to get back at Cardo. Cardo went to his house to tell Alyana that the suspect fled but he managed to wound him.

Alyana got scared that the culprit would return to finish them off. Major Opeña bumped into Captain Salonga when he was leaving the hospital. He told Opeña that Oscar was not well but was told to go and rest. Major Opeña wondered why they told the media lies that he was fine and she suspected something, so did Salonga.

The servants in the palace doubted the news report which stated that Oscar was well. Elizabeth believed Oscar would have been discharged if indeed he was fine. He reminded her colleagues how liar Lily was. Major Opeña told her suspicions to Teddy and they wondered for how long the first lady would keep up with the charade.

Major Opeña still went on to investigate and saw someone being wheeled through the back exit. Lily, on the other hand was with the body double of Oscar who was sitting in a wheelchair to lie to the public that it was the real Oscar who had regained consciousness and was doing fine.

Augustus was the one who went for Mariano from Hipolito and secretly sent him inside the hospital for Lily and Arturo to roll out their evil plan. As she was wheeling her supposed husband in a nose mask, she managed to fōõl the journalists and sent him away claiming Oscar was discharged and would rather talk later.

Ernesto gave Juan a friendly reminder about their current situation which they might end up being deported. He told him to be cautious and slow down his grudge with Ricardo Dalisay. Major Opeña followed through the fire exit and the patient who she suspected to be Oscar was put inside a red van and was sent away.

She came to inform Teddy but Teddy also said Oscar was wheeled and did not talk. He was discharged and sent to the palace. Major Opeña and Teddy got confused and believed there was something odd going on. Major Opeña tried reasoning along that it could be that Oscar was actually fine.

Joining the pieces of information that Captain Salonga gave, they wondered how the president could recover so quickly. Finally Oscar was sent to the palace and was kept in a secret room while Mariano took his original office. Lily and Arturo gave him strict orders not to talk to anyone except them.

Elizabeth saw something strange going on in the palace and was trying to figure out when she bumped into Augustus who drove her away. Juan could not sleep as how Cardo defeated him reoccurred to him. He cursed Cardo beneath his breath and swore to make his entire family pay.

Major Opeña went to Camp Crame to inform Major Basco about the opposing story concerning Oscar’s health. Per the press statement released by the palace, Oscar was fit so Major Basco suggested they talk to Captain Salonga to get to the bottom of the conflicting story.

Major Opeña called Teddy to inform him about their decision to talk to Salonga. Unbeknownst, Lily has expelled Salonga from duties, claiming Oscar did not want to talk to anyone and as his wife, she would be the one to take care of him. The story sounded like a tale to Salonga and he questioned how Oscar was able to recover so quickly.

Lily asked if he did not want the President to recover. Meeting Ramil and his comrades for information, Cardo still believed his hunch about Lemuel being the suspect was true. Ramil and the team got the police posted to be on the watch for Lemuel.

Arturo got home and told his family about how tedious his work had been since the palace encountered a problem. He did not tell his family the actual truth. As they were eating, the lackeys of Counselor Gina came to inform them about the man who went rampage to k!ll lots of people within the neighbourhood but couldn’t hurt any of the task force.

The son of Arturo found the news as unfortunate as he wanted the task force, most especially Cardo to be k!lled. Ellen warned Clarice to stay away from Cardo as Arturo added that Cardo had many enemies. In his cell, Delfin began to vomit blood and was rushed to the hospital.

Lemuel strolled down the street but saw some police officers who were searching for him. He was wearing a cap so he covered his face to escape their clutches.


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