Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 564

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 564 Cardo and Juan had a bloody encounter after Hipolito put 10million bounty on his head, Padua orders for the head of Delfin

Lily called Juan to ask whether he was with Mr Chan and his associates. She told him to keep his distance since they never knew whether he was infected. Alyana told Bubbles that she didn’t know whether Cardo’s hunch was correct but what she knew was that they never got to know Lemuel better before getting close.

Flora temporarily closed the eatery based on the recent attack. Juan met with Mr Chen and the man was coughing. He failed to shake hands with him and kept his distance. Mr Chen wanted them to transact the business right that instance but Juan asked if he had gotten himself checked.

Chen knew he was insinuating that he was infected but he still carried out with the transaction. After watching the news on the attack on Cardo, Hipolito was not happy that Cardo managed to escape. He called Lily to query if she was responsible for the attack. Lily said Juan solely did it.

Hipolito sought her permission to put 10million bounty on Cardo’s head and 2million each on the heads of his family to get them k!lled. He then made his lapdogs spread the information to get Cardo k!lled for that whooping sums. The henchmen with Mr Chen heard the news and talked about it.  Juan heard it from them.

Lily while watching over Hidalgo said Cardo would have risen to the higher ranks, if he had become her ally. However, he chose to be a hero so he would face the consequences. Unbeknownst, Oscar was making tremendous movement to consciousness.

Raymundo schemed up with his lackeys to get Cardo arrested after implicating him in the deãth of the two witnesses in Delfin’s case. Raymundo talked with Padua and he was determined to get to Cardo first as he had issued an arrest warrant for Cardo. Unknown to him, one of Cardo’s comrades overheard the conversation and went to inform the task force.

Juan called Lily to ask about how true the information was. Lily said it was true and had even delivered the message to him and other henchmen. He said he had an issue to settle with Cardo so he would go for the bounty and make her watch everything as he gets back at Cardo and presents his head for her.

Lily called Hipolito to inform him that Juan said he would deliver the job and even make them watch it live. Raymundo and his men went to search and arrest Cardo. Juan also spotted Cardo. As Cardo was walking he realised he was being followed so he calculated his steps. He bumped into Clarice who called him.

Cardo swiftly escaped but Juan and his lackeys rushed to him and shot video of him attacking Cardo for Hipolito and Lily watching from their respective homes. Alyana was also feeling uneasy since Cardo had not returned. She called Diana to ask about Cardo but Diana did not know where Cardo was. She told him that she was with her father Teddy.

Teddy spoke with Alyana and was worried after hearing about the attack on them. Alyana told him that she worried about her husband. Meanwhile, Juan and his lackeys exchanged fire with Cardo when he cornered him at an open field. Hipolito was so worried since the act of Juan did not look like he would be able to finish Cardo.

Cardo skillfully shõt some of Juan’s lackeys deàd. Juan found him in the hideout and told Cardo that he ruined his plans and would ensure he paid for it. Cardo called him a traitor and blamed him for trying to k!ll his family. Juan then confessed that he was not the only one after him.

There were others who were after him to k!ll him and his family since there was a bounty on his head and that of his family. He said his family would be k!lled along with him. Cardo assured that he would not allow that to happen and would k!ll him first. They exchanged fire, Juan bømbed Cardo and Padua and Lily believed that it was the end of Cardo.

Hipolito and Jacob seemed excited since they thought Cardo would not survive that explosion. Though they knew Cardo was swift. Alyana was feeling uneasy and left the house to search for her husband. Bubbles followed her. Raymundo and his  corrupt officers were also around thinking of getting rid of Cardo’s family starting from his wife.

His colleague suggested they enjoy his wife first before k!lling her. Alyana and Bubbles walked past them but they did not see. Aware of the plot against Captain Dalisay, Major Basco contacted his links to confirm that there was an arrest warrant issued for Cardo for murder. They did not know much about the issue but they deduced that Lily was behind it.

They knew Cardo was in trouble so they decided to find Cardo to keep him safe. They also believed the family of Cardo was in trouble and the first lady would not stop till she managed to finger Cardo just like what she did to Delfin.

Cardo cornered Juan and Juan claimed that he knew he would one day d!e but Cardo would not be the one to k!ll him. He began to shōõt Cardo. Fortunately, there were cars packed at the place.

Cardo swiftly dodged behind a car and shõt Juan on the legs. He told Juan that he would pay for his deeds and was about to finish him off when Raymundo and his lackeys showed themselves to demand him to surrender. He corrected himself and said there was no need to surrender because he would k!ll him for the 10million bounty.

Cardo shõt his way to escape but got surrounded since his enemies were many. Fortunately, Clarice showed up and told the men to put their güns down and whispered to Cardo that she knew he wanted to escape and if he wanted to, he should take her as hostage because when his pursuers learnt that he was Secretary Padua’s daughter, they would surrender.

Cardo followed the plan and took Clarice as hostage to escape their clutches. He shõt to inflate the tyres of the cars they could use to chase him and left in one of the vans with Clarice. At the hospital, Delfin prayed to God to protect his family and to ensure they were not dragged into his issue. He promised to remain strong for his people.

Oscar got wind of Lily’s plans and saw her as a traitor who wanted to ruin and destroy his relationship with Cardo. He wished to have known Lily’s real colours early. He said he should get well early to put an end to Lily’s actions. Cardo asked Clarice why she endangered herself because of him. He was grateful to her but he didn’t want her to d!e.

He then called his wife to inform her that Lemuel was indeed the culprit behind the attack. He said he had a bloody encounter with him. However, everyone’s life was in danger since Lemuel said there was a bounty on their heads. She told Alyana to leave the house with the family to Delfin’s former house.

Alyana told the family and they packed out. Yolly noticed that there were some men spying on their house and was sure Lemuel sent them over. They used the back exit and fled. However, Alyana decided to go to her parents since she received a call from Teddy that the police had issued an arrest warrant for Cardo and he watched it on the news.

Teddy did not believe that Cardo actually k!lled the witnesses involved in Delfin’s case. Alyana knew nothing about that so in the company of Bubbles she decided to see her parents first and made Flora and the children together with Yolly and Elmo go.

Cardo got to a spot and wanted Clarice to get down but Clarice refused to leave. She wondered why the police were after Cardo and asked him if he had many enemies. Cardo also did not know why the police were after him but admitted he had many enemies and did not want to get Clarice involved in his issue.

Clarice refused to leave and wanted to be with Cardo wherever he went. Alyana spoke over the phone with Cardo and they decided to meet at the Arevalos mansion. Least did Cardo know that Virgie was bad mouthing him to Teddy and JP. She called Cardo a trouble maker and wherever he went there was chaos.

She did not want her family to go through what they already experienced due to Cardo. Juan managed to escape to get to the house with his wounded leg. He swore to make his next encounter with Cardo fatal.

Raymundo called Padua to tell him the bad news. Padua thought it was only about Cardo’s escape and was shocked to know that Cardo took his daughter as hostage. He swore to get Delfin k!lled. Unbeknownst, James got wind of their plans. What will happen next?


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