Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 565

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 565 Cardo and Alyana embark on a journey, Task Force Agila rescues Delfin

Arturo hoped Cardo would not lay his hands on his  daughter. He was so desperate but Lily tried to ease his pains by saying she would send an entire team to save her. Padua was relieved that Juan wouldn’t be the one to do that because upon all the elaborate plans, Cardo was able to get away, and with his daughter.

James got to a private place to inform Diana about the plot of Padua against Delfin for Cardo kidnapping his daughter. Diana then called Cardo to confirm that Clarice Padua was with him. Cardo said Raymundo and his team in collaboration with Juan almost caught him. They even had an arrest warrant for him.

Cardo told her to meet him at his in-laws place. Someone opened the door to the ward of Delfin. He quickly opened his eyes when he heard the presence of an unusual person. Fortunately, it was his doctor. The doctor examined him and told him that he was lucky that his falling did not lead to internal damage.

Lily questioned the servants why they allowed Salonga there while she had already instructed them not to allow anyone inside. Ambo said since the President was feeling well, they thought Captain Salonga could see him.

They said they even wanted to send the president out for a cool breeze when Lily shouted at them for trying to act like they were better than the doctor of Oscar.  James bumped into Captain Salonga and asked about his health.

He was shocked to learn from Salonga that he was no longer privy to the information concerning Oscar’s health. That, has made him become worried about the President.

Alyana arrived at her parents place and her father quickly opened her. She told him that there were goons who raided their house, luckily, they got away. However, Cardo said it would be safer to meet her there. Virgie got upset that Alyana was still following Cardo while there was an arrest warrant for him.

Alyana made it clear that her husband had not committed the crime he was being accused of. JP believed in Cardo so did Teddy that upset Virgie the more that they could not wake up to the reality that Alyana’s life was in danger so far as she remained with Cardo. She wished that Alyana had married her childhood friend, Lito.

Bubbles wondered who that was. Alyana stopped them from discussing Lito by changing the topic. She said Cardo would be there. Virgie was provoked since the presence of Cardo would endanger them. Soon, Cardo arrived with Clarice much to Alyana’s surprise.

Cardo confirmed to them that Lemuel was the culprit behind the attack and the grenade thrown in their house. He also revealed to him that there was a bounty on each head of his family.

While keeping eyes on her husband, Lily called Juan to reprimand him of his inability to k!ll Cardo. Juan needed a chance to carry out that outrageous task again but Lily relieved him from that job and told him to go and finish the illegal drug transaction.

Juan threatened not to allow Lily to hold him back from his revenge against Cardo. He said he was not a kid for Lily to boss him around and even planned to get back at Lily at the right time. Hidalgo prayed to God to give Cardo the strength to defeat Lily and her schemes.

Cardo told Teddy that General Olegario called to inform him that Judge Padua and Lily were hatching up a plan to k!ll Grandpa Delfin. Clarice could not believe her father could go to such an extent and she defended him. Padua called Ellen to inform her that Cardo had taken their daughter hostage when he sent his men after Cardo.

Clarice happened to be there and Cardo used her as a hostage to escape. JP got Clarice water to drink. Alyana was impatient to know why her husband was with Clarice. Cardo told her that Clarice was the reason he was able to escape. As the henchmen got him surrounded, Clarice showed up from nowhere to his aid which gave him the opportunity to use her as a shield.

General Olegario knocked and Teddy got her in. She explained to Cardo and the family that Lily and Padua were planning to eliminate Delfin. Teddy wondered how the plan on Delfin would work since there were officers heavily guarding him. Diana made it clear that Padua had insiders working for him.

Cardo called Basco to inform him and sought his help. Basco told Major Opeña and Opeña said he would need the help of the Task Force. Hipolito after speaking with Lily on Cardo told Jacob that they would not mingle.

Right now, Dalisay was upset and he would want someone to vent his anger on. Not meddling would help to escape Dalisay’s wrath while Dalisay would deal with Secretary Padua.

Major Basco and Opeña had a talk with the task force to hatch a plan which they could use to secure Delfin without the authorities knowing about it. Marquez feared that they might lose their job but the comrades of Cardo were willing to sacrifice their office for it. Marquez gave in to help Delfin. The group got their armories ready to save Delfin.

Meanwhile, Raymundo had also called his lackeys to prepare them for the mission. He met with Padua to plan it well. Teddy told Alyana to leave Metro Manila with Cardo while he and Diana stayed behind to fish out the truth about the first lady. Virgie was against that Alyana would be a fugitive again.

She was upset with Cardo for involving himself in another trouble. Teddy told Diana to live with him in the house to protect his family while they deliver on their mandate. Bubbles was told to follow Alyana and Cardo. Since she saw no use for  herself and decided to leave, Cardo stopped her.

Alyana wanted Cardo to allow her to go. Cardo said Clarice was now aware of their plans and when he allowed her to go, his enemies would know their plans. He didn’t allow her and left with her.

Elsewhere, Task Force Agila led by Major Opeña stole their way into the heavily guarded hospital. Girona and Soriano in disguise startled Delfin and told him about everything and why they were there to rescue him. They made Delfin scream while Major Opeña who had disguised herself as a doctor told the guards that Delfin had to be transferred to a different hospital.

Meanwhile, the faction of the team were also searching for the ambulance key and used a different method to spark it while Girona and Soriano put Delfin on a structure and wheeled him out and transported him in the ambulance.

They broke the security since the guards thought there was an emergency and they opened the gate for them to flee. The doctor came to meet an empty ward and she alerted the guards only to discover that Delfin had already fled. The inner person for Padua called him to inform him that Delfin had escaped.

Padua told Lily that their expectations had come to pass. When Hipolito heard it, it was not news to him as he anticipated that. Clarice was no longer interested in being with Cardo. While in the car, she tried texting her father when Alyana and Bubbles snatched her phone and gave it to Cardo.

Cardo reminded her of his warning to her that she could not use her phone. Delfin feared that the work of Basco and the rest would be put at risk but the task force told him that they knew what they were doing and he should not worry about it. They told him that they were sending him to meet Cardo.

Major Basco then called Cardo to inform him about the successful operation and he gave them the location they could meet. Cardo looked so happy as he informed Alyana about it. He drove in merriness.


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