Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 566

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 566 Cardo and  Arturo’s goons have a bloody encounter, Alyana leads the Task Force to settle in her childhood house

Alyana asked Cardo if the Task Force were on their way. Cardo said they were on their way. He told Clarice to remain in the car and he acknowledged her for saving him but he could not allow her to go. He stepped out to check if the Task Force was around.

Basco realised they might have been spotted and he called Jerome to turn the route. Unknown to them, Lily and Padua had hatched a careful plan to intercept the operation of the Task Force and end the life of Dalisay.

Ellen was extremely worried and wanted to follow Arturo. It was a dangerous task so she dissuaded from following. Elizabeth was impatient to see President Hidalgo, she sneaked her way and was almost in his room when Marine and Ambo arrived to warn her not to do it since she might not be lucky this time around.

Elizabeth was still eager to find out the actual situation of the president and the reason he had not stepped out of that room ever since he was sent to the room. Elizabeth reminded Ambo that they were able to do that before by switching the pill of the president.

Marine said she was lucky back then. Lily went to the office of the President and expressed how joyful it was to be a president. She planned to stand for president in the next elections and deemed Cardo as the only stumbling block.

August pledged his loyalty. Arturo called Colonel Cruz to trace the vehicles used to transport Delfin. Fortunately, Colonel Cruz traced it and informed Arturo. Arturo told Raymundo and his goons and warned them not to do anything that could cause the life of his daughter.

He realised that the Task Force was not after all smart and laughed. Finally the Task Force arrived with Delfin. Cardo was grateful to Major Basco and Opeña. Basco told him that the vehicles were spotted so he should wait for Jerome, he was bringing a new car.

Hipolito called Lily to ask if she was the one who sent Arturo after Cardo. He said Cardo was swift and if Arturo failed, Cardo would return with full force to exact his revenge. Lily sensed that Hipolito was scared of Cardo but Hipolito said it was because he had had an encounter with him before and knew how Cardo was.

Arturo managed to secure the place where Cardo and the Task Force met and there was a shootout which injured a female cop, Mark and Marquez. Cardo and his team took down many of Arturo’s goons. Clarice got out of the van in an attempt to run to her father. Unfortunately, Cardo held her at a gün point and once again used her as a hostage to flee Arturo’s clutches.

Since he was not hearing any news, Hipolito deduced that Cardo had defeated Arturo and his men. As they were on the road fleeing, Major Opeña told Major Basco that they were spotted so they had to change the cars. Basco got down to inform Cardo and told him to follow his alert.

Clarice was crying for what Cardo did to him. She could not believe that Cardo almost k!lled her father. The Taskforce managed to swipe cars so Colonel Cruz could not trace them anymore. Arturo got upset and called them incompetent.

Hipolito and Jacob watched the news report on Cardo fleeing with the Presidential Secretary’s daughter after an encounter with some unidentified men who many of the goons d!ed. The report also stated that Cardo was in the company of some people.

Hipolito felt so sad that Cardo got away and he bragged that he would have finished Cardo off. Juan after watching the news called Lily to tell her that he told her that he could do the job but she insisted that her men would do it. She was upset that the goons of Lily could not even injure the men Cardo was with.

Lily warned him to concentrate on his job as a drug syndicate manager and leave Cardo’s k!lling to her and her goons. Arturo got home empty-handed and his wife was upset that he could not return with their daughter. Arturo swore to save his daughter and k!ll Cardo and urged Ellen to exercise patience.

Ramon and his wife were working at the field in the house when the woman told Ramon someone was outside. Ramon stopped attending to his dog, Escobal. It was the cars of Task Force Agila which pulled over. Alyana was wondering if that was the house she grew from since it had been renovated. They decided to go and ask around when they bumped into Ramon.

Alyana was so happy to see Ramon. She was led inside and the wife of Ramon welcomed them as she told Ramon to find first aid to treat the injured cops. They wondered why Alyana did not give them prior notice before arriving. Alyana said it was an emergency and her father instructed her to come there.

Lily spoke with Hipolito on means they could deal with Cardo. Hipolito decided to make a mockery of Arturo’s failure and said even if he gave them tips they would not follow. Lily said they needed his help to execute the plan. Hipolito told them to declare Cardo wanted as already there was a bounty on his head.

He believed Cardo wouldn’t have a place to hide since the bounty was huge and planned for his execution after they were able to figure out his hideout. After the call, Hipolito was happy that Lily could no longer do away with him.

Ramon attended to the injured cops. His wife did not understand why Cardo and his team were officers yet they were being hunted. Cardo explained that they realised that his grandfather was in danger as some higher ranks framed him up and wanted to k!ll him.

Major Opeña said now they had to find a temporary shelter after being chased out. The guys asked their fate whether they were still cops. They wanted to contact General Dela Cruz for help but Cardo reminded them that they needed to be vigilant because they did not know their enemies.

Jacob proposed to Hipolito to be the one to k!ll Hipolito and reminded him of his scores he had to settle with Cardo. Hipolito assured that everything he was doing was to put the necessary measures in place to be the one to k!ll Cardo.


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