Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 568

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 568 Padua poses a big threat to Teddy and his family, Clarice steals a phone to rat Cardo out

Lily thanked Oscar for his condition that has given her the chance to act as the President and would pursue Cardo who would be her enemy. Least, did she know Oscar was moving.

The task force saw that once again they were lucky to have gotten help and have a good place to sleep. They decided to do their best to help Mr Ramon. Clarice threw a tantrum and was not willing to wear a used cloth.

Bubbles put her in her place. Major Opeña told her to be grateful. Arturo called his goon to make him start a search for Cardo by going to his family house. Lily called Juan to coordinate with Hipolito for him to get a storage room for a drug shipment from Mr Jung.

Juan did not want to work with Hipolito. He wanted to do it all alone but Lily warned him which made him go and see Hipolito to forge ahead. Jacob made fun of Juan and Hipolito set in for them to talk about the shipment. Once he left, Hipolito explained the need for them to help Juan in the shipment to be at Lily’s good side.

Later, they would execute their plans against them. As they were sleeping, Clarice made an attempt to escape but Bubbles caught her. The following day, Bubbles woke Clarice up so that they could help Mrs Marine. She still wanted to have a beautiful sleep but Major Opeña insisted on her to wake up.

She bathed and dressed up, leaving her dress on the floor. Bubbles after laying the bed of Clarice saw where she kept her dress. She wondered why Clarice was acting like a snake, shedding her skin everywhere. Clarice shouted at her to shut up. Virgie was still worried about her husband and Diana. Someone came to search for Teddy so he was left with him to speak privately with him.

Bubbles asked Alyana why she left the place to Manila since the place was cool. Alyana said it was because her father’s job was in Manila. She later had a scholarship and traveled outside to school and when she returned, she became a journalist and married Cardo. Cardo arrived and they went sightseeing.

Teddy spoke with the man and realised their enemies were just seeking information and informed Diana. Already, Diana had spoken with Virgie not to worry as she also lost her son during the discharge of her duties.

Mrs Maring led the task force to explore the places in the area and they stumbled on Lito’s wooden cabinet. Lito on the other hand was on a horse riding at a setting field. Ramon also showed them his fish pond and they later went to a field where they played around with kites.

Cardo seized that opportunity to promise Alyana that he would do everything possible to make her happy since he would now prioritise her over everyone and they would live in the countryside to build their life.

Padua’s informat called to inform him that Teddy Arevalo, a journalist who was the father in-law of Cardo also was not aware of his whereabouts. Padua was stunned to know that Alyana was the daughter of Teddy. However, he believed Teddy was hiding the truth.

He told Lily and realised Lily already knew who Teddy was. She said Teddy knew the whereabouts of Cardo but was keeping it to protect his daughter. Flora helped Yolly to clean the house in order to forget about her sorrows but Yolly did not want her to do so. She wanted Flora to relax for her to do the house chores.

Cardo’s comrades helped Ramon and they brought foodstuffs home. Major Basco decided to do the cooking. Delfin asked Cardo if he had gotten in touch with Flora. Cardo said he had told Mr Ramon to get him a sim for him to call Flora. As Major Basco was cooking, Greco couldn’t resist the aroma and complemented the flavourful aroma.

Bubbles wanted Clarice to help Aunt Maring by helping in cleaning. Clarice refused so Bubbles did it. As she was left with the woman, Maring had a call from Ramon. Clarice then thought of a plan and told the woman that she was hungry and the woman went to the kitchen to cook something for her.

Dante left to do something and left only Patrick to watch over Clarice. Clarice managed to make Patrick go to the kitchen to help Maring while she stole the phone and walked out.


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