Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 569

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 569 Lito prepares to meet Alyana for honouring her promise, Oscar finally wakes amidst Mariano’s reign

Clarice ran to some fields to call her father but the phone had a passcode so she couldn’t open it. Dante went to find Patrick in the kitchen with Maring and he asked Patrick what he was doing there while he was supposed to monitor Clarice.

As she was trying to figure out the passcode, Bubbles came to find her and she snatched the phone out of her hands. Clarice told her to mind her own business and Bubbles slapped her. She made noise and everyone came there.

Espinoza and Dante separated the fight. Alyana talked some sense into Clarice but she was still consumed with her opinion that she saved Cardo but he did nothing than to hold her as a hostage. He blamed them for trying to k!ll her father. Major Opeña told Espinoza to guard her tight.

Mr Ramon arrived to give the SIM card to Cardo. Cardo was glad and told Delfin that now they would get the chance to call Grandma Flora. Alyana arrived to inform him about the fight between Bubbles and Clarice. Cardo wondered what the fight was about and Alyana said Bubbles caught Clarice about to call her father, fortunately, the phone was passcode locked.

Cardo wanted to talk to her but Alyana said they have already done that. Major Opeña expressed the need to keep eyes on her. Alyana saw that Bubbles had a scratch and apologised. Cardo questioned Bubbles for laying hands on Clarice. She said Clarice pushed her for her to hit the ground.

Delfin said they needed to have patience with Clarice and understand her. They believed she was passing through a lot and she did not understand them and since they were older than them they should try to cope with her otherwise, she would jeopardise everything.

Delfin called Flora and she was happy that finally her brother had called. Cardo also spoke with her and told her that he was right all along that Lemuel was the one who threw grenades in their house and even told them that there was a bounty on their heads. He also clarified that he used Clarice as hostage to get away from Judge Padua and his accomplices.

Flora told them to be careful. Alyana called her father and Teddy was surprised that she changed her line. Alyana explained that they did not want to be traced. She extended her regards to her mother. Teddy advised her to stay at the Province since their enemies were seeking means to locate them.

After the call, Diana expressed the need for them to support the bid of Cardo to bring Lily down. Flora told Yolly that Delfin was rescued by Cardo and they were all fine. Oscar deemed it right to cast his to drag himself up only if he wanted to save the country. He forced himself and went to his office.

He was acting a little cocky and James came to his office calling him. He was surprised not to have seen anyone there. Unknown to him, the president hid himself under a table. It turned out that the person was the body double of Oscar and the President himself was still stuck up in his sick bed.

Salvador came to Ramon’s house to find Cardo and his comrades. He was surprised to see that he had visitors. Maring introduced Salvador to Alyana, Lito’s childhood friend. He delivered the message from his boss Lito to Ramon. When he left, Ramil saw that their security was compromised. However, Ramon said Lito was not like that. He would talk to him.

Cardo didn’t want that but he insisted. Delfin said,  even that they had to be cautious and have plan B. Bubbles had a private chat with Alyana on Lito who was the boss of Mr Ramon. Alyana knew how Lito was and believed he would not be a problem. Bubbles reminded her that it had been long since she set eyes on him and he could have changed.

Salvador arrived to inform Lito that Ramon had received visitors from Manila and the name he mentioned was Alyana. Lito’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Alyana’s name. He called Antonio to inform him that the lady he talked about had come and asked him to buy lots of food stuff for him to send it to Alyana.

He reminisced about the past with Alyana when she told him about her dreams of studying to become a renowned journalist as her father. She asked him what he intended doing in future and he said he would want to buy a boat to get people to work for his father. He said the man was old and he did not want him to suffer.

He also wanted to buy a sewing machine for his mother so that she could see in the house to make money. Alyana said that was his dream for his parents and wanted his own dreams whether he would like to further his education. He kept staring at Alyana’s face so Alyana thought there was something unusual on her face.

In a subsequent scene, Alyana sent fruits to Lito’s   house and Deloris, the mother of Lito invited her over to eat dinner but she refused. She said there would be a celebration in her house since her father had been awarded as the best journalist in Batangas. Deloris was happy for Teddy. Lito saw her off.

Days later, Lito had a handkerchief with Alyana and his name on it. He stood and was lost in his thoughts when his father came to see the handkerchief in his hands. He knew his son was in lōve with Alyana but couldn’t open up to her. He encouraged him to express his feelings to her.

However, he was also worried since they were poor and the Arevalos family were well to do. Lito reminded his father that Alyana had never looked down on them. His father advised him to be careful since he did not want him to get hurt. Lito met Alyana at the greenfield and gave her the handkerchief.

He proposed to her and Alyana said she løved him too. They began dating and were happy together as a couple till one day Alyana came to inform him that she was relocating to Manila. Her father had gotten to a new job in Manila so she had to go and also study there. Lito did not want it and wanted Alyana to find a college in Batangas to study there.

Alyana said it couldn’t be possible since her father was relocating and she had to follow her parents. Lito was sad so Alyana suggested he follow her there but Lito reminded her of how fragile his parents were and had to be with them to help them out. Besides, he could not afford city college.

Alyana promised to return for him. Lito knew he did not stand a chance since the city boys were well to do and he did not stand a chance with them to compete with some of their rich guys over her. Alyana took offense in that but Lito said he was only scared. Also, he could not stand the idea that she was leaving to Manila as they were together ever since they were kids.

The time reached and Alyana finally came to bid an emotional goodbye to Lito. Lito could not hold his tears as his fear of losing his girlfriend was coming to pass. Alyana assured to come for him once she finished her education and would also come time to time during vacation to visit.

She told him not to worry and Lito hugged her. He told her that he would wait for her return and Alyana assured to return for him because she loved him too. Lito after the painful memories was glad that Alyana had finally returned and was sure that she came just for him as she promised.

He said he never fell in lōve because Alyana was the only woman he ever loved. He was happy to have waited for her. Maring found Alyana standing under a tree. She told her that once Lito got to hear that she had returned, he would be so happy. She said when she left, Lito had been coming there constantly to search for her.

She asked Alyana what happened to them. Alyana said it was a long story and both of them never wanted to be apart from each other. Major Basco apologised to Delfin for arresting him. Delfin knew it was not his fault since he was only discharging his duties. He added that they all knew Lily was behind everything.

He said they could only count on Teddy and Diana for information. Lily, on the other hand, trained the body double of Oscar. Mariano struggled while rehearsing to speak on authority like Oscar.

Unbeknownst to her, Oscar had woken up and he thanked God that he was able to move his body again. He took off the drips to get up from his bed.


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