Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 574

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 574 Lito offers Alyana a job as his Executive Secretary, Patrick confesses his lōve for Clarice 

Lito was at the club house playing when he told Antonio to fast track their business. He also said he was giving a job to Alyana and her people so he should fix everything and prepare a big feat for their arrival. Cardo went for Alyana and Alyana was late because she could not get befitting attire.

She told Cardo that she was now ready and told Cardo not to worry, she was comfortable in their situation. They went to the Clubhouse and were happy to know that Lito had made provisions for them. They were led to see Lito. Lito was glad they accepted his job offer.

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He told them to consider him as a friend since he had considered Alyana’s friends as his. He toured them around the vicinity and told them they could trim the lawns, work at the staples and do many other jobs. As they were looking around, Delfin found a spot where he wanted to have a cool breeze.

Cardo, Ramil, Jerome, Major Opeña and Basco also stayed behind with them. Alyana and the rest followed Lito to still tour around. He showed them the game centre where the comrades of Cardo play poker and other games. Lito sent Alyana to the swimming pool area to offer her a job as his Executive Secretary.

He told her that she was well educated and did not want her education to go down the drain and she could even make Bubbles her personal assistant. Alyana was happy before Lito questioned her about what came between them.  Flora and Yolly, on the other hand were watching the television and the journalist reported that Oscar after being discharged, he had not made any public appearance.

Flora was even worried about the president and did not know how he and Cardo ended up like that. Meanwhile, Oscar while asleep was also recalling all the times he spent with Cardo. Lily was upset that Oscar had to regain consciousness when their plans were in motion. Padua said that was not a problem since they could inject him to put him to sleep while they carried out their plans.

Delfin told Cardo that time was running fast and it was getting dark so he should go for Alyana and the other guys. Alyana was uncomfortable when Lito posed that question. She wanted to flee but Lito held her aback and had close eyes contact with her as if they were about to k!ss. The presence of Cardo saved the day.

Cardo called out his wife’s name and asked Lito for his leave. Lito saw them off and told Cardo he should feel free to use his facility whenever he comes around. Cardo asked for the time that they should start the job and Lito said the following day. Cardo and his comrades left and Lito looked so spiteful.

Virgie called Teddy to ask Alyana’s contact but her husband didn’t give it to her since he believed Cardo might have discarded the number. He did not want to be traced. Virgie started to cry and Teddy wondered what was wrong with her. Virgie was sad that the current situation had made it impossible for her to even get in touch with her daughter.

When they arrived home, Bubbles told Alyana that she would have gone for Lito if they had grown together. Mrs Maring also said the same thing just to pull Alyana’s legs. Alyana told Bubbles and Maring about the job offer Lito gave and they told her to inform Cardo.

After hearing that everyone would be working, Clarice asked Cardo what she would do. Cardo told her to remain in the house since her safety would be jeopardized. He believed her father had a man scouting everywhere for her. Alyana had a private talk with Cardo to tell him about the Executive Secretary position she has been offered by Lito to schedule his business and important meetings.

Cardo did not want to accept since he wanted to keep his wife from harm’s way and to make her remain in the house to help Maring, he finally accepted as Alyana insisted to get her education she attained useful. Jerome told Bubbles that the way she had been behaving after setting eyes on Lito, he believed she was not getting rid of him from her heart.

Bubbles said he was her gummy bear and nothing would take that away. Alyana, later comes to tell  Bubbles and Maring that Cardo has accepted that they work for Lito. Bubbles rushed in to inform Major Opeña and Robles that she was now the assistant of Alyana since Lito has offered Alyana a job as his Executive Secretary.

Clarice was upset since she would be stuck in the house while everyone would be going out in order not to get bored. Bubbles reminded her that they were going to work not to enjoy. Clarice kept complaining and Major Opeña warned her to stop complaining. She rushed out and came to meet Dela Fuente and Patrick.

Patrick asked why she was out and she said she was bored. Patrick could understand her situation and he told Fuente how sad he felt for Clarice but Dante knew Patrick was in lōve with Clarice. Flora received a call from Virgie who was bothered by her daughter’s situation but Flora was hopeful that Cardo would take care of her since she spoke with them and were okay.

Alyana stood out alone to think about Lito. She was sorry that she could not keep her promise to Lito. Everything she passed through made her forget about him.


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