Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 575

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 575 The President’s office receives a petition demanding Oscar to make public appearance, Cardo and his comrades commence work on Lito’s properties

The comrades of Cardo were preparing for their first day at work and Jerome stepped out to check on Bubbles before she would go to work. He told her to be careful when she was around with her new colleagues. Bubbles could sense how jealous  Jerome was and told him not to be jealous of Lito.

She also reminded Jerome of her promise of marrying her and wondered the day he would do that. Jerome assured to marry her as soon as possible. Cardo went to check up on Clarice and found her asleep. He tried to wake her up but she kept pretending to be sleeping.

Cardo knew her tricks and told her not to cause trouble as they were leaving for work. He said she could ask Espinoza or Dela Fuente if she needed anything. When Cardo left she woke up. Flora and Yolly wished Oscar would soon come to her senses.

Meanwhile, Padua received a signed petition from the journalists which the public wanted the President to stand in front of the public for them to confirm that if Oscar was indeed alive and okay. He informed Lily about the problem and Lily wondered if it was time to unveil Mariano.

She feared that the actions of Mariano might expose him but Padua said they wouldn’t have any other choice than to make Mariano appear before the public. Lito told Antonio to show Cardo and his comrades where they would work. Left for Delfin, Cardo wouldn’t work but his stance on the matter was to get paid to help out expenses.

He told Cardo to be extra careful in order not to be recognised. Cardo promised and was impressed that Lito gave them a job despite knowing their situation. Flora and Yolly still could not get over what Lemuel did to them. Flora was certain that Lemuel planted the güns and the drugs in Delfin’s room to get him behind bars, stressing that he deserved the beatings Cardo gave to him.

Memories of the past rushed back to the mind of Alyana. She was sad that she couldn’t fulfill her promise with Lito. She wondered how she could break the promise she made to Lito years ago and wondered how she would face Lito as a married woman. She claimed løving Cardo and wondered what she would do.

Cardo and his comrades arrived at the work place with Mr Ramon and Alyana. The guys were in factions and with different assigned duties. Some were trimming lawns, some were working at the game house, and others would work at the stables.

The Secretary of Padua could not find James anywhere and came to inform Padua and Lily. Unbeknownst, James was with Salonga in the kitchen with the servants, seeking means to unravel the mystery in the palace. Cardo, Ramil and Major Basco would work in the stables.

They were taught what to do and were given their uniforms while Alyana, Opeña, Robles and Bubbles were also sent  to their respective working stations. Padua bumped into James and questioned him where he went and he said he was working on some palace documents.

Padua instructed him to write a letter to confirm President Oscar’s preparedness to meet the public. This blew James away. On his sick bed, Oscar dreamt about how he retained his seat and made public declaration of Cardo and his team as the new anti-crime task force he has set up to fight crimes and corruption in the country.

Yolly was still worried about Cardo and wished he and his colleagues were where they were. Flora said it could not be possible and she was sure that they were doing fine wherever they were. Alyana was sent to meet Lito and her former lōver urged her to have breakfast with her.

Meanwhile, Major Opeña was made the Chief cook of the place and would supervise all the cooking from the servants. She got her uniform and was shown around the entire building. Alyana was happy that Lito had made it in life. She thanked him for renovating their former house and promised to return his money once everything got back to normal.

Lito did not see any use for that as he renovated the place so that some day when Alyana and her family returned to stay in Batangas, they would have a better place to lay their heads. He gave Alyana the property documents but Alyana hesitated in keeping it since she wanted to pay Lito before but Lito refused.

He said it was the little he could do to help her because they were that close. Alyana was happy that all his dreams came through because he started off as someone who took care of chickens and dogs and now he owns lots of horses.

Lito revealed plans to organise international horse racing competition. He made it clear that he worked hard for himself and wanted her to be proud of her. He showed Alyana around. Cardo, on the other hand was impressed, stressing that it would be quite expensive in rearing horses.

He could tell that the food for the horses could be expensive especially food for the horses being reared for racing. Hipolito had a phone talk with his secret meth supplier who Lily did not know about. He told Jacob they would use Lily’s resources to fund their own drug business.

Major Basco said the food for horses meant for racing was quite more expensive than the ordinary ones. Cardo then urged his comrades to work hard in order to show their gratitude to Lito. Ramil confirmed that and knew Lito was good even knowing they were wanted by the law.

He knew his business could be in shambles if they were found, yet he opened his business for them to work with him. They began their work by raking the stables.


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