Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 576

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 576 Clarice begins to woo Patrick, Lito begins to spoil Alyana and Bubbles with money 

Clarice woke up and wanted to escape but she found Espinoza and Dela Fuente staying outside, guarding her door. Espinoza was sipping his tea when he told Dela Fuente that Clarice threw tantrums the whole night and Dela Fuente said she was really a spoiled brat.

Dela Fuente had an upset stomach after drinking the tea so he left Espinoza to guard the door of Clarice. Major Opeña was sent to the room of Lito and was giving instructions on how Lito wanted his things, he should always wake up to see a fresh towel and Major Opeña was told she was the only one who had an extra key to Lito’s room.

Clarice came out and Espinoza asked her about her sleep and she claimed she was bored since everyone had left. Espinoza told her that she should wait when Dela Fuente returned, he would serve her breakfast. Soon, Dela Fuente arrived and Patrick went for breakfast.

While looking around the hacienda, Lito told Alyana that aside from not being able to find her, he was also sad for his inability to make his family have a good life before the death of his parents.

He recalled when he was in the wooden structure with his mother when some Fisher folks rushed there to inform Delores that her husband had drawn when his boat capsized.

Later, his mother also succumbed to ailments and before her death, she told Lito to do everything he could to get rich and not be like her and his late father. After recalling all those unpleasant events, he told Alyana that his parents were born in poverty and they died in poverty.

He saddled a horse for Alyana and he also got on his horse. Alyana wondered if she could ride the horse. Lito assured her that he was there with her. Meanwhile, Major Basco could not believe that as an officer who arrested people, now we’re taking care of horses.

They laughed and washed the horses. Cardo said the feeling of washing the horses was like washing a car. After they rode the horse around the hacienda, Lito prepared Alyana for their meeting. He helped Alyana to get down from the horse and she accidentally fell into the arms of Lito.

They were in a compromising situation when Lito recalled Alyana telling him that she løved him. Their faces were close and they exchanged glances as they watched each eye.

Clarice thought of a plan to behave in order to win the trust of her captors. Greco and the rest were working on the lawns when he got exhausted. Tadpole liked to be working rather than sitting idle in the house. Lily got the medicine from Hipolito’s chemist and the doctor injected Oscar with it.

Oscar was so gullible to have resisted. Elsewhere, Juan and Jacob were also in each other’s throats when Juan met with Hipolito to carry out the plans of Lily. Lito made Salvador arrange for new clothes for Alyana and Bubbles. They changed in that official outfit and they headed to their meeting. Alyana requested that they pass by where Cardo was working.

Lito said he would have still passed by if she had not requested because he wanted to officially welcome them. They went to see Cardo and Lito told Cardo to feel free to ask for any food that he wanted. Cardo said he was okay but Lito insisted and told him that he wanted him to treat his house like his own.

He saw the pretty look of his wife  and he asked where she got the new clothes from. Alyana said Lito bought it for her and Bubbles since he was going for a meeting with some international associates and wanted them to look presentable. Lito asked Cardo that he hoped he did not mind.

Cardo was rather grateful to him for his kind gesture. Lito together with Alyana and Bubbles left for their meeting. Maring asked Delfin about his life and friendship with Oscar. Delfin said he and Oscar used to be friends until he was framed and sentenced to prison. Maring talked about the generous nature of Lito but wondered why Lito was always quiet and not friends with people.

Delfin believed Lito was guiding his steps based on his traumatic past. Maring stated that when Lito and Alyana were young, it was Alyana who had bigger ambitions, yet Lito had become successful while Alyana who went to Manila couldn’t become successful. She believed that if not for the current situation facing Cardo, Alyana would have been living a simple marriage life.

Juan told Hipolito that Lily did not trust him and also she wanted the complete list of the suppliers. When he left, Jacob doubted Juan but Hipolito knowing Lily was certain that Lily might have asked him to do that.

However, he was not dümb to give his suppliers to Lily. Seeing Oscar was asleep, Lily was happy that she could now carry her plans.

Espinoza sent the breakfast of Clarice to her, only to find her half nãkëd so he quickly rushed out, making Dela Fuente wonder what happened. He told him about it. Clarice was happy that her plans were working. She later came out to inform Espinoza to bring the food.

Espinoza sent it and apologised for acting so rude. Clarice pretended not to know what he did and Patrick explained that he knocked on her door several times and when she did not respond, he came in thinking she had runaway only for him to find her in towel. So, he was sorry and Clarice played along.

Lito met with Mr Galvez. Antonio introduced them to each other. Lito also introduced Alyana and Bubbles to him as his associates and went straight to the point that he was told Galvez wanted to invest 200 million into the expansion project in Batangas.

Galvez admitted since as a businessman, he saw Lito’s business and objectives as feasible so he was ready to inject money into it for a rippling benefit. They then sealed the deal.


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