Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 577

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 577 Lito lures Alyana on with his money, Clarice changes her attitude in an escape plan, Mariano meets with the journalists posing off as Oscar

Espinoza, Dela Fuente and Clarice found Mrs Maring cooking and they knew it was the taste of her good cooking that made mr Ramon fall in lōve with her. Clarice took the knife Maring was using to chop the vegetables and began to chop them herself.

Virgie called Teddy over the phone to express her fears about Alyana who could be charged with conniving with her husband to kidnap Clarice. Clarice told Maring to teach her how to chop the vegetables and wash them, much to the surprise of the woman and the two guards.

Maring thought she was sick but she said she said she wasn’t and she had realised that there was no need for her to keep throwing tantrums. Espinoza was happy to see her changing. Lito and his secretaries went to where Ramon, Greco and his colleagues were pruning lawns to talk to them.

They were grateful for the work and Lito was impressed by their job. He then sent Alyana to where he did his shooting rehearsals and asked Alyana if she knew how to handle güns and she said her husband taught her when they needed to defend themselves but it has been long since she handled some.

Lito made her aim to shōõt but she missed the spot so Lito helped her to do it again. He taught and she didn’t miss it. He was called for his next meeting at the gulf house and he asked how Alyana’s friends at work had been. He was told they were impressive.

Lito told Salvador to take good care of Alyana’s friends and provide them with everything they needed. Lito told Alyana to keep an eye when they go to the meeting because he wanted her to understand everything about his business so that some day she could manage it for him.

Alyana was surprised to hear that and she asked him the reason. Lito said it had not been easy managing his businesses so he wanted someone he could trust to help him manage it. Bubbles and Alyana exchanged sighs as they entered the gulf house.

Delfin knew Clarice was up to something with her changed in attitude. She had washed the vegetables with soap so when they were eating Maring made fun of her act and told Clarice that she could teach her how to cook. Clarice wondered if she would be able to cook.

Her father too was thinking about her and vowed to move mountains to find her. Delfin after eating called Flora to check up on her. Flora was happy to hear from him and she asked Cardo. Delfin told her that Cardo and his comrades had been employed by Alyana’s childhood friend.

Flora was a bit worried since that could expose Cardo but was also happy that they have gotten help and told Yolly about it. Yolly believed the person could be trustworthy since he was Alyana’s friend. Lito met with Mr Fernandez and introduced Alyana and Bubbles to him as his associates.

Mr Fernandez was willing to invest 300 million bugs but Lito refused. He charged Antonio to ensure the deal did not push through so Mr Fernandez asked Lito for his price. Lito said he wanted the 300million as an initial investment plus 200 million invested in stocks and exclusive partnership with his associates in Asia.

Fernandez saw it as way too much but he said he would consult the board of directors before. Lito accepted. Alyana and Bubbles could not believe that Lito could turn down millions. Back then, Alyana said Lito did not talk like that but now he talked with so much confidence and did not even give a chance to Fernandez to talk.

Flora was still concerned about Cardo and when Yolly called her to join dinner, she was lost in her thoughts. She told Yolly that she was afraid that the one helping Cardo could turn out like Lily. She did not know who to trust anymore but Yolly believed that the person could be good like Alyana because birds of a feather flock together.

Cardo and his comrades thought about their lives when Major Opeña made the maids serve them with snacks. Opeña was happy and told the guys that Lito was such a nice guy but she discovered that he was meticulous. The guys wondered why upon all his wealth, he still had not married yet and they thought he was not straight. Cardo doubted.

Bubbles thought out loud that if Alyana had chosen Lito over Cardo, they would have been triple successful since Alyana was smart too. Antonio could not believe that Lito was missing business with pleasure. He asked him whether he knew what he was doing. Lito was certain about his plans as all that was geared towards winning Alyana’s affection back.

He was putting up the charades to revive the lōve of Alyana for him and assured Antonio that it was a carefully elaborated plan. He joined Alyana and told Bubbles to go and prepare the minute of the meeting. Bubbles did not know what that was so Alyana told her what it was about.

Elsewhere, Maring led Clarice, Dela Fuente, Espinoza and Delfin to feed the birds. Clarice learnt how to feed them and she did it. She also helped in sweeping the place. Espinoza was glad that Clarice had changed and he believed his advice had shaped her life.

Dela Fuente had his doubts and warned Espinoza not to go around loving Clarice, otherwise they were doomed. Unbeknownst, Delfin had also made his observation and warned the guys not to be complacent because a person could not just change overnight.

He said they all had their minds of being there and reminded them not to forget that Clarice was used as a bait and she was far from her family so she might look for a possible way to also redress herself. Alyana praised Lito for his impressive performance at the meeting.

Since it was getting late, she told Lito that they should head back home for her to go to Cardo. Lito told her to tell Cardo that she would be home late because they were not done with their meeting. Alyana and him were waiting for those people to arrive when Rigor, Robles and Billy drove by to greet them.

They looked happy as they were familiarizing themselves with the Gulf house. Alyana thanked Lito for helping her people out for them to be happy. Elsewhere, Lily prepared Mariano for a press conference and assured Hipolito that Mariano had prepared for it and wouldn’t fail her.

Padua told Mariano to go by the plan and any question that would come, he would be the one to answer it. All that he had to do was to talk in authority and present the President. Teddy together with the rest of the journalists were in the palace for the conference when the Mariano who was acting as the president walked to his stand with Padua next to him.

The journalists rose to honour his presence and he urged them to sit down using sign language. Teddy signaled James and Salonga.


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