Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 60 Joaquin tries to control Junior in his marital home

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 60

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 60 Joaquin tries to control Junior in his marital home

“May I find the strength and guidance I need so that I can save these missing kids. I am not going to stop until I rescue and protect them from harm. I hope that I catch the heartless criminals who abducted those children. When I do, I’m going to make them pay for their crimes.”

Glen mentions how she had thought Cardo and Carmen were going to end up together. While Joaquin worries about Carmen’s feelings for Cardo, Glen reveals to Cardo her suspicion of Carmen liking him. Cardo finds the idea laughable and preposterous.

Junior bids goodbye to his grandparents. As he packs up his stuff, he takes along his family photo.

Meanwhile, Joaquin shows his true colours as he advances at Carmen and demands that no one meddle in their lives now that they’re married.

“Not even grandma Flora or any of our family.”

“But, I just…”

“I’m the one who’s making the rules now,” Joaquin declares and follows is their wedding nigh bed riding. Carmen is mostly unreceptive, lying there like a miserable corpse as Joaquin has his way.

Tomas agrees to his wife’s demands on the condition that she keeps an eye on Carmen’s every move.

Joaquin informs Carmen about the “good news”. A moment later, the clueless woman packs up all their stuff to move in with the Tuazons. Junior looks bored, perhaps wondering if his mother still has her brain intact.

Arriving at the mansion, mother and son are introduced to the “family of criminals.” Junior feels more miserable upon realising that he won’t be sleeping with his mom anymore.

Flora informs Cardo the breaking news about Carmen and Junior moving to Tomas’ house. Elmo says that Junior’s going to be safe there with their security guards. Yolly, his wife seconds him.

“But no one can give protection like Cardo can,” Onyok objects.

Cardo smirks. A moment later at the hospital with Billy, he finds a lead regarding the organ trade syndicate and their connection to a wealthy couple (Antonio & Emilia Noriega) who own a toy company.

“I believe that we need to investigate this couple,” Cardo states. “They might provide clues that could lead us to the syndicate.”

Rachel goes out of her way to make Junior feel at “home”. Meanwhile, Tomas makes known to his wife his total dislike for Carmen and how he’s never ever gonna welcome her with open arms.

“Tomas, please,” Verna urges.

“I don’t want to get her hopes up since she won’t be here for a long time.”

Cardo and Billy tail the Noriegas to a chapel and watch as Emilia wails over their inability to get a donor for their child despite being on the waiting list for so long. Antonio comforts his wife.

“I think we chose to follow the wrong couple,” Cardo comments.

As Carmen helps Junior unpack his stuff, they come upon a portrait of their family (with Flora and Ardo). As they stare at it lovingly, Joaquin looks on as Junior brings out some more photos.

Joaquin then demands that Junior put them away. Junior refuses and he seizes them as Carmen looks on.

At the precinct, Cardo mentions his certainty of the Noriega couple not being capable of killing someone to save their child.

“But there are people who are so desperate they’ll do anything, even if it’s wrong.”

Billy shows Cardo a report about a girl who’s been a victim of the organ trade syndicate.

“What happened to this girl?” Cardo asks.

“She’s been begging on the streets. Someone found her just two days ago. Her eyes had been gouged out. It’s possible her eyes were used for a cornea transplant.”

Cardo is horrified. “Where is this girl now?”

“With social services.”

Reluctantly, Tomas joins the family for dinner. Rachel suggests that they bring Carmen and Junior to their beach house in Batangas. Junior however asks that they visit his grandma Flora and uncle Cardo instead.

“Let’s eat,” Tomas says, cutting him off. Verna starts passing around the a plate.

“Aren’t we going to pray?” Junior asks.

The Tuazons are taken by surprise while Tomas has a look on his face as if to say, “what the f*ck?”. Junior goes ahead to pray, mostly for Cardo and his family. Joaquin now looks as irritated and pissed equally as his criminal father.

Cardo, with Billy goes to social services to see the latest victim of the organ trade syndicate. Cardo is appalled and emotional about Mara’s state of being. Meanwhile, Joaquin urges his dad to be more civil and talk with Carmen.

“What exactly do you want us to talk about?” Tomas jabs. “The weather? Politics? Or perhaps, our business?”

While Verna and nanny Cita try brainwashing Carmen into believing that Tomas’ demeanor at dinner wasn’t on her account, Joaquin threatens to leave again if his father doesn’t give his new family a chance.

As Cardo counsels Onyok on the happiness of a person not being measured by their material things, Joaquin finds Carmen cuddling with her son in his room.

Being jealous, he practically drags his wife away, leaving the poor boy all by himself.

At the CIDG headquarters, Cardo is glad to have Mara’s mother found and reunited with her daughter, though saddened to realise that the little girl will be scarred for the rest of her life.

Joaquin takes out his new family for some fun time. Carmen goes off to buy some food and Junior has to ask again to visit his uncle Cardo.

Joaquin hustles the little boy, demanding that he calls him “daddy!” and stop asking “that question”.

Cardo is appalled at the never-ending list of missing children. “May I find the strength and guidance I need so that I can save these missing kids,” Cardo prays.

“I am not going to stop until I rescue and protect them from harm. I hope that I catch the heartless criminals who abducted those children. When I do, I’m going to make them pay for their crimes.”

Fernan and his partner in crime kidnap some kids playing outside their house. On the psycho doctor’s orders, he proceeds to take samples in hopes of finding a match for a client of his.

Cardo singles out a file from the case and studies it. As Belinda Ojaeda takes care of her son who has kidney failure, psycho doctor enjoys a meal at his base and flashes back to his glorious days. And downfall.

“Ivan, you’re a failure!” his superior echoes. “You’re so stupid! How can you become a doctor? Ivan, you’re a failure! You’ll never be a doctor!! You’re so st*p!d!!!”

Another flashback shows Dr Ivan passing out in the middle of an operation. Finding out that his patient had died on the operation table because he was high on drugs, the boss scolds Ivan.

“The offense you committed is a ground for the revocation of your license. You’ve failed me, Ivan!” This “by-force” doctor is a spectacular accident waiting to happen.

Cardo informs Glen of his decision to investigate Belinda who owns a restaurant. Meanwhile, Belinda browses the internet and comes upon an ad which leads her into a conversation with the questionable doctor himself. Ivan gives her hope.

The next morning, Cardo tails Belinda to her restaurant and listens in on her talk with a friend about her situation.

Belinda disregards her friend’s reasoning, hellbent on having her son live no matter what. Cardo tails her to a community but is denied entry. Meanwhile, Ivan assures Belinda that he’ll find a donor for her son.

“Which hospital are you working for?” Belinda asks.

“I don’t need a hospital,” Ivan declares.


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