Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 600

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 600 Elizabeth discovers two Oscars in the Palace, Turo and lackeys scheme to subdue the threats of Cardo

“Are you the real President Oscar or you’re just pretending?” The question Elizabeth asked put him to sleep.

Elizabeth was worried about the President’s inability to answer her question. She decided to go and call Captain Salonga to help the President out.

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At the kitchen Ambo was worried that Elizabeth had not returned yet. Macoy found the perfect opportunity to go and steal Lito’s money to add it to his savings.

Macoy was sneaking out and when he reached the living room, Roxanne called him out but he came up with a lie that he was there to see if Lito had returned. He wanted to tell him the fight that broke  at the ranch and Roxanne told him not to because her team would be the one to tell him about it.

Mr Ramon looking at the mess said they had to clean up the ranch before boss Lito came to find out. Elizabeth hit the walkway but came across the room where Oscar was tied to the bed and felt that she was dreaming. She went inside the room to discover that Oscar was tied to the bed.

Because she was feeling tipsy, she cleared her eyes again and it was indeed the President. Oscar was very weak but realised the presence of Elizabeth and he asked for her help. Elizabeth decided to go and seek help for him and promised him to return.

Elizabeth wondered who the other person he was drunk with was. Augustus found the SPG and asked them why they were not at post. They believed they had food poisoning and had an upset stomach. Augustus was upset that they all left their post and told them to be on guard before Lily returned.

Elizabeth was so weak and shouted out for help. She couldn’t move and got stuck to the walls as she could not walk any longer. Ambo, Salonga and James who were searching for her since she went for hours stumbled on her and sent her to the room.

Augustus and one other security went to check on Oscar and found him still sleeping but Oscar was just pretending since he was waiting for Elizabeth. He wished Elizabeth would not be caught and helped him out.

Ambo tried to sober her up and made her talk. Elizabeth stated that the President made her drink with him and she got drunk so easily while the President also got wasted. Edwin did not believe that the President would drink alcohol along with her.

Elizabeth assured that the President did but she saw something else again when she was searching for a restroom. She saw two Presidents after leaving the wasted one asleep in his room. She stumbled on another president lying on a hospital bed and could barely move or talk.

Ambo found her sayings funny as she was not making sënsë. He believed she was seeing double since she was tipsy

“There are two Mr Presidents,” Elizabeth cried.

She assured to have seen two Mr Presidents and was ready to send them to the other room to find it out themselves because if what she saw was actually true then it meant that the real President needed their help. Salonga said they could not go back there again, they might be caught by Augustus.

Lily and Arturo finally arrived at the Palace. Lily was impressed that despite all her issues with Renato, he was able to put everything together to set up a laboratory. Arturo warned that she should not become complacent because Renato could stãb them at the back. Lily had already anticipated that.

Alyana returned to tell Lito that her meeting with Mr Gonzales went smoothly. Lito was surprised to know that Alyana had settled the issue with much ease, for a moment, he thought Mr Gonzales was not ready for negotiation. Bubbles told him how Mr Gonzales was moved by Alyana’s magic looks.

Alyana had a contrary view that her intelligence changed the narrative not her elegance. Lito had no doubts that Alyana was an asset to keep elevate his businesses. Alyana said it was not that difficult because she used her communication skills. Bubbles stopped her right there and told her it did not have anything to do with her act of communication.

It was obvious she wooed Mr Gonzales and the man almost harassed her. Alyana apologised to Lito and admitted but said she kept a straight face. Lito was happy that she knew how to defend herself and made good use of her assets.

“You see Alyana, you know how to use your assets.

You used your beauty an s3x!nëss to win other big time investors too,” Bubbles added.

Lily talked to Augustus and still they could not find Juan. She also learnt that Mariano kept up the best behaviour. Teddy was in deep thought and was still looking for means they could expose Lily and the imposter they are posing him off as the President. Diana told Teddy that their allies in the palace wanted to talk to them in person.

Virgie asked if they were not concerned that those palace workers were putting their lives in danger. Macoy came to give Cardo and his team heads as he suspected that Turo and his goons were plotting against him. Lily went to see Oscar to tell him that she would win the elections but Oscar said in his mind that it would not come to pass.

Now that Elizabeth had seen him, he was optimistic that the walls were closing on them. Art  left to see his wife. Ellen could not get Mariano from her mind. She was pretty upset that she allowed the low life to have his way with her all due to her ambitions of becoming the first lady.

She deemed it right for Art to stand as President for her dreams to come true. As Turo and his maniacs were plotting against the Taskforce, Ramil had bad feelings and suggested they leave to avoid any surprises. Cardo did not accept that idea and reminded them that they still had their weapons.

Jerome said Turo and his maniacs were not their enemies and were civilians. Lily was glad that her dreams were coming to pass. She married the President even though she did not lōve him. She was now the first lady and would soon become the President.

Not only that, she was the drug baroness of the Philippines and would spread her tentacles to the whole of Asia. As she was thinking about her achievement, she only saw her only obstacles as Cardo.

James and Salonga met with Diana and Teddy to tell them about what Elizabeth saw which made their suspicions right that Oscar had a body double. However, Elizabeth was drunk when she saw the two Presidents so they decided to investigate further.

Alyana and Lito met with the investors but the investors were having second thoughts to invest. Alyana suggested they go to the sites to see for themselves so that they would know that the business was viable. They decided to eat first. Macoy sneaked to where Turo and his goons were and overheard them plotting against Cardo.

Unfortunately, he hit on something and the thing fell, prompting Turo and his goons that there was someone around. One of his lackeys went to do a lazy check and came to tell them that it was a cat.

Macoy rushed to inform Cardo about Turo’s plans and suggested the flee but Cardo said he wouldn’t do that for Turo to have a wrong impression that they were scared of him.


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