Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 610

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 610 Teddy, Virgie, Diana embark on a journey to Batangas, Cardo recalls his struggles with Ramil

In the Palace kitchen, Ambo asked Elizabeth what she was doing with the plenty of money she was holding. Elizabeth explained that the money was given to her by the President to buy him an expensive bouquet.

Ambo wanted them to keep the money and pluck some from the garden for him. Elizabeth protested and told Salonga to escort her the following day to get the flowers. Jacob lauded Renato for the plans he initiated which worked on Lily.

Renato said he knew Lily would not suspect anything if she received such huge sums to fuel her campaign. He had no doubt that the public would assume Lily to be a mother. Lily and Arturo arrived at the palace and she said everyone wanted to become president.

She asked Arturo if he had such an ambition, Arturo admitted he had wanted to become a president when he was young but not now. He was content with the Presidential Secretary post. He went home with his wife upon Lily’s orders. Augustus told Lily that Mariano and Ellen had such a wonderful time.

Lily now had no doubts that Mariano was now energised to carry out his task effectively. She was glad that she facilitated the way for Mariano to get himself entertained without him knowing she paved the way for it. She went to see Mariano and she found out that he was revising his script.

She commended him for an impressive job. Mariano said it in his head that he knew Lily had her doubts but he would prove her wrong. As they arrived home, Art realised his wife was bothered when he was saying that Renato assured to help find Clarice. He realised she was warm and Ellen claimed it was nothing.

Hipolito received a call from Lito to tell him that he needed drugs urgently. After the call, Hipolito told Jacob that those who sounded convincing were those that they had to be worried about. He charged Jacob to prepare their men since they would meet Lito at his territory. Jacob was in a hurry to know the kind of beast with that name Lito Valmoria.

Teddy met up with Salonga and James together with Virgie and Diana. The palace workers told them that the President in a meeting with them told them that he instructed Lily to do what she did because he was weak during his sickness and did not want anyone to know about his weakness.

Teddy doubted and was not moved by the President’s alibi. Instead they believed that Lily was turning him into her pulpit by giving him the wrong medication. Diana charged them to talk to Elizabeth to be cautious and extra careful.

They promised to inform them whatever would happen at the palace. Virgie warned them not to put  her family at risk, if they did not have anything to say. Virgie was in a hurry to go and see Alyana and did not know what to say to Cardo, if they came face-to-face. Teddy advised her not to say anything.

As the henchmen of Arturo were working on means to uncover the hideout of Teddy, Arturo called them to ask for an update. Teddy called an editor who was working hand in hand to inform him about his trip to see his daughter. The editor had a plan to initiate against Lily.

Ellen was unhappy with how her husband abandoned her to concentrate on his work even when they were in bed. She concluded that Mariano was better than Arturo and was willing to do everything for her. Speaking of him, Mariano wanted to drink but recalling that Ellen did not like the smell of alcohol, he refrained from it and was willing to do anything to please her.

Ellen was moaning in her sleep while thinking of Mariano and her husband woke her up. She claimed she was having a nightmare. Alyana woke up early in the morning to prepare for breakfast. While they were eating, Cardo asked his friends about the Manager and Tadpole said Ramil was not ready to eat.

Cardo then informed Maring to wrap some of the food for Ramil so that he could eat when he goes to work. However, Ramil refused to take the food when Maring gave it to him. He said he would get food to eat when he goes to work. Lily came to Mariano’s room to find him acting responsibly and looked so excited.

She acted like she was bothered by the reason her decoy was happy and warned him to stay clear of Ellen. She threatened that when Arturo gets to learn what he has been doing with his wife, he would skin him alive. She then told him that she would be busy with Arturo since they would be preparing for her campaign to be the future President.

Arturo was dressing up while his wife was still in bed. He woke her up to prepare for them to go. He saw that his wife was given him the cold shoulder even after she was mentioning some kind of name in her sleep. Ellen claimed she might be thinking about Jumbo and Clarice. Arturo acknowledged that he had also been thinking about his children.

They went to the palace and Ellen reminded her husband  of their marriage anniversary. Her husband then asked her about the bracelet he gave her and she recalled not seeing that expensive bracelet. Lily appeared in the scene to find them looking so agitated and she asked them of their problem.

Ellen explained that it was their anniversary and since her husband was occupied with official duties, he forgot. Arturo indicated that his wife did not wear an expensive bracelet he bought for her. It seemed like she had lost it but Ellen denied.

Unbeknowst, Lily has that bracelet and was planning to use it as evidence against Ellen should she become an obstacle in her life. She knew that Arturo himself would deal with Ellen, if she opened up to him.

Delfin has told the doctor that he wanted to take a walk and the doctor granted him that. He came to where Cardo and his comrades were eating and Cardo was surprised to see him. The doctor said there was no call for alarm since Delfin was getting better and soon he would be okay.

Cardo thanked the doctor while Delfin told the former task force that they should thank Lito for him and once he was fit, he would go and thank him in person. When Arturo went to his office, he discovered an article which was against him and Lily and suspected Teddy and his cohorts.

While alone, Cardo recalled what he and Ramil had been through and knew he did wrong to him. As he was thinking, Alyana arrived to ask him what was bothering him and he answered that he was thinking about his feud with Ramil. Alyana comforted him and the two cemented and reassured their love for each other.

Cardo suggested they call Flora to let her know that they had patched up. Flora was glad that the two had settled their differences and the couple hugged each other for their reunion.


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