Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 156-160

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 156-160 Cardo and his accomplices escape Prison 

After sneaking into jail to be with Cardo, Onyok starts getting tired of his new living condition. Despite his positive effects on the inmates, Cardo and his group agree on getting Onyok out of prison before Director Acosta finds out about him.

Alyana digs deeper on Don Emilio’s true identity, while Delfin investigates the corrupt cops plaguing the police force.

Meanwhile, Director Acosta shows his true colours when a sketchy business opportunity arises.

With his grandfather out of spotlight for the moment, Joaquin takes over his family businesses and attempts to forge a working relationship with another equally notorious big-time syndicate.

Back in jail, Cardo enlists Miyong’s help to sneak Onyok out. Joaquin slowly works on polishing up his rep in the police force while also building up his family’s drug business by partnering with a certain drug lord who happens to be Ramil’s boss.

Back in prison, Director Acosta lays down a specific trap. After Onyok is caught by the nefarious Director Acosta, Cardo and his fellow inmates search endlessly for the poor kid to no avail.

Cardo asks for Ramil’s help, but the latter asks for a bigger price in return which will only spells more trouble. Meanwhile, Flora and Makmak try to ensure the community safety from illegal firecrackers.

With Cardo and Onyok far from home, their family longs to be complete again and does their best to remain hopeful.

With Onyok’s life on the line and a chance to save him, Cardo helps Ramil and their fellow inmates escape from prison. During their escape, casualties from both the inmates and the prison guards pile up, resulting in Cardo and his accomplices being branded as fugitives.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Joaquin tries to find a way to get his hands on Cardo to avenge his father’s death before the authorities do.


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