Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 161-165

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 161-165 Benny dies in a mission to save Cardo

After escaping the death trap from the penitentiary, Cardo’s plight is still not over. Onyok being by his side through thick and thin propels him to remain safe for the boy.

Soon, Joaquin frames him up in the psycho, Director Acosta’s death, further piling up the cases against the policeman-turned-fugitive. Jerome and the other officers also join the manhunt operation.

Penniless and with no place to stay, Cardo and Onyok decide to temporarily settle in another fugitive’s home. For his wife not to kick them out, Jimboy makes an unlawful decision in his bid to provide for his family.

Meanwhile, Alyana puts her job on the line when she releases a report that makes use of information from a fugitive. As Joaquin desperately tries to find Cardo, Verna celebrates the opening of her new restaurant named after her deceased daughter, Richel.

Elsewhere, Delfin gets cautious when he senses he is being put under surveillance. However, Flora continues to worry when she hears no updates on Cardo and Onyok’s whereabouts.

Unbeknownst to her, Benny has been secretly meeting with Cardo, but Joaquin gets a whiff of Benny’s actions and has him tailed.

Cardo and his family are devastated by Benny’s tragic death. Although he has to remain in hiding, Cardo is determined to seek justice for his friend, sidekick, and partner.

However, the news of Benny’s death only heightens Teodoro’s fears, and he warns Alyana to cease her efforts to help Cardo in a bad light, painting him as a dangerous fugitive on the loose, which infuriates Alyana.

Fresh off Cardo being afforded escape, Col. Roy Carreon puts up a one-million peso bounty on the fugitive officer. With the help of his protectors and a now-reluctant Dino, Joaquin goes on a relentless pursuit of his sworn enemy while getting rid of all loose ends in his path.

Alyana continues to work to prove Cardo’s innocence at the expense of her safety, unaware that her father knows more about her boyfriend than he is letting on.

Cardo tells Flora of his plans to leave Manila with no word on where he is headed. With Onyok in tow, he takes a long trip to where the prison manager is, believing that his fellow inmates are the only hope he has now.

While onboard a ferry, Cardo and Onyok had to disguise in a last-minute attempt to get past authorities.

Onyok finds a way to set a captive Cardo free. Cornered on the deck, Cardo and Onyok are left with no choice but to jump into the water to escape.

They eventually end up in the hands of a generous family who are unaware of their past ordeal, much less their real identities.

Cebu-based drug lord, Romano, tours Ramil around his guitar shop serving as a front for his actual business. He later delegates the newly-free man as overseer of operations.

Later, Dino issues a violent warning to Alyana under Joaquin’s stern orders. Angered by his daughter’s ordeal, Teddy finally hands over to Alyana the chilling evidence he has been hiding for years, all in the hopes of discouraging her from helping Cardo once and for all.


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