Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 166-170

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 166-170 Joaquin k!lls Dino 

While adjusting to their new life in a new city, Cardo and Onyok attend one of the biggest festivals in Cebu. In the middle of the festivities, they eventually run into some old friends.

However, the happy reunion is cut short when Cardo finds out about his friends’ new line of work. Elsewhere, with incriminating evidence against Don Emilio, Alyana struggles to find a way to help the man she l*ves while keeping her family safe.

The fugitive cop is introduced to Romano’s business, his ethical values deny him the opportunity to accept the work. However, Cardo makes a U-turn after discovering the involvement of his arch enemy, Joaquin in the illegal business.

Romano tests the loyalty of Cardo and he proved himself which makes him earn the heart of the chairman. Meanwhile, some of Romano’s old workers feel threatened by Cardo’s presence. They hatch up a plan to be a step ahead of Cardo and Romano.

Hit by the tragic death of his parents, Dino is ready to give up on all his evil ways to make a fresh start. However, a call he made to a familiar person alerts Joaquin to shoot him to death.

Left without allies, Joaquin strengthens his relationship with his superiors and Carreon becomes Joaquin’s closest allie. Verna is left devastated by her son’s criminal actions. She gets disappointed in him and refers to him as monster.

Securing his position in the drug syndicate job, Cardo makes Almado believe that he has gotten himself a job at a furniture company.

Almado and his family are left homeless after a heavy storm. His wife complains about losing all their possessions but Almado reminds her that the important thing is that none of his family are hurt.

Soon, Carreon puts Alyana’s house under surveillance. He informs Joaquin that Alyana is gone missing and her parents do not know her whereabouts.

Delfin beefs up his action with the friends of Cardo in finding more lead to the drug syndicate. The town’s people see a news item about Cardo Delisay being a fugitive and they recognised him as Miguel.

For the bounty, the town’s people come up with a perfect plan to capture the fugitive.


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