Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 171-175

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 171-175 Jerome, Elmo, Yolly fatally attacked, Cardo reunites with his family

After Romano and Joaquin successfully close a deal with their Chinese drug syndicate investors, Ramil informs Cardo about it.

The three fugitives plan to interrupt the shipment of the drugs which will land in Cebu a week time with Cardo aiming to find evidence to prove his innocence.

Alyana finally finds Onyok and Onyok sends Alyana and Jerome home. The two visitors fail to go by the names Onyok orients them to refer to him and Cardo with. This makes Cardo’s saviours doubt Cardo’s real identity and intentions.

Meanwhile, Paco traps Cardo to get the million bounty but Paquito sets Cardo free leading his father to get beaten by his unscrupulous friends. Seeing Paco in trouble, Cardo saves him from his attackers.

Amado and Cora query Miguel why ChuChu and him are referred to by his Manila friends as Onyok and Cardo. Left with no option and a zeal to make his new family know who he is, Cardo voice out the truth to them and the married couple understand and live amicably with him.

Cardo bond with his girlfriend, Alyana. They make up for the lost times and he apologises to her for being caught up in his messy life. Ramil insists on getting his shares but Romano still gives him stories. Arwin and Daniel try to turn Romano against Ramil.

They believe Ramil has a treacherous plan against Romano and will turn him in once he receives his shares but Romano doubts it.

Alyana tells Cora how she falls for Cardo while using him to make news. Isabel hatches a plan to lure Cardo to bed and manages to steal a k!$$ from him. Cardo makes it clear that he has a serious girlfriend but the lady will not back down.

Realising how Isabel is obsessed with Cardo, Ramil and Julian advise Cardo not to fall for the trump, otherwise he will land into a very big trouble with the chairman.

Meanwhile, Paco’s treacherous friends teamed up to turn Cardo to the police for the bounty. They begin to keep a watchdog on Amado to know when Cardo is home and not. They also had an alternative plan to be friends with him and betray him. Unbeknownst to them, Paco was listening to their conversation.

Meanwhile, Delfin hinted Carreon on the information that Cardo gave the CIDG to cripple the drug shipment. He innocently tells Carreon that Cardo has been updating him on Joaquin’s drug job in Cebu.

Joaquin now realises Cardo is spying on him and changes his strategy. Knowing Jerome knows the whereabouts of Cardo in Cebu, Carreon implements a plan to listen to Jerome’s conversation to fetch the truth but the plan fails.

Carreon is compelled to change his tactics by applying torture to squeeze the truth out from Jerome. Soon, Jerome is attacked on his way to the house while driving. Seeing he can’t handle the battalions after his life he calls his friends for backup.

Jerome manages to survive the gun shots and with the help of his friends he k!lled Joaquin’s goons. While trying to squeeze the truth out of one of the goons, Fidel, Jacob’s henchman arrive with a motor to finish the goon before he talks.

Carreon scolds Joaquin for failed operation, adding that he has giving him a double tracks to cover, making his job as infiltrator very difficult. Jacob cautions Joaquin to be mindful of Carreon as he believes, he will one day betray them.

Delfin squeezes the truth of Cardo’s whereabouts out from Jerome. Soon, Flora reunites with her grandson. Isabel, however, tries hard to be simple for Cardo to notice her.

She cooks for him and visits him in Amado’s house with lots of gifts. She demands for a peg before leaving. Cardo doesn’t want Alyana to discover his little secret so he dances to the tunes of Isabel but Flora sees her grandson.

Soon, Elmo and Yolly are attacked by some unidentified men in the house compelling them to voice out to them the whereabouts of Cardo.

Realising how risky it will be for Flora to come home, Delfin tells Flora to cancel her trip to Manila to live with Cardo and Alyana in Amado’s house for the time being.

Cardo who is a Manila fugitive becomes an angel in Cebu. His pursuers are arrested for multiple charges with the help of the town’s people who see him as a hero.

In Manila, during the meeting with the Cebu drug lord an unusual face appeared and Joaquin later gets screwed up by the familiar face.

Determined to come in between Alyana and Cardo, Isabel begins to pull fast one on Cardo leading his girlfriend to suspect him of cheating. However, Arwin tails Isabel and Cardo to take footage of them in order to expose them to Romano.

Elsewhere, Chairman wakes up to the reality that Cardo and Joaquin know eachother. Daniel poisons Romano to throw a punch at Cardo before he betrays him by using him against Joaquin.


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