Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 176-180

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 176-180 Isabel dies, Cardo shoots Joaquin

Jacob scolds Carreon for his inability to get the information of Cardo’s whereabouts. He asks him to point gun at Borja and torture him till he talks.

Daniel and his other allies turn Romano against Cardo, Ramil and Julian but the chairman has his own plan.

Alyana gives Cardo the cold shoulder after suspecting Cardo’s affair with Isabel. Cardo tries to fish out what is eating Alyana up but she fails to tell him.

Paco could feel the storm that is approaching and advises Cardo to find a shield since a woman’s instinct can never be downplayed.

Receiving a call to return to work, Cardo finds out an important shipment and informs Delfin about it, unfortunately Isabel finds out the move of Cardo and threatens to reveal the truth to Romano.

Not ready to suffer the consequences for being an infiltrator, Cardo decides to dance to the tunes of Isabel for her to keep his secret.

Carreon receives a threat from Joaquin after he is giving up on his crooked ways but Delfin decides to stab Cardo at the back in his bid to gain the PNP to protect Cardo.

Jerome is not in support of Delfin’s decision yet Delfin is moved by the death of Ador and is ready to sell Cardo out for his own safety.

Isabel pulls a fast one again on Cardo which makes Alyana certain that Cardo is cheating. She forcefully sends Cardo to a club, unbeknownst, Arwin, the backstabber tails them once more.

Hearing Alyana wants to return to her parents, Paquito blames himself for revealing to Alyana the hot lady who visited Cardo.

Makmak and the rest of the kids compel Paquito to go and apologise to stop Alyana from returning to Manila, believing that Cardo will never cheat on her.

Delfin rescinds on his decision to sell Cardo out, Meanwhile, Verna discloses some information about Romano as a drug lord who used to work with Tomas to Carreon.

The discovery startles Jacob since all those while they had thought Cardo and Borja are their enemies not Verna. Joaquin has a plan to control his mother for double crossing him.

Paquito and Onyok are employed as errand boys for a drug syndicate. Cardo finds out that the kids are being exploited for a bigger syndicate who distribute drugs to their clients by using fishes as tool.

Soon, Cardo raids their hideout to stop their operation. Later, the trump drugs Cardo and sends him to a motel. Unbeknownst, Arwin is still on his mission to expose the dirty affair of the slut with Cardo. He obtains some evidence good enough to discredit Cardo at the sight of Romano.

Meanwhile, Isabel makes advances on Cardo but the fugitive cop is fast asleep like a dead body and all his sensible organs are dead along with him. As Isabel realises the body of her “baby boy” is not responding to her touches, she implements an alternative plan which gives Alyana evidence to break up with Cardo.

Elsewhere, Billy and his men raids a slaughter house belonging to a drug syndicate which Joaquin owns but the operation turns to be negative as the infiltrator, Carreon has already tipped Joaquin off.

Cardo gets home to find Alyana in the company of her parents who are in Olango Island traveling to Manila. Left with no option, after a slap from his reporter girlfriend and the pictures she received about Cardo in the arms of another woman the fugitive cop comes clean with his line of work.

Alyana rescinds on her decision to allow a trump have her way with her boyfriend. She makes up with Cardo and her parents left Cebu alone.

The next day, Cardo confronts Isabel for setting him up after everything he has done for her. The trump is moved by Cardo’s words so she decides to turn into a new leaf and starts all over with her kid sister, Sally.

Realising the absence of Isabel in the house, Romano sends Cardo to fetch Isabel from her sister’s place. Cardo gets to Sally’s place to discover the new Isabel who has given all the money she has saved to her sister and not ready to return to her old life as men’s escort.

She sort out her differences with Cardo and regrets all her action against him. They start as friends and decides to return to the mansion to amicably end things with Romano and pursue her new dream with her sister.

However, Arwin has disclosed to Romano with picture evidence of Isabel and Cardo’s little affair. Romano plans to revenge both for stabbing him at the back.

Elsewhere, Verna discovers that the superior she has trusted and revealing all her son’s illegal business to is rather Joaquin’s ally.

After the failed operation, General Borja begins to suspect Carreon being the mole. Delfin decides with friends of Cardo to carry operations concerning Joaquin at the blind sight of Carreon.

Cardo soon discovers that Romano is maltreating Isabel and has locked her up. Isabel calls for Cardo’s help and the fugitive promised to return for her once the key operation he has been waiting for to gather evidence against Joaquin is done.

Least did he know that Romano is keeping eye on them, he kills Isabel before Cardo could save her and makes Cardo disposed the body at a certain bridge. He has a plan installed for Cardo and he is determined to initiate it after using Cardo against Joaquin.

Cardo becomes restless, sensing the luggage he threw off possesses the corpse of Isabel. He swears to avenge Isabel’s death since Isabel returns to the mansion based on his word and his promise to save her from the evil Romano.

The day has finally come for the bigger shipping deal, Both Joaquin and Romano had a plan to double cross eachother to obtain Cebu, Metro Manila and Asia respectively. Cardo gets enough evidence that will support his claims against Joaquin.

Elsewhere Delfin is worried and takes the risk to relay the information to the CIDG Cebu to call for backup at all ports in Cebu since he did not know the actual port the transaction will go on. Carreon also has a bad feeling about the operation as it will not turn out how they plan it but Jacob is optimistic and begins to celebrate.

Cardo manages to kill Fidel, the notorious criminal and shot Joaquin who fell off into the sea. Verna gets a sign as Joaquin’s picture falls off. Ramil gets his shares, Gener, Cardo and Julian decide to leave the group with Ramil.

Unknown to them Romano has a plan against them. Will they fall into Romano’s death trap and what about Joaquin, dead or alive? Find out from our daily updates. Subscribe to the site for your update!


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