Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 180-184

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 180-184 Verna holds funeral for Joaquin, Cardo kills Arwin

Romano has a plan installed for Cardo and he is determined to initiate it after using Cardo against Joaquin.

Cardo becomes restless, sensing the luggage he threw off possesses the corpse of Isabel. He swears to avenge Isabel’s death since Isabel returns to the mansion based on his word and his promise to save her from the evil Romano.

The day has finally approached for the bigger shipping deal, Both Joaquin and Romano had a plan to double cross eachother to obtain Cebu, Metro Manila and Asia respectively. Cardo gets solid evidence that will support his claims against Joaquin.

Elsewhere, Delfin is worried and takes the risk to relay the information to the CIDG Cebu to call for backup at all ports in Cebu since he did not know the actual port the transaction will go on. Carreon also has a bad feeling about the operation as it will not turn out how they plan it but Jacob is optimistic and begins to celebrate.

Cardo manages to kill Fidel, the notorious criminal and shot Joaquin who fell off into the sea. Verna gets a sign as Joaquin’s picture falls off. Ramil gets his shares, Gener, Cardo and Julian decide to leave the group with Ramil.

Unknown to them Romano has a plan against them. Cardo and his companions declare intentions to lead life normal and pursue their dreams without involving themselves in crimes again.

On their way to their destination, team Romano ambush them and shot Cardo and his companions so they also retaliate to save themselves from Romano’s evil plots.

They jump off a bridge and Romano was upset that they could not k!ll Cardo and his companions. Ramil got injured in the process and team Romano made away with Ramil and his friends shares. The shootout leads to many deaths and casualties which made news on the local news channels.

Soon, the Cebu CIDG boss calls Delfin to thank him for the tip off and confirm the illegal transaction.

Joaquin is saved by a close relation for him to continue with the family legacy. After he recovers, Joaquin wields war against Cardo.

Meanwhile, Jacob gets information through a recorder his goons planted in the Arevalo mansion that Teddy holds evidence against the Tuazon family. Soon, he orders his goons to attack Virgie.

The police come to the aid of Virgie and Girona decides to fly the Arevalos to Cebu to join Cardo in order to keep them safe.

Cardo and his companions are haunted by team Romano. He has no choice than to send his companions to his hide out for Ramil to gain proper medical attention. Cardo tells his family about the solid evidence he has obtained to exonerate him from the charges levelled against him.

Seeing Cardo a step ahead of the Tuazons, Teddy finally reveals the secret he has been keeping all these years about the k!ller of Pablo and he is ready to testify against Don Emilio. Meanwhile, Verna is poised to find her missing son, she fears he might suffer the fate of Richil and is willing to do everything to ensure his safety. She enlists the help of Carreon to find him.

Romano and his team are unwilling to back down in their war against Cardo and his companions. He teams up with Joaquin and Emilio to bring down Cardo. However both sides have an evil plot against the other to take over each one’s territory once they get rid of Cardo.

Carreon enlists the help of an expert to hack into the account of Teddy and they discovered the controversial evidence. Joaquin shows up in Manila and Verna is happy.

Cardo is still stricken by the conspiracy involving his father’s death, Jerome advises him to allow justice to take its full course and should not take the law into his hands.

Elsewhere, realising the deeds of Emilio, Joaquin orders Carreon to cover his family’s back. He advises Carreon to take advantage of Borja’s trust in him to find out his plans against the Tuazons.

Ramil, Julian and Gener are poised to get their shares that Romano stole from them. They raided Romano’s apartment, unbeknownst, Romano has packed out with his army after police inspected his mansion for drugs.

Obtaining all the evidence with a tip off that Joaquin is dead and Don Emilio is seen in Manila, Delfin pays Verna surprise visit but Verna still shields her son and father without cooperating.

Verna informs her father and son about the questions Delfin asks her and makes Joaquin looks at the brighter picture to take advantage of his rumoured death to live life in peace but Emilio and Joaquin have better plans for Joaquin to continue his evil action against the De-Leons.

Soon, Teddy’s boss is compelled to force Teddy to return into Manila to submit some important files which was in his custody. However, Teddy goes to the office to witness an unpleasant incident which almost takes his life.

With the help of the police, Teddy survives and is rescued from the near death incident plot by Don Emilio in cohort with Carreon and Jacob.

In order to take the public eyes off the Tuazon family for their crimes, Verna holds a funeral for her son, Joaquin with an unknown corpse which Carreon uses his Cebu contact to fetch.

However, General Borja is not convinced that the cremated body is that of Joaquin. There was no autopsy and checks conducted on the unrecognised body so he threatens to search every where for Joaquin. Yet, Verna insists that she is able to identify the body through a maternity instinct but Borja knows she is hiding something.

Elsewhere, Romano’s goons find Cardo and his fugitive friends working, they ambush them. With Arwin and Daniel leading, they took the fugitives by surprise but Cardo is able to match up to their threats and k!lls Arwin in the bloody encounter while the rest of the fugitives together with Paco escapes in separate ways to the house to inform the family about the ambush.

Monica, the unprofessional journalist aired a bias report against Cardo for the death of Arwin and other goons. This makes Teddy and his daughter cook up story linking Joaquin to his father’s drug syndicate job to discredit him. Pinggoy searches for a station to air the report but none is willing to air the report. Pinggoy then aired and posted it on social media which the story goes viral.

Romano and Joaquin deepen their relationship as both vowed to get rid of Cardo for killing a brother and an identity of a great cop and a drug lord respectively. They later join forces to accomplish their mission.

Ramil feels betrayed by Romano for taking their shares and also after their lives. He takes it upon himself to bring down Romano before he ends theirs.

Julian and Gener accompanied Ramil to surprise Romano during Arwin’s funeral for their shares.

Scared for his life, Romano gave them the money. Least, did the companions know that Cardo was there to ensure their safety. Don Emilio and Joaquin returned to Romano’s mansion to see the surprise awaits them. Cardo then realises he has been wrong for assuming that his arch enemy, Joaquin is dead.


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