Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 185-189

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 185-189 Amado, Cora die tragically in an ambush during Cardo’s birthday celebration

Seeing Joaquin did not die as he presumes, Cardo informs his grandfather, General Borja about it. Proving his suspicion about a wake done to smoke the public eye on the actual fact, Delfin summons Verna to the Police headquarters for questioning.

However, the desperate mother denies allegations against Joaquin being alive and working in cohort with Don Emilio and Romano in Cebu.

Cardo’s allies pledge to support him in his fight against Syquia and Tuazon before going their separate ways. Elsewhere, Pinggoy chills with his new body guards and tells Teddy not to worry about his safety.

General Borja in a press interview clears the air about Joaquin being dead and expresses the PNP’s efforts in coordinating with the Cebu police to bring Don Emilio and Joaquin to book. However, the unprofessional reporter, Monica suffocates Delfin with questions that are not objectives and airs her bias report against the De-Leons.

In Cebu, the fugitives split the money they forcefully took from Romano among themselves. Cardo is not interested in his shares, rather he wants to devote his attention in clearing his name, living a happy and a peaceful life with his family.

During shopping with Julian, Gener spots Don Emilio and tails him to his hideout. Emilio plans with Joaquin to set a Meth lab in their new found home. Quickly, Gener returns home to give Cardo the piece of good news he stumbles on.

Cardo then plans with his allies to trap Don Emilio and Joaquin. Gener is then use as bait to trap the two evil drug lords. Thinking, they are multiple steps ahead of Cardo, Joaquin beats Gener mercilessly and sends him to the supposed hideout of Cardo.

Ready to rock and roll with his grandfather, Don Emilio to ensure the three fugitives do not remain alive to tell the story.

Trapped, Cardo and his allies then blast the planted bombs in his supposed hideout to k!ll a portion of the henchmen Don Emilio and Joaquin raided the place with. Left with no option, Joaquin and Don Emilio race to save their lives.

In a highway car race shoot outs between Cardo and the Tuazons, Don Emilio rolls a perfect plan for Joaquin and him not to be caught at the same time, they go separate ways. Cardo catches up with Don Emilio and the rest of the henchmen.

The hero shoots the henchmen’s car for them to die in an accident. Now left with him and Cardo, the hero decides not to k!ll Don Emilio. He hears a police siren and handcuffed Don Emilio to his car and flee.

Don Emilio is arrested. Joaquin is bent on initiating a dubious plan to get his grandfather from the Police’s custody. He enlists the help of Carreon but the precinct which has Don Emilio has no corrupt official which works in connection with Carreon.

Feeling that they will finally get the justice for the over 20 years crime, the De-Leons are struck with another thought that the Tuazons are influential and can buy their way out of justice.

Desperate Joaquin runs out of options, he now tries to work with Verna to set Don Emilio free. Verna wants Joaquin to be out of Philippines but Joaquin strikes a deal with Verna to testify and set Don Emilio free while he takes down Cardo and flee forever.

Don Emilio tells the media that all allegations against him are false. He deems it as a ploy by the De-Leons to shield Cardo, the fugitive.

Verna visits Don Emilio in Manila precinct to express how joyful she is for him to be behind bars. She sees Don Emilio as the reason for the turmoil in her family and wishes he rots in jail forever. However, she makes Joaquin believes she is working to make the lawsuit against her father a hopeless one.

In getting back at team Cardo, Joaquin pays a henchman to eliminate Pinggoy for his constant vlogs which have won back the trust of the public in Cardo. He threatens to stop at nothing till he eliminate all Cardo’s companions.

Meanwhile, Daniel, a goon from Romano’s camp leading the man haunts cunningly squeezes the truth of Cardo’s location out of Paquito. A surprise birthday party is thrown to celebrate the hero.

However, Romano and his men surrounded the place and take the celebrant and well wishers by surprise. Romano’s camp shoot Amado, Cora and Ligaya’s mother among others to death.

The celebration then turns into mourning but Cardo and his allies ensure the rest were saved from the crouch of Romano. Paco gets a new hideout for the family.

Elsewhere, Pinggoy did not allow the threats of Joaquin and Monica as well as the bullet he suffered have the best of him. He still does counter reports on Monica’s bias news articles.

Jerome and Rigor did not relent on their efforts in investigating Monica. Rigor overhears Monica telling Joaquin that Pinggoy is still a threat since his vlog is gaining more attention than her report.

However, old boy Don Emilio resolves to stunt to bury the truth and facts in court. He fakes heart attack in an escape plan plot by Jacob. Jacob uses threats and bullying to scare the doctor who Emilio is in her watch to make fake report about the heart condition of Don Emilio.

Not buying Don Emilio’s amusement tricks, General Borja plants police to guard Don Emilio’s ward at the hospital. Losing another loyal ally, Romano’s camp is shaking, thinking Daniel and Donato might bow out but they pledge their commitment to Romano. News about the death of Cora and Amado spreads fast.

Flora promises Dang and Ligaya that she and Cardo will be their parent. Cardo decides to take his shares from Ramil to hold a befitting burial service for his helpers who tragically lost their lives because of him.

Jacob plan is in motion to make Don Emilio narrowly escape through an operation but the plan backfires as General Borja intensifies action to ensure Don Emilio does not escape justice.

Joaquin pays a surprise visit to Romano to remind him of their team work in taking down Cardo. He pulls the strings in Romano’s head to see the need to entail him in his plans of revenge as Cardo obviously is eliminating Romano’s men one after the other till Romano is left alone.

Though their lives are at risk, Cardo manages to send the kids to the mass funeral for them to see their parents for the last time. Knowing Romano pulls a fast one on them, Cardo promises Amado and Cora that he will gain justice for their death while assuring all the parents who lost lives that their kids are in good hands. Joaquin sees Jacob and all his allies as good for nothing for failing Don Emilio.

The court hears Don Emilio’s case and it is established that Don Emilio is pretending to be sick, a deliberate plan pulls by the accused to escape justice. Miranda, the doctor who Emilio is earlier in her care has also gone missing, ringing the bell of a well thought through escape plan which backfired.

However, Don Emilio cowardly shifts all the blames from him to Cardo. He tells court that he was abducted by Cardo’s henchmen who were sending him to the hero for him to finish him off.

Elsewhere, Romano plans another revenge against Cardo and his allies and they are to strike during the burial service of the 13 people he murdered. He is poised in eliminating all the loved ones of Cardo before k!ll!ng him.


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