Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 190-194

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 190-194 Daniel is buried alive, Romano is k!lled while Cardo and friends surrender to the police

Cardo is bent on attending the burial service of the Islanders irrespective of how it will cost him and his family.

Romano’s messenger races to inform Romano about the presence of Cardo at the cemetery where the families are burying their dead.

However, they return to the cemetery to find only coffins, least did they know that Cardo is tipped off and slip away with all the people who went to bury their dead.

Cardo makes a huge donations to the affected families for them to start life all over again. The families thanked Cardo and seek for one thing, justice. Cardo promises to give them the justice they are seeking for.

Fury, Romano shoots the air for another failed mission. In court, Jacob’s witnesses surprise General Borja and friends of Cardo with their testimony. Soon, a newspaper publication declares Cardo and his team together with Romano and his team wanted alive or dead.

On her part, Monica files a report in favour of Don Emilio and Pinggoy also vlogs his new video against Don Emilio who wants to evade justice by blaming Cardo for his abduction.

His report counters Monica’s bias report, leaving the public always something to think about.

Verna is adamant to give a testimony in court. She is scared Cardo’s anguish against her family will rekindle to take the Tuazons family on if her father through dubious means wins the case. That is what Joaquin want, to make Cardo crawl from the hole he is hiding for them to face.

Succumbed to the forces around her, Verna gives a witness account in court while the infiltrator, Carreon after tailing Delfin and friends of Cardo informs Joaquin about the the De Leon’s witness who arrive in Manila and confined in a discreet place. However, Carreon’s can’t bring himself to complete an evil task against the Arevalos.

Meanwhile, team Cardo is tipped off by a familiar face about a Japanese drug transaction business which Romano’s camp will lead in it.

Team Cardo ambush their nemesis and hold Daniel on a gun point. Daniel has no option than to surrender. He begs for mercy so Cardo and his allies show him mercy by not killing him with their bare hands.

Daniel is buried alive in a coffin, his incessant call for help in his coffin at the cemetery awakens a python which reduces his pain by feasting on his body.

Elsewhere, Romano is worried about Daniel, as all efforts in reaching him proves futile, one of his backups made it alive to inform him about the bad news which re-deepens his quest for vengeance.

Jacob’s henchmen raid the safe place where Arevalos are staying. In court Don Emilio and Verna are surprised to see Teddy Arevalo in the witness’ stand.

Joaquin is consumed with anger, confronting Jacob for yet another failed mission. Jacob is shocked at how Borja gets to know about their plans. Least did they know, that the termites they plant next to Borja is the same person who is now eating them up by informing Borja about their plans through anonymous text messages.

Meanwhile, Flora is upset with Cardo for not having a just intentions but his grandmother’s resentment towards him did not stop him from his revenge.

Failing to take down Cardo by himself, Romano now considers Joaquin’s offer to involve him in the revenge mission.

Joaquin accuses Verna for informing the CIDG about his plans but Verna denies the allegations. Monica is scared after realising Pinggoy has been keeping eyes on her. Pinggoy has already released the voice recording of their earlier confrontation in one of his videos. She makes up her mind to act professionally since Emilio might be acquitted due to Teddy’s testimony. She is scared she might end up in police custody if things get messy for Emilio.

However, Carreon thinks of means to cut ties with Joaquin, he comes home to find his daughter lying helplessly on the floor.

Cardo and his allies team up with Paco to make their way into a gambling den where they tie Donato’s hands and legs to a chair and set a gun infront of him fastened to the door.

Romano who already received information from Donato about capturing Paco, a sidekick of Cardo at the Casino rushes there with backups to torture Paco in compelling him to reveal Cardo’s new hide out. He only comes to see Donato being held as captive with tape glued to his mouth.

In order to save him, Romano opened the door, not realising it as a trap. His quest to save Donato rather k!lled his favourite cook.

Romano later leaves the meth lab work in the hands of Joaquin while he ensures to get Cardo from his back once and for all. Pinggoy gets a job at MTN media station after he gained much following. He is officially assigned to Don Emilio’s case and breaks the news to Jerome and Rigor for protection.

Cardo makes intentions to end the fight between him and Romano and enlists the help of Delfin. He also declares intentions to surrender once everything is over.

In an encounter, Pinggoy reminds Monica of her fate with Joaquin once the trial is over and things end up wrong for Joaquin. The man haunts for Cardo and his fugitive friends has deepened as the police are dispersed in Olango Island haunting him down with no rest.

Meanwhile, Joaquin and Romano receive a message about the hideout of Cardo and they plan an ambush. However, the kids have also make a trap that signal them when there’s an intruder in their territory.

Unfortunately, they stepped on the trap so Cardo and his family abandon their breakfast and flee. Paco is the one to keep everyone safe while Cardo, Ramil, Julian and Gener stay back to fight the “Olango War II”. Cardo and his team get rid of many of Romano’s backups and shoot Romano.

He did not intend to k!ll him but to make the police get him. Romano wants to pull a fast one on Cardo and his allies which makes Cardo and his team shoot him all over till the game is over for Romano.

Left with a small backups as the others are bombed, Joaquin retreat to save his life together with his small backups in his chopper. He sees Paco and Paquito running and he intentionally shoots the boy.

Soon, Paquito is operated on and Joaquin occupy Romano’s territory in Cebu. With a mission successful accomplished to be the ultimate drug lord in charge of Cebu, Manila and Romano’s territory in Asia, Joaquin recruit the rest of Romano’s backups with a new project of having only one mortal enemy left, Cardo to take care of.

Jerome, Rigor and Pinggoy tail Monica to discover her meeting with Verna. Now aware that Verna knows her son is alive and wants to talk to him to turn himself in, Jerome thinks is a best time to persuade her to come clean and gain protection from the CIDG in order for her not to end up in prison as an accomplice.

Cardo reveals his intentions to turn himself in and charges his friends to take care of themselves once he does. Ramil and the rest decide to also be at the right side of the law. Wherever Cardo goes, they will follow him. They donated their money to their respective families with Ramil donating his own to an orphanage home which he grows up from.

Meanwhile, Carreon is still worried about his sick daughter who is battling between life and death in hospital. Jacob constantly reminds Carreon of his duty to the group. The case is heard in court and an IT expert assures the video evidence against Don Emilio is authentic and not manipulated.

Cardo and his fugitive friends together with their companion, Gener finally surrender and the bad guys are also available at the place just to eliminate cardo.


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