Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 195-199

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 195-199 General Jacob declared wanted, Roy Carreon confesses his deeds

Don Emilio after hearing his lawyer cannot make his dream of being acquitted a reality calls her useless and cling to the hope of the vile scheme being enrolled by his grandson.

Joaquin plots to gets back at Monica if she keeps hesitating in publishing reports which is not influenced by him. At the hospital, Jacob threatens Carreon for abandoning the group and his responsibility in abducting the Arevalos to set Syquia free.

After Cardo returned to Manila, Jacob queries him about the accomplice of Romano and the former mentions Joaquin as the main accomplice who even shot a child under his protection.

A press conference is held to officially inform the public about Cardo Dalisay, his fugitive friends and companion who have surrendered to the police and will be transferred to the national penitentiary. The media are given the chance to ask all their bothering questions and the relevant ones are addressed by General Borja.

Elsewhere, the loved ones of Cardo are still brooding over the hero’s dreadful decision but Flora takes comfort in the fact that her grandson will gain full protection under the security officials than to be “wanted dead or alive.”

In Japan, JP prepares his surprise return to Manila. The return of Cardo to the penitentiary earns him cheers and applause from the inmates who have seen the hero back.

Ramil tells the inmates that he is no longer the manager, they should call him Ramil. They are now told about how peaceful the penitentiary is run under a new leadership.

Elsewhere, Verna prays that the schemes Joaquin and his allies are implementing to set Don Emilio free won’t succeed so that Don Emilio pays for his crimes.

Don Emilio, suddenly, gets high blood pressure and Verna believes he faked it. This time around it is true that her father is sick since he feared to face Cardo in Bilibid I things don’t go as planned. In Bilibid, Mr Miyong serves Cardo and the other inmates with delicious meals.

Joaquin is frustrated, exploring all possible means to to get Teddy Arevalo to retract his statement. He sets his eyes on Alyana and employs an henchman to kidnap Alyana. He vows to make Cardo regret of ever surrender. As the henchman who disguised himself as a health official ready to attack Alyana, she is saved by the bell.

Feeling down by the failed mission, Joaquin later receives the news that he has been wanting to hear. Jacob’s henchmen have successfully kidnapped JP. Soon, Teddy receives a video about JP who has been molested and tortured after he arrived in Philippines and wants him to follow the orders of the henchmen to set him free.

As the attorney is preparing him in order for him to be able to withstand a worse scenario, Don Emilio brushes it off and cannot wait for the tables to turn in the next hearing. This makes his lawyer so eager to know what he has in his sleeves.

Worried about the next vile plan of Joaquin, Verna meets Monica to squeeze the truth out of her but the reporter chose to protect Joaquin. Crippled with fear, Lorraine wonders what has become of JP since he has still not showed up in Manila after texting her before leaving Japan.

Teddy is compelled to choose between the right side of the law and the safety of his family. Meanwhile, the Islanders together with Flora and Alyana arrive in Philippines to stay in the house of Delfin.

Thinking the goons will not make him go alive even if Teddy comply with them, JP gets hold of a weapon and he stabs some of the goons with it but his escape plan failed.

The verdict day has approached and all the family members of both sides are presence, as the judge is about to deliver his final verdict, Teddy sends shivers to everyone’s vein when he retracts his statement against Don Emilio.

Jerome finds out about the secret Teddy is keeping and with the help of Billy they convinced Teddy to work with them in order to save JP from the vile people. The police are able to locate JP’s destination in Quezon.

They ambush the goons and find General Jacob as an accomplice to Joaquin and Don Emilio. Through gun fight, Jacob manages to escape from his colleague law enforcers. JP is then saved from the clutches of Don Emilio and Joaquin.

Elsewhere Joaquin reaches out to Jacob but the general is receiving treatment after sustaining what is probably gun wounds or wounds from jumping from the high wall to save himself from the police. Joaquin is worried since Jacob is not attending to his calls.

Feeling all excited to be acquitted, Don Emilio is thrown to a state of shock when Judge Enrique Rivera finds him guilty on his case “The People of Philippines against Don Emilio” with the charge of murdering Pablo De Leon.

The court finds him guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of murder committed against Pablo De Leon and here by sentences him to suffer the indeterminate penalty of reclusión perpetua and he is to pay an amount of 50,000 as part of the damages to the De Leon’s family.

Teddy Arevalo threatens to also sue him for kidnapping JP. Later, Don Emilio is sent to Bilibid where he meets Cardo. Cardo is happy to see that justice is finally served. He planned not to make life a hell for Don Emilio since he knows other inmates will harass Don Emilio in the cell. However, Cardo is worried since Jacob is still under loose, working secretly with Joaquin against him and his family.

Don Emilio is made to sleep on the floor. He later picks a fight with his fellow inmates. Meanwhile, Joaquin comes to Manila and has an intimate moments with Monica. Elsewhere, Rona Carreon succumbs to her illness and dies.

Soon, Jacob sets the good Bilibid director up, leading him to lose his job. He then plants a new director, Pedro Ladronio to carry out his orders. Don Emilio is given a private room and Ladronio finds means to make Cardo’s life a hell for him.

Jacob is worried that Carreon will turn his back against the group since his daughter was the reason he was tied to the group but Joaquin sends Carreon a gift to threaten him during Rona’s funeral.

Ready to straighten up things, after Joaquin confesses that he is the one who k!lled his favourite student, Ador, Carreon storms Delfin’s office to confess his deeds as the infiltrator. He now worked in cohort with the PNP to ensnare Joaquin and Jacob to find their location but Joaquin suspected it and pulls a fast one on them.

Later, Friends of Cardo visit him in Bilibid together with Delfin to reveal the new witness who will testify to set him free. Meanwhile, Joaquin plans to eliminate Carreon before testifying to exonerate Cardo from the crime. Don Emilio who is now living comfortably in his private room asks Joaquin to leave Cardo in his hands, he will eliminate him.


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