Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 200-204

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 200-204 Cardo is reinstated, Carreon sentenced to life imprisonment, the war between Cardo and Joaquin begins

Melissa resigns from Rachel’s burger due to fear of being dragged into the mess of her former employer, Verna. The staffs take Verna by surprised when they express their belief about Verna working in cohort with Joaquin to conceal her son’s drug business and location. In anguish Verna fires all of them for going against her.

In order to come clean, a press conference is held by the PNP for Roy Carreon to officially reveal Joaquin’s atrocities of being a drug Lord, both home and abroad. He also voices out that with the help of Jacob they fabricate the death of Joaquin to help him escape justice while revealing that Cardo is framed as part of Joaquin’s vengeance due to the death of Tomas Tuazon.

This gives Cardo a renewed hope as Col. Carreon faces the public to reveal Joaquin’s atrocities. Verna resolves to hiding after being implicated in Joaquin’s criminal activities for being aware of her son’s deeds while the De Leons’ heave a sigh of relief.

Cardo faces off Don Emilio, threatening that he and Joaquin will soon be reunited and rot in the cell. Before she could escape, the police make a surprise visit but she fails to cooperate since the police don’t have any evidence to arrest her. Meanwhile, Joaquin is scared of his safety, he fears Verna will give his location address to the police. Cardo’s life is put in danger, while Verna testifies against him in court.

Don Emilio and his team gang up on Cardo to squeeze the life out of him. Jimboy saves the day by alerting Cardo’s allies who save Cardo the moment Don Emilio is about to stab him. Fast forward, the court acquits Cardo and he becomes a free man. This sends shivers through the spines of his enemies especially Don Emilio as he knows the freedom of Cardo will put Joaquin’s life at risk. Cardo bids final goodbye to his friends in Bilibid. A welcome party is thrown for him to welcome him back to the De Leons’ mansion.

Cardo officially returns to duty at the CIDG. Verna closes down Rechal’s burger to be reunited with her son and support his illegal trade business. Roy is sentenced to life imprisonment and he is to pay a fine of 10million pesos. For his safety, General Borja gives Roy a special room for the CIDG to continue protecting the former corrupt officer.

Don Emilio starts illegal drug selling in prison. He uses threats to get Ladronio to support and cover up his deeds. His army in prison enlarges and he becomes more powerful. Meanwhile, Ramil is poised to fight and campaign for anti drugs in the penitentiary.

Elsewhere, Joaquin continues his vile schemes against Cardo and Carreon. The PNP holds a grand event to officially reinstates SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay. However, Verna is poised to protect her son at all cost now that Cardo is free and reinstated.

Realising the CIDG is man haunting Joaquin and General Jacob, Carreon gives them a tip off about the methlab and drug pushers who are delivering Joaquin’s drugs in the province. Alyana returns to MTN and Pinggoy resigns his position as a reporter to be Alyana’s camera man just to learn more from her.

For his family’s sake, Jimboy turns his back on Ramil and his friends and switches to Don Emilio’s side to make money. Cardo and his team embarks on a mission and arrest one of Joaquin’s suppliers who exposes Joaquin and Jacob to the CIDG.

In Bilibid, Ramil is implicated for the illegal possession of drugs in Ladronio’s attempt to use him as a scapegoat to conceal his crimes. Cardo and his team are able to intercept the shipment Joaquin is making for Mr Jonathan Wu. Due to hitches in the delivery of their drugs, Jacob comes up with a perfect solution to silence Carreon for leaking all of their secured information.

During the discharge of their duties, Alyana and Monica clash to fight over the innocence of their respective l*vers. Someone makes an attempt on Carreon’s life, leading to the death of some innocent people. Jacob and Joaquin intensify their efforts in making their lackey in prison finds where General Borja is keeping Carreon. Efforts by Jerome and Rigor to gather evidence against Monica still proves futile.

Cardo and his team ambushed Jonathan Wu during a transaction with Jacob. Jacob had a narrow escape from the police, meanwhile, Alyana tries her luck with a live news update at the expense of her life.

In Bilibid, the infiltrator, Jimboy enjoys delicious meals from the hands of Don Emilio after Jimboy sets Ramil up. Don Emilio gives Jimboy a new task that might expose him to his friends.

Desperation hits the camp of Joaquin as the police have in their grasp Jonathan Wu. Verna suggests to Joaquin to flee along with her but Joaquin is ready to rather end the life of Cardo. Elsewhere, the De Leons’ feed a street kid who eats from their trash cans.

With Alyana’s help, Cardo makes the connection between Mr Wu and Joaquin after her camera during her live report captures Jacob while he was fleeing at the meth transaction before being seen by the police. Attempt by Joaquin to entrap and k!ll Cardo and his friends fail. Cardo arrests one of Joaquin’s closest allies who is employed to k!ll Cardo. Alyana confronts Monica for revealing to Joaquin on phone how his men were k!lled by Cardo.

Joaquin then resolves to drinking and his desperate mother is willing to hold on to him. She tries to turn Jacob against Joaquin. The CIDG is tipped off that Monica has been leaking information to Joaquin the reason he continues to escape police arrest.


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