Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 210-214

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 210-214 Cardo k!lls Joaquin, security agencies fail in the mission to control terrorist attack

At the wedding celebration of Cardo and Alyana, Joaquin rolls out his vile plan to turn the joyous moment of the couple into a tragic one. However, his ev!l plot receives some hitches as an ally of Cardo discovers the bomb planted in some parts of the premise.

Certain that someone behind the scene wants to take everyone’s life and ruin Cardo and Alyana’s biggest moment, the friend of Cardo quickly spreads the information among all the cop allies of Cardo.

To prevent fear and panic or not to cause a stampede while evacuating the guests, Girona, Guzman, Rivera, Vargas, Soriano and Borja keep the issue at bay and work backdoor together with experts to detect the bombs in the area to diffuse them.

In Bilibid, an incident makes Don Emilio suspects Jimboy of betraying him. He makes an attempt to get back at the traitor only to be faced by Ramil and his companions, making it hard to reach Jimboy.

Much to Joaquin’s dismay, the bombs fail to explode when he clicks the button. Joaquin now resolves to desperate measures for him to avenge his parents especially his mother who died in his hands while saving Cardo.

In desperation, he takes to the seat of the couple’s wedding car as the driver. The couple receive a wave in the air to start a new life. Cardo, unknowingly, ushers Alyana into the car, suddenly the car turns away in full speed, giving Cardo the need for a run to save his wife who is crying desperately for help.

Girona stops a random moving motor to make Cardo race to save his bride while the cops find a car to follow suit. Joaquin sends Alyana to the location where he k!lls Ador to molest and makes an attempt to devour Alyana before ending her life. Cardo casts all his strength to find Joaquin and the two former officers fight with all bitterness. With the use of Joaquin’s weapon Cardo stabs Joaquin on the neck, leading to his d€ath.

Move by the news of his grand son’s sudden departure, Don Emilio spoils his television and becomes emotional. He swore on his blood to wreak havoc on Cardo for terminating all his family members and their businesses. Cardo who sustains a wound on his hand from the multiple stab Joaquin gave him during their fierce encounter, later, leads the family to lay a wreath on Ador’s grave as finally he has obtained justice for his twin brother.

Don Emilio broods for his loss for months and keeps the promise to make Cardo pay. He makes a decision to temporary shut down his drug smuggling business in the penitentiary but keeps giving bonuses to his allies for them to continue to be loyal to him.

The dragon and the lioness had an intimate encounter after their marriage. Soon, Alyana gets pregnant and gives birth to a son who they named as Ricky boy. As the family enlarge, Cardo makes the decision to pack out of Delfin’s mansion with his family.

They find a house in a new neighborhood which most youth are into smuggling and robbery. At the police headquarters, Guzman receives a new information about terrorists and rebel groups which have become rampant in the Northern Luzon of Philippines. The new mission of the PNP to investigate the information to help the National Military Intelligence Group and National Defense Agency, evokes the nostalgic feelings of Vargas and Rivera for Cardo.

Guzman hopes that someday Cardo will revert on his decision to join the force again. This also makes Delfin feels the absence of his grandnephew. In Pampangas, a rebel group which is into human rights with a mission to compel the government initiates better and good initiatives for the betterment of the local people emerges.

However, Lena, the daughter of Leon, leader of the rebel group is against her father’s mission as the action of the group is affecting the local people especially the children and fears for their lives and that of her son but her father is poised to fight to the end.

Meanwhile, the National Defense Agency, National Military Intelligence Group and the PNP in alliance intensify efforts to cripple the operations of terrorists and rebel groups before it extends to Manila.

After thinking about means to secure the future of his family, Cardo plans to sell his Jeep to buy passenger’s jeep and returns the one he is driving to the owner. Alyana also makes plans to continue her professional job since Ricky is almost two years old inorder to support the family.

Fast forward, Rowena is able to locate Cardo and his family to claim Onyok. According to Rowena, she owns a shop at Antonios and has a better life although she could not find her husband and her step daughter, she is now ready to start life afresh with Onyok.

It’s a painful decision for Onyok to leave Cardo to be with his mother but the kids find him as lucky. Dang and Ligaya make him realised the need to have a mother while Makmak wishes to be in Onyok shoes.

Since the rebel attacks are increasing, General Borja pays a visit to the family and advise them to stay away from over crowded places. He also discovers Rowena’s presence in the house. Cardo pleads with Rowena to take good care of Onyok and advises Onyok to study hard.

The kids bid Onyok a tearful goodbye so do the family and Borja ushers them out. Cardo is affected by Onyok’s absence as the kid means a lot to him and has passed through thick and thin with him. He wishes to have his way to keep him but he cannot deny Rowena the opportunity to be with her son after several years of being apart from him.

The rebel group increase their activities and become more confidence in the Northern province wielding endless attacks on the military. The PNP are still initiating plans to stop their attacks against the military, police and most importantly the civilians. The security are on high alerts and increases check points. Alyana reports on the issue sends shivers through the spine of Cardo as his wife might be in danger for such news.

In Bilibid, Gener stumbles on a piece of evidence, he finds out that Jimboy has been double crossing them all those while and plan with Ramil and Julian to get back at him. After an advice from Miyong, Ramil tells his allies to use Jimboy for their advantage since he knows the in and outs of Don Emilio’s business.

Don Emilio enlists Ladronio’s help to be out of prison. Ladronio knows Don Emilio is thinking of avenging Joaquin’s death after two years of laying low, he subtly denies Don Emilio’s request. After an encounter with Don Emilio, Ramil suspects the old man is plotting something against Cardo.

Alyana visits the PNP with pinggoy for a scoop on the terrorists but Guzman fails to cooperate since he doesn’t want the mission of the security services to be compromised. Soon, Cardo’s passengers are mugged and Cardo gets the culprits arrested after he fights to save his passengers. Girona tells the culprits that they messed with the wrong guy.

Elsewhere, the director of the Defense Agency littles the intel given by Diana who is from the intelligence group, both have different extremists target so the director makes Diana’s job quite tedious.

In Arayat Pampangas, the rebel group attack the military to raid their office in disguise. Flora’s eateries is attracting new customers and Flora breaks the good news to Cardo.

Don Emilio suspects that Ladronio will be promoted and knew he can’t count on him anymore. Gener informs Ramil about Don Emilio losing trust in Ladronio which Ramil’s views as a good sign to put the penitentiary in shape. Don Emilio throws a word of caution to Ladronio about his intentions to quit giving him money and pay a new person to initiate his escape plan.

Cardo keeps his good works to the society. He helps Ronnie, a young thief to turn into a new leaf. In her efforts to get a scoop with other journalists at a military’s office in Pampangas, Alyana finds herself in trouble, a rebel group raids the place to make away with the military weapons. The Military expedite action to salvage the situation.

After news of his wife’s abduction spreads, Cardo storms the rebels hideout to save Alyana and Pinggoy. Meanwhile, Leon gets stab at the back as one of his group members accepts Colonel Ernesto’s offer and recruits some of the members to go against the mission of his rebel group to bomb Manila.

Tension rises and the security agencies become desperate since their efforts are going in vein. Later, Cardo comes across some police men who are abusing the right of others and throws a word of caution to Girona for his guys action. Girona did not hesitate to bring his guys to book.


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