Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 221-225

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 221-225 Cardo saves Hipolito from rebel attack, Ricky boy and Joel die tragically during a mall explosion

Alyana becomes moody after Ricky boy prompts her about a possible affair her husband is having. She decides to find out the exact Amanda during her working hours with Pinggoy and she becomes extremely upset when she finds Amanda appealing, beautiful and attractive.

She fights with Cardo, compelling Flora to make her grandson ends his friendship with Amanda to save his marriage. In Mt Arayat, Pampanga, three members of Pulang Araw group decide to betray Romulo for the bounty but their plans together with their lives crushed down when Lena informs her father about the traitors.

The De Leons celebrate with Amor as her foreign lover shows up to ask her hand in marriage and sends her abroad. Finding out that some colleagues are giving up on Romulo and his group, Homer takes delight and plans to use the division to his advantage.

Cardo and Paco come across Gedong whose jeepney has broken down. Despite,Gedong irritating Paco, Cardo dissuades Paco from teaching him a lesson. He repairs Gedong’s jeepney for him. As the investigation on the black force heightened, Manolo rolls out schemes to ambush and attack Director Hipolito in order to shifts facts.

Cardo who saves Director Hipolito sends him home, unknown to Cardo the director was the one who planned his own attack with the help of Catindig and Capili. Now gained the public sympathy, Renato smoke the eye of the Intelligent leader, General Olegario to make her work tedious. He sets a press conference to continue to shift facts.

After days of scolding her son for his dreams of becoming a military man, General Olegario finally accepts and surprises Joel with a filled military forms from her to him.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio gains the nod from Ladronio to ran out of prison, but an unlikely ally informs Ramil about Don Emilio’s escape plan which makes Don Emilio’s plans receives some hitches to retain him in prison.

Meanwhile, Alyana pass by the mall to meet her family who are having a family outing to bid farewell to JP before he returns to Japan. However, an explosion occurs which makes Cardo races around the clock during working hours to the mall to save his family.

Unfortunately, Ricky boy and Joel died in the b0mb!ng making the Dalisays’ and the Olegario weep endlessly for their lost. At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Homer and his allies after their dirty job arrive and lie to Romulo about their whereabouts. Don Emilio meets Mangubat to introduce himself, he is planning to use Mangubat services to set the prison ablaze.

However, a news about his mortal enemy’s son who passed away from the unfortunate incident brings smiles on his face. Soon, Ricky boy is layed to rest while Alyana who has recovered and discharged from the hospital is still in denial that her son is gone.

Cardo vows to bring justice to Ricky boy so did Diana during the funeral of her son, Joel. Director Hipolito after assuring Diana and Cardo of his unwavering support to bring the culprit to book tells Catindig about his fears of Cardo being a torn in his flesh.

Elsewhere, Romulo captures Capili and confronts him for destroying the name of the Bloody Sun. He threatens to gain evidence and when he finds Capili guilty of the crime, he will end his life.

General Olegario finds an important lead about a major person who has been spotted throughout in the three places which were recently b0mbed. Cardo continues to distance himself from the family in his mission to fish out the hideout of the r3bel$ while Alyana’s parents advise her to be a pillar for her husband.

Soon, a major disturbance occurs, leading the death of many civilians. During a visit to Cardo to offer their condolences, Rigor advises Cardo to return to the force to deal with the r3bel$ himself. Cardo then pays a visit to the two-timing Director Hipolito to reinstate him in the force to help him capture those leading the riots in the country.

In Bilibid, after Ladronio explores all means to free Don Emilio and it did not work, Don Emilio befriended Mangubat to use him to his advantage. Unknown to Don Emilio who sees Mangubat as saviour to facilitate his escape, Mangubat is also seeking for temporary ally to wait for the Bloody Sun to free him from the penitentiary.


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