Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 226-230

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 226-230 Cardo and Romulo come face to face in a fight during SAF mission to attack Pulang Araw group

Director Hipolito informs Delfin about Cardo’s decision to join the force. General Olegario rushes to his grandnephew’s house to inform the family about it.

Cardo refuses to be persuaded by his family to rescind on his decision to join the force. He is determined to gain justice for his lost son and the victims of the r€bel group’s attack.

The attempt of Bloody Sun group in capturing Ernesto Capili to lead him to his group receives hitches as many of their comrades lost their lives during an unfortunate ambush by Capili’s camp. Romulo realises someone sold them out and wonders who the traitor could be.

The group holds a vigil to mourn their lost comrades while Director Hipolito and Major Catindig shares drink for outsmarting Romulo with the help of Homer. The persistence of Cardo bears fruit, finally Flora and Alyana give him their blessings for his new mission.

Cardo receives help from the PNP boss to get reinstated into the Special Action Force (SAF). He is welcomed into the force with open arms due to his tireless efforts as a great officer. However, the progress General Olegario makes in identifying Ernesto Capili as a culprit receives a set back when she leaves the work in the hands of Catindig.

Unknown to her, Catindig has already informed Capili to hide making it difficult for the NMIG to get hold of Capili. At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Romulo loses trust from his men for making the wrong decision which has led the death of many. He appoints Homer to find the traitor within their midst, making Homer cleave to his luck and makes plan to get rid of his boss soon.

Homer recruits new people into the Bloody Sun Group and begins training them, however, he ends up fighting with Anton who is telling Homer to make him train the guys instead. Romulo steps in to make Anton trains the newly recruits.This makes Roland reminds Homer that Romulo still trusts Anton more than him. However, Homer takes comfort in the fact that the loyalty of the guys he recruited lies on only him.

At NMIG, General Olegario makes another great strides in obtaining information on Homer for recruiting People to join the Bloody Sun Group. The cartographs of Homer is sent all over the media channels and he appears on front pages as wanted.

Since Homer will be needed in their major jobs, Major Catindig is informed by Director Hipolito to alert Homer about Olegario’s new intel and cautioned him to stay hidden. A major disturbance about an unknown r3bel group believed by many to be Bloody Sun at San Gabriel, Pampanga compels Cardo to unleash his wrath of his death son to singlehandedly deal with the group to save a boy and many from their hands. This makes Cardo earns the respect from many with Geraldo De la Paz and his friends gossiping about his brave nature.

Elsewhere, General Olegario leaves no stone unturned to uncover members of the Bloody Sun with her own resources and individuals without the help of Catindig. Director Hipolito visits the SAF to congratulate them on their successful mission in rescuing the people of San Gabriel.

People of San Gabriel who suffered the incident gain the sympathy of Yolly after news broke about them. Director Hipolito celebrates with Catindig for winning the hearts of many which he believes will deepen his career in politics to gain votes once he reveals his real intentions to the people.

The De Leon’s are tipped off about Councillor Gina and her corrupt activities. They plan to gather evidence against her, however, Nick and his friend blow the info to Councillor Gina. Quickly, Gina tries to cover up her deeds to clear Lola Kap and Yolly’s doubt about her.

Homer gains a new mission from Catindig along with his job as a traitor. Realising how Cardo is going against the service’s law, Delfin visits to remind him of his service to the nation not a revenge service to his son. The visit of Delfin makes De la Paz realises why Cardo becomes cocky in his dealings.

Soon, General Olegario sets eyes on Capili at a bank. She races after him and ambush him, leading to a sh00t out. Olegario cornered Capili and force him to talk, unfortunately an unlikely ally k!lls Capili in her hand for him to die with the truth.

Director Hipolito’s anguish capsizes realising Catindig has taken cared of the mess created. He goes ahead to pose off as a good director who is seeking for justice. Believing that General Olegario is multiple steps ahead of them in her investigation to find the connection between Capili, ex military men and the Bloody Sun Group, Catindig employs someone to keep tabs on her.

After 40 days of losing their loved ones, a programme is held in a church for the three prominent individuals whose lives were lost during the series of b0mbings in Manila. Alyana took coverage of the event and also narrated how Ricky boy was caught in the incident so did General Olegario.

As the SAF force are getting ready to invade the hideout of the Pulang Araw camp, Katrina Valasco expresses concern and Dela Paz rushes to tell Valasco to stay glued to him for maximum protection during the mission, sensing the girl’s interest in Cardo.

At Mt Arayat, Pampanga, Lena who has been wanting to flee the camp with Emman gathers their things. The group plans to pack out from the camp to Zambeles but they got ambushed by the SAF personnel. Cardo in disguise infiltrates the place but before he could leave, Romulo sees him and they fought.

The military k!lls many of the r3bel members compelling them to leave to another place. Alyana gets to the SAF camp for an interview and she gets reunited with her husband as he reveals the unfortunate news that Romulo has managed to flee.

General Olegario makes it a mandate to do everything she could to find Romulo while Cardo promises her son to do whatever to get hold of Romulo once again to make him pay for what he has done against them. Elsewhere, Romulo stumbles on a samaritan to help his injured camp members.


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