Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 231-235

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 231-235 Bloody Sun k!lls 50 SAF commandos in a bloody encounter

The SAF troopers receive instructions on a mission which when delivered successfully a trooper will gain a vacation to be with a family. General Olegario orders his men to find more information about Romulo Dumaguit.

The death of Aurora and many comrades make Lena becomes more scared about what will happen to them should they keep fighting. However, Romulo is not ready to back down even in their new hideout.

Captain Gina tries to win the heart of the De Leon’s with her offer of gifting him something special in gaining publicity for Cardo in his home coming after a successful mission.

Realising their samaritans have discovered their secret, Romulo and his comrades race with time to Mt Karago for shelter. The samaritans who had ratted the r3bel group out to the soldiers return to witness a surprise.

Meanwhile the neighbours welcome Cardo home and he meets Maraquit and Dexter. General Olegario visits Cardo to call a truce to remind him of their togetherness to end the r3bels’ mission. Feeling threatened by General Olegario findings, Director Hipolito rolls a vicious plan through Catindig.

However, General Olegario survives a death trap set for her, leading Catindig to be upset with the rest of his assassins who survived Diana’s bullet. Elsewhere, Romulo meets the founder of the Bloody Sun Group, who is known as the Father.

The group makes plans to recruit men to get on their feet to face Director Hipolito head on. The new environment makes Rodan doubts Homer’s dream of becoming the group leader but Homer insists on them to keep pretending to be loyal to the Bloody Sun

Director Hipolito resort to cunning tactics to win the trust of Olegario while Delfin and his team initiate investigations to find out the brain behind the attack on Olegario. Cardo secures a map which will lead the SAF to the new camp of the r3bels.

General Olegario gives Delfin an intel about a traitor in the NMIG spearheading the attacks. Quinto reveals a sad story of his past while Dela Paz thanks Cardo for saving his life. The SAF tropers put aside their differences to collaborate, support and watch eachother’s back in their fight for the country.

Meanwhile, the authorities discover Don Emilio’s illegal business in the penitentiary and Director Ladronio is confronted and threatened to face the law if their investigation in the involvement of him in the sale of illegal drugs in Bilibid turn out positive.

Allies of Ramil make fun of Don Emilio when his activities get exposed, but the old man is still poised on making Mangubat to carry on the plan to b0mb the penitentiary for his escape.

Director Hipolito turns out to be a former member of the Bloody Sun and his current position is made possible by the Bloody Sun Group. Romulo threatens to rat him out if he fails to come clean to the public concerning the activities of the noble group. However, Diana Olegario plays mind games with the traitor by revealing to the staff about the traitor who knows himself within their midst.

As Catindig begins to shiver, Director Hipolito calms his nerves. The SAF troopers are propelled by Director Hipolito to crash the Bloody Sun group. While he also reveals himself to his former group members to make them believe that he is making up for his wrong past by leaking to them information about the SAF troopers who will soon infiltrate their hideout.

Renato now becomes happy by turning the two forces against eachother for bloody encounter. Soon, the SAF commandos fall into the trap of the Bloody Sun and they lost almost all their men. Cardo survives a bullet from Homer while Quinto, Dela Paz and Velasco are held as captives. In his quest to seek for help, Cardo stumbles upon a camp where he changes his uniform for him not to be identified by his sworn enemies.

He leaves the camp and prays for another opportunity in life, meanwhile the intelligence boss, Diana Olegario who monitors the SAF war with the Bloody Sun at the NDA office, later holds a meeting to call out the traitor who completed his batch with Ernesto Capili.

However, an innocent person is being investigated as the suspect, making Major Catindig heave a sigh of relief to continue f00ling his boss.

As the PNP and the intelligence group are worried over the SAF troopers, the unconscious Cardo is saved by Romulo and is sent to their camp. There, Cardo wakes up to reveal himself as Fernan, a hunter who is caught in between a gun fight and sustains a gun wound.

Fast forward, Dela Paz and his comrades are taken away to a different place where they would continue being captives. The soldiers retrieve the bodies of their men after the war. Unfortunately, there are no survivors among the bodies retrieved. Elsewhere, Paco faces the swindlers who are initiating Counselor Gina’s corrupt orders.

Being consumed with fear by the news, Delfin and Diana run to uncover the face of the bodies only to find out that Dalisay is not among them, making them clinch to the belief that the experienced officer is still alive. Alyana during her coverage discovers that her husband is part of the missing troopers and is positive that he is still alive. Diana makes it a point to keep the identity of the four SAF commandos who are missing to keep them alive.

The press conference held by the NDA makes the De Leons’ panic for the missing Cardo, however Alyana and Delfin assure Flora of Cardo and his comrades safety, believing he will soon be found. As some of the members of the Bloody son including Father doubting Cardo, Romulo become fond of Cardo.

Lena who nurses him reveals the group’s mission and activities to him. Cardo soon recovers and the two leaders, Father and Romulo contemplate on what to do with him. As Romulo wants to leave Cardo to be reunited with his family, Father is scared that Cardo will rat them out.

The closeness of Lena to Cardo gets Anton jealous while Homer fuels his heart for him to be continued to be jealous. A neighbour alerts the group of a possible infiltrator in their midst.

Cardo plans to stay in the camp for a particular period of time to plan and execute his revenge. Although he knows his family might be worried but he is not ready to give up his mission yet until justice is obtained.

A state burial is carried out for the 50 SAF commandos who perished in their last mission against Bloody Sun.


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