Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 256-260

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 256-260 Dela Paz, Velasco declare Cardo dead, Alyana sees Cardo with Lena and Emman

Major Manolo Catindig rushes to cover up for a mess he created. He clashes with his assassin to silence him once and for all for Olegario not to blow his and Renato’s cover. Sandro Dominbi also known as Amano has already thought about it that Catindig will one day betray him so he gathered evidence against his boss. However, he loses his life in a bloody encounter with Manolo.

Elsewhere, Marikit incites Dexter to think ail of Cardo due to the bad publications against him. Soon, Flora confronts her for turning Dexter against the family. Marikit changes her character and asks for forgiveness.

At Mt Karagao, Fernan discovers Homer’s new camp and the fire arms he has acquired to kick-start his venom rebel group. He goes to see the two surviving SAF troopers and asks Dela Paz of his wound. He makes it clear to them that their lives are in danger and he has to make them escape the place as soon as possible.

Anton plans to follow Tadpole and Earthworm to discover Fernan’s secret. He later visits Lena to check on Emman who has run a fever. Lena expresses happiness on the friendship Anton and Homer have built with Fernan. However, Anton plans to expose Fernan for them to know his true colours.

Alyana encounters problem in her line of duty as she suffers public protest for her criminal husband she has kept safe. Soon, Hipolito and Manolo sabotage Olegario’s findings on Ricardo Dalisay’s past successful mission and uses it to their own advantage of tarnishing his image.

With the order of Renato, Manolo breaks the ghetto of Amano to clear all evidence that will lead to them. Manolo encounters a setback as the police together with Olegario ambush the house. Fortunately, or unfortunately he is able to escape through a window but hits by a bullet from Olegario’s gun on his right hand during his run. This makes the CIDG and Olegario’s investigation reach a dead end.

Paco gets into a fight with other Jeepney riders in his attempt to protect the image of Cardo. He is locked up at the precinct for his action. Homer, Anton and allies call Fernan up for a drink just to obtain information from him whether he helped to free the troopers.

Romulo becomes suspicious of Cardo and begins to follow him up after constantly seeing him going out of the camp with a sark with food in it. Fernan manages to flee from the sight of Romulo. At the NDA office, Olegario doubts that the person she shot is Sandro.

The CIDG also has the same doubt so Delfin asks Guzman to obtain the CCTV footage of the area while Catindig brings a document of an intel that suggests that no one has ever seen the personality of that ex-military man just to blur the search for the truth.

At the precinct, Alyana bails Paco but another charge is filed against him so he is detained. Hearing his father is nabbed, Paquito rushes to the precinct and finds it hard to leave with Alyana. He insists on Jerome and Rigor to set his father free. Fernan gives the food and medicine to his friends and urges them to leave.

He tells his friends that his mission is not accomplished as he has received an information that there is someone in government who is protecting the Bloody Sun and their dealings so he will find the person before leaving the camp. His friends leave the place and Cardo destroys the structure.

Cardo returns to the camp to inform Tadpole and Earthworm that his friends have escaped, hoping they will be safe and find their way out of the woods. Fernan checks on Emman, he tells Lena that if the fever doesn’t subside they will have to send Emman to hospital. Still in the woods late at night, Velasco suggests to Dela Paz that they should find somewhere to rest as they might return to the same spot.

Refusing her suggestion, Dela Paz carries on with the journey with her. The next day, the hopes of Dela Paz is built when he feels they are closer to the river. Elsewhere, Director Hipolito assigns new body guards to Olegario just to know her every movement in order to know the time to strike her. Olegario on the other hand thinks her lover cares for her welfare and safety, hence his action.

The life of the two troopers is threatened when the rebels set eyes on them and blow the trumpet at the camp. All the Bloody Sun members run after the escapees.

After their lives are put on the line, Fernan intervenes to save them from the bomb of Homer but Anton is not swayed, he keeps bombing the escapees. The two SAF troopers manage to escape through the river they jumped from the high mountain into. Their prayers are heard as they escape the clutches of the Bloody Sun to make it down the mountains into the street where Velasco faints.

Dela Paz who has a bullet wound also has to bear the burden of carrying his girlfriend along the line. Help come on the way for them as some samaritans save them and rush them to the nearest hospital. Meanwhile, Paquito can’t sleep without his father so Alyana volunteers to sleep with him and the kids while they wait for Paco to be released.

Manolo once again is able to escape justice. He pays someone to temper the CCTV footage which captures his face at Sandro’s house. Olegario after seeing the blur footage has her own suspicions. Fernan realises is just a matter of time for his cover to be blown and plans to intensify his investigation to fish out his son’s killer and the protector of the Bloody Sun. He receives a threat message from Romulo which gingers his spirit to revenge his son’s k!ller.

Olegario sends details of her findings which are mere suspicions to Delfin and the police officer is alarmed to see Catindig as the mole. Unknown to Olegario, Hipolito knows she is keeping her suspicion about Catindig from him so he assigns Catindig to hack into the computer of Olegario to find out what she knows.

Manolo who has already planned to expose Director Hipolito if he continues to get on his nerve just obeyed Hipolito and pays someone to do the dirty job. In rolling his plans, Fernan apologises to Homer and Anton, insisting that it was an accident and he acted on the principles of the group to keep innocent people alive not necessarily to help the troopers to escape.

Romulo warns Lena against Fernan and he doesn’t want Fernan to get close to Emman but Lena refuses to side with her father. Dela Paz makes a call to Dela Rosa to come for him and Po3 Velasco at Santa Barbara hospital closer to Mt Karagao. Delfin receives the intel and informs Olegario for them to fetch the two troopers from the provincial hospital, only to receive the news that Catindig is ahead of them and has taken the troopers with him.

Director Hipolito after questioning the two troopers to obtain information leads the SAF troopers to address the media. Since, the two troopers are not ready to sabotage Cardo and his mission, they resolve to an unpredictable decision to save the image of their friend from the government official who is responsible for SAF’s predicament.

They reveal that Quinto is beheaded and Ricardo Dalisay is shot to death. The news makes the Dalisay family mourn for their lost. However, Alyana still believes that her husband is alive. At Mt Karagao Emman’s ailment becomes worse so Fernan in the company of Lena, Tadpole and Earthworm rush him to the nearest hospital.

Emman is responding to treatment and is recovering fast at the hospital. Alyana enlists the help of Pinggoy in the search for her husband close to Mt Karagao. Pinggoy gets sick in the process and she rushes him to the same hospital where Cardo and Lena are.

Worried about the safety of Emman and Lena, since no news is received on them, Romulo in the company of Anton and many rush to the hospital. There, someone sees him and call the SAF troopers. Alyana sights Cardo the moment Pinggoy is in the washroom but couldn’t find him anymore.

She calls Delfin to inform him and Delfin warns her to leave the place as the SAF troopers are on their way there. Pinggoy tries all he could to go out with Alyana but she is bent on finding Cardo. The hospital is in chaos. After receiving tip off about the presence of the SAF troopers, Fernan leaves the hospital with Emman and Lena.

Romulo and Anton on the other hand engage in shoot out with the SAF and escape. In the midst of the chaos, Alyana sighted Cardo again. Director Hipolito celebration and happiness over the death of Cardo is short lived as the media begins to make him unpopular, compelling him to take a drastic measures to deal with the situation.

The news of Cardo being alive reaches him but he is in denial, thinking Alyana is psychologically affected by the death of Cardo and her child. In clearing all the doubts in the head of the security officers, Dela Paz and Velasco are called again and they insist on their word that Cardo is dead.

The family of Cardo also believe Alyana is in denial. Alyana informs her parent and believes Cardo is in another woman’s arms.

Meanwhile, Hipolito goes on with his damage control plan to make him look like the hero again. Manolo makes a call to Homer who is on a mission with his allies to robb a bank to equip his venom group. Homer accepts the job and Fernan overhears their conversation and decide to monitor them where they will be going the next day. Fernan is soon joined by Lena when he is keeping watch.

While Alyana cries demanding the presence of her husband to get the marriage going, Cardo receives a passionate k!$$ from Lena much to his surprise as he sips a coffee.


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