Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 261-265 

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 261-265 Fernan unknowingly detonates bomb at De Silver’s campaign event, Cardo discovers the k!ller of Ricky boy

As Alyana remains paranoid, Flora advises the family to understand what Alyana is going through to help her overcome it. Paco is not enthused that Alyana is believing the worse that Cardo is with another woman, reason he abandons her.

Director Renato Hipolito tries to rubbish Alyana’s claims of Cardo being alive but Brigadier General Diana Olegario sides with Alyana just to build her hopes high to rely on Cardo in unravelling the truth about the rebel group.

Director Hipolito embarks on damage control mission to help a clinic by refurnishing it to meet the health care needs of the people. While Fernan makes attempt to spy on Homer and his group who are assigned to guard the camp, Romulo refrains Fernan from stepping outside the camp.

Elsewhere, Alyana vents her anger on Dela Paz and Velasco for lying just to protect Cardo to be with his side chick. Alyana decides to live with her parents since her problems just piling up. Alyana bids emotional farewell to the kids and asks them to be good and follow every advice of Grandma Flora.

Hearing about the woes of Alyana, Captain Gina celebrates and describes the feeling of Alyana as Karma’s way of pulling the journalist down for threatening to monitor all her activities. Teddy and his wife receive their daughter home. As Teddy wants Alyana to consume with fury for Cardo being with another woman to deter her from investigating where her husband is, his wife believes Alyana hasn’t come to terms with the death of Cardo.

As ordered, Homer and his venom group members set part of Manila ablaze. Delfin also intensifies efforts in finding those close to Sandro Dominbi as Diana advises him to secure all the contacts found on Sandro’s phone, suspecting that one number might be that of Catindig.

At Mt Karagao, Romulo advises Lena to deal with her feelings for Fernan and concentrate on Anton who actually l0ved her but she refuses.  Romulo later thanked Fernan for his help in taking care of Emman and reminds Fernan that he will obtain the justice he wants for the boy he lost. At camp Crame, Guzman informs General Borja about the intel of the b0mb explosion so they rush to the location.

Meanwhile, Homer and allies pull a fast one on some men they did the job with for the police to corner them and k!ll them in a bloody encounter. The news spreads quickly and Alyana has an emotional breakdown while listening to the news and pins the blame on Bloody Sun even before the investigation points to the group. She blames Cardo but her mother is against Alyana’s action and mean words against Cardo.

At the crime scene, Hipolito arrives and proves himself as the hero. He is able to prove to the public that the NMIG, NDA and the CIDG have done a massive job for obtaining justice for the victims since they manage to k!ll some members of the Bloody Sun after they discovered a flag of Pulang Araw on those k!lled.

Least did the CIDG know that the intel NDA receives was part of a bigger plan by Hipolito to make it seems that the police arrive on time before the perpetrators get away. Actually it is Catindig who makes that anonymous call to the NDA office to alert them on the intention of some individuals spotted at the crime scene.

Catindig also pays some individuals who pose off as police men to mix up with the CIDG  officers just to k!ll the guys Homer f00led. This  makes it seem like the police engage the bad guys in a shoot out to ensure none survive to protect Hipolito’s scheme of winning the public trust.

Homer returns to the camp to inform Romulo that he was patrolling at the river side. Meanwhile, some of the men who were patrolling with him have already inform Domingo and Romulo that Homer was not there. Fernan steps in to provide an alibi for him. This makes him earn Homer’s trust. He starts to go to the usual spots Homer goes and flirts around with girls.

Homer seeing all that about Fernan makes him trust him even more. He now believes Fernan is like him and also interested in money. Roldan sees Fernan as an asset than Anton and advises Homer to join Fernan into the venom. At the bar, those Homer had messed up with  before execute their revenge and Fernan saves Homer’s life when one throws a knife to k!ll Homer.

Meanwhile, Anton is still counting on Homer’s words of just pretending to like Fernan. Emman asks his mother to make Fernan becomes his father. The news of the good deeds of Director Hipolito spreads and James assures Olegario that Hipolito has won his vote.

Olegario’s conscience is full of doubts about the rebels staying at the crime scene till the arrival of the police. She believes they would have run after detonating the bombs and finds the whole story as part of a bigger scheme. She works herself out to fish out the truth. Since none of them survived, they are back to square one. She intensifies actions with General Borja to find something to incriminate Catindig as she suspects his involvement in the whole issue surrounding Sandro and the rebel attack.

Director Hipolito calls Catindig to prompt him not to let his guards down as he suspects Olegario and Borja investigating them at the dark side and alerts Catindig to find detail account on everything Olegario is doing.

Diana calls one of the numbers of Sandro and she hears it ring at the parking basement. She checks around and Catindig hid himself. He off the phone and fled to the office. Olegario returns to the office to check on the CCTV footage but she did not find any evidence that will clarify her suspicions. Unknown to her, Catindig has paid the guy whose work is to monitor the footage to temper with it in blotting out where the camera captured him.

She later informs General Borja, one thing for certain is that the phone rang at the NMIG which suggests the culprit is at her office. She is positive that Catindig is the one and keeps her suspicions from Hipolito.

At Mt Karagao, Fernan, Tadpole and Earthworm witness Anton having an argument with Homer, demanding him to choose between him and Fernan. After being talked to to also get Anton busy, Romulo sends Anton on an errand to get medicine and food. Homer also tests Fernan’s loyalty by ordering him to confiscate the items.

Fernan attacks Anton’s group to get the medicine and food for the venom. Anton rushes to the camp to lie that they were attacked by the police and Soldiers so they left the food and medicine behind. Fernan is officially declared as member of the venom. Not happy with his action against Anton, Fernan’s enlists the help of Tadpole and Earthworm to make up to Anton.

Elsewhere, Catindig shoots the staff who monitors the CCTV at the NMIG and orders for his body to be disposed.

Alyana after thinking over her actions deeply decides to return to Flora’s house. Captain Gina goes to Flora’s house to deliver fruits to the family since they are passing through rough time. She finds out that Alyana has returned much to her surprise.

Meanwhile, the CIDG discovers unknown faces who pose off as Police officers during the encounter with supposed deceased rebels at where the b0mb exploded. Olegario concludes that someone paid the people to fire the supposed rebels to cover up for someone. Olegario then advises General Borja not to  disclose all the hidden information to Hipolito since she did not know who to trust.

With a new mission for the venom in Manila, Homer receives a set back and since he now trusts Fernan he makes Fernan carry out the mission in Manila. Cardo now travels to Manila. He uses the opportunity to meet with Dela Paz and he informs them that he is carrying an errand for Homer.

He explains that he has be friended him just to infiltrate his venom camp to know more about his dealings. Through that,Cardo says he discovers that the Bloody Sun receives a tip off about the SAF’s attack and prepares ahead to defeat them.

Cardo pledges that he will not stop till he finds the face behind all the suffering of the people. Dela Paz informs Cardo that the public thinks he is dead but Alyana and Flora have refused to believe it. Velasco knows Cardo’s family is going through a rough time especially Alyana as she claims she saw him at the hospital in Santa Barbara during the SAF and rebels encounter.

Cardo goes to spy on Flora and also goes to the cemetery. He later goes to Alyana’s workplace to spy on her but Alyana eventually caught him. She asks about the woman she saw him with and he denies having anything to do with her. He urges Alyana to continue to stay put till he finishes his mission as he is a step close to finding the culprit behind their son’s death.

Although Alyana tries to make him see the need to return to his family as they are worried but Cardo is bent on accomplishing his mission. He later carries out his mission in Manila and waits at where he is told to wait, hoping to see the government official working with Homer but a different person arrives and delivers a bag. Cardo is told to deliver the bag to senator Mateo De Silver who will be delivering a campaign speech at the facility.

Cardo sends the bag and pass through the security check only to discover that the bag contains a bomb. The security officers alert the people gathered at the venue for the campaign event and they begin to flee but Cardo quickly throws the bomb at where no one will gets hurt. Elsewhere, Director Hipolito is hoping to see the senator die during his campaign but his hopes are crashed when he discovers the incidence has rather gone a long way to uplift the image of De Silver.

Cardo manages to escape after the senator and his men together with the security shoot and run after him. His skills as an officer helps him as he lands on top of a bus to flee from his pursuers. Alyana never stops blowing the cover of Cardo to his former police colleagues that her husband is in Manila and believes he was the one who helps to clear off the bomb and wants to know how he is.

She later reveals to General Borja that Cardo is the who detonates the bomb since the description of the eyewitness fits what she saw Cardo wearing. Fortunately, there is no CCTV camera at the venue where the incident happened. Filled with rage, Fernan arrives at Mt Karagao to meet his two allies waiting for him.

He confesses that he did something terrible but he manages to secure the lives of the people at the event, something no one ever did for his son. He is now certain that Homer’s group is behind the death of Ricky boy.

He returns to the camp to inform Romulo that he went down Mt Karagao to patrol the area. This makes Anton jealous that Fernan is being seen as hero again. He blames himself since he screwed up when Romulo gave him a task and couldn’t deliver.

Fernan that night dreams about Ricky boy and wakes up in foul mood. Lena tries to provide a shoulder for him to lean on but he walks out on her, determined to hit Homer hard. Meanwhile, Homer is confronted by Catindig for screwing up. Catindig threatens not to give any job again as Homer fails to tell him that a different person will carry out the job.

At the NDA office, Hipolito gives Manolo a new task to fish out the bad past or issues about De Silver to ruin his reputation. Elsewhere, De Silver is enthused about the various reportage on him. He plans to use his media contacts to continue leveraging on the incident to his advantage.


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