Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 270-274

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 270-274 Don Emilio gains his freedom, Director Hipolito is beaten mercilessly for putting a bounty of 10million on Romulo’s head

In their quest to find answers to the attack on the Bloody Sun, General Olegario and General Borja visit Director Hipolito to ask whether he gave the hint to the SAF troopers. He admits it but turns the table against Olegario and Delfin for failing to inform him about Ricardo Dalisay being alive.

He tells Olegario and Borja to be the one to take the fall should anything happens to Dalisay during the encounter. Alyana adds her voice to it, pleading for Hipolito to make the troopers retreat but he insists that it is too late to make such an order.

Meanwhile, Dalisay bids emotional goodbye to the camp members. On his way down to the mountain, he sets eyes on the troopers and rushes back to save the group due to the innocent people.

The troopers launch an attack and the two camps engage in war, leading the death of Hawk, Lena and Emman. Fernan protective strength fails as he wakes up to find the two important individuals in his life die. In order to throw dust into the eyes of the police and the intelligent boss, Director Hipolito secretly takes a trip to Mt Karagao making them believe he is there to stop the troopers.

He instructs the troopers’ commander to wipe out the rebel group entirely. Hipolito’s heart palpitate when he hears that Dalisay is spotted fighting at the side of the rebels. After the survivors settle, Romulo learns of Hawk, Lena and Emman’s death and blames Fernan for the death of his daughter and grandson.

Joining the pieces together, he realises that Dalisay is no other than Fernan, compelling the trooper to reveal his real identity to the camp. Romulo calls out a fight between him and Fernan for betraying him but Fernan assures that he has nothing to do with the attack and nothing will make him fight the commander. The two settle their differences in a fight on a rock.

Recalling all the moments they fought side by side to bring down various notorious groups, Romulo calls a truce and points out Homer and Venom as the common enemy and not Cardo. The two decide to work together before Homer attacks Cardo’s family. Hipolito’s dreams of being a Senator and President hit the rocks when the troopers fail to eliminate Cardo and Romulo.

He orders for them to be k!lled while Alyana runs from work to Mt Karagao in the company of Pinggoy to plead with Hipolito to spare the life of her husband. The director manages to f00l her once more while he carries out his devious plans using the SAF. In Bilibid, Don Emilio is sets free and bids final goodbye to Ramil and his group while he threatens them, thinking Cardo is dead.

Senator De Silva goes for Don Emilio to send the old man to a new house which Don Emilio through his lawyer acquired to get the other 50million cash in physical. The two plan to continue working together. While Don Emilio is ready to fuel De Silva’s political ambitions with the proceeds from his meth till he becomes the President, De Silva in return will also protect his illegal drug businesses.

In Bilibid, Ramil crushes the hopes of Don Emilio’s lackeys of the old man getting them out of the hell home. Meanwhile, Cardo, Romulo and Anton take a trip to Manila. They send Tadpole and Earthworm ahead to find a place from a former Bloody Sun member, Rat for them to stay. Unknown to the rebels, Rat and his children make living from stealing.

Hipolito succeeds in his plans in getting the heart of the public. He gains various donations and those who were willing to donate for De Silva all turned to him. However, Cardo’s arrival in Rat’s house brings back horrible memories of a guy he once k!lled since he was a criminal.

At the NMIG, Manolo plans to get rid of Olegario and Hipolito to occupy the position as the intelligence boss. Least did he know that Hipolito is also plotting against him for revealing to Delfin about the SAF’s mission.

Since De Silva is loosing the trust from the public’s eyes, he decides to return to the country his family, something Hipolito lacks to appeal to the public while Don Emilio promises to be his campaign manager. In ensuring his win, Don Emilio begins to monitor the activities of De Silva’s rival and answers Hipolito in his own language of bombing.

Hipolito’s camp is thrown into a state of shock when the Director’s downfall rolls right in front of his eyes at his own headquarters, making him a mockery at the sight of the public. Hearing the bad news, Homer believes Leon is the mastermind and he is already in Manila under the protection of Dalisay’s family.

De Silva takes delight in the vicious plan Don Emilio rolled from his sleeves that has gone a long way to make Hipolito looks untrustworthy. The act cripples Hipolito’s fame of crushing down the Bloody Sun and makes him suffer financial losses as donors withdraw their aid from his political campaign.

When the bombing incident at Hipolito’s party headquarters goes viral, Cardo reveals to his comrades his wife, Alyana Dalisay who read the news. In the car while riding, Roldan watches the news and tells his friends about Cardo’s wife. Pilo sees that Cardo and Homer share equal taste for women.

The anguish in Hipolito’s heart increases and points the accusing finger at Romulo. Elsewhere, Rat’s daughter tries to get back at Cardo for k!lling her criminal brother but the plans backfires. De Silva makes Don Emilio a strong weapon in his campaign to ensure his win. Hipolito deepens actions to find Romulo through Cardo’s family.

Homer hires a goon to tail Alyana. Later, Cardo jumps over the wall to get home to meet his family to assure them of his safety but his mission is not yet accomplished so he returned to the rebels and asks his family to remain silence of his existence.

Meanwhile, Romulo’s search for Homer proves futile. Director Hipolito has an urgent press conference to provide 10million reward for anyone who can lead him to Romulo Dumaguit.

Realising his former brother has betrayed him, Romulo haunts down Hipolito. While keeping a goon at Flora’s house to keep watch for the return of Dalisay, Homer buys himself a new car and celebrates with his lackeys. He flaunts wealth and has a feel of any woman he likes. Rat’s wife and daughter decide to rat Romulo and his rebels out for the bounty.

Fast Forward, Leon and his rebels cornered Hipolito and beat the director mercilessly to take revenge for betraying the group after they funded his education to get him to that position. Romulo expected him to protect the group but he left his sworn duty to the group due to power and greed.

As Hipolito begs for his life, Don Emilio plans to make De Silva rises on top while he sinks Hipolito’s image to an unrecognisable loser.


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