Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 280-284

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 280-284 Senator De Silva’s henchmen k!ll Bert, the CIDG leads a manhunt for Homer

Being betrayed by their helper, the rebel group heaves a sigh of relief when Happy finds an abandoned train as shelter for them to temporarily hide. Elsewhere, Mr Bert and Bruno are worried about the group and prayed for their safety.

Senator De Silva is pushed to the edge when the news about the death of Justice Roma’s drug addict son goes viral. Scared that the judge who set Don Emilio free will rat him out, De Silva together with Don Emilio and his allies force to make a decision to hide their little secret with Justice Roma.

Plagued by guilt, Regine and Dulce help Bert and Bruno to find Cardo and the rebels, who seek shelter at the abandoned train station. As the group strives to settle, Cardo meets with his former colleagues from the CIDG to ask of their help in locating Homer’s hideout.

Soon, Diana and Delfin receive a vital information on the employer of the ex-military men involved in the Bloody Sun’s case. After permanently silencing Justice Roma, Mateo joins the hunt for the Bloody Sun Group to catch-up to Renato in the sensational ratings.

As Cardo is working desperately to find Homer and the government official backing his group, Renato threatens Delfin in his line of duty while he plans another bombing to completely destroy Romulo and Cardo’s reputation. The De Leons find themselves yet in another trouble as Captain Gina sets them up in hopes of getting them behind bars.

As fate will have it, Bert and Bruno come across Cardo and Romulo together with the Bloody Sun members in one of their endeavours to ask them to return to the house. Cardo and Romulo decline Bert and his son’s invitation to return to the Manalos for the family’s sake.

Little did they know that the group’s safety is at greater risk as Mateo plans to ensnare the Bloody Sun to save his declining publicity. Elsewhere, Homer and his gang keep on chilling going from club to club, eating all sorts of meals and jubilate for having freedom to do whatever they please while Cardo and Romulo can’t even appear in public since they are wanted.

Cardo and the Bloody Sun together with his CIDG and PNP allies launch their separate manhunt for the Scorpion group who are responsible for all the b0mbings in the Metro Manila.

Getting a lead about her son’s real killer, Olegario makes a call to Jerome making a request to see Cardo on an evidence she has stumbled upon. In Camp Crame, Guzman has successfully fished out the profile about Homer and he turns out to be a fugitive who is earlier sent to prison with a charge of possessing illegal firearms.

Meanwhile, Homer stages yet another bombing despite his lackeys’ doubt about Hipolito. Captain Gina fails to intimidate Grandma Flora and her family, forcing her and her minions to regroup.

Following the sudden attack on their home by Senator De Silva’s men, Bert’s family and friends mourn his death as Cardo vows to give justice to the kind Samaritan, Bert. Elsewhere, Renato puts Manolo in charge of the investigation on the group that k!lled Bert.

Sensing his grandnephew will be in trouble for the death of Bert, General Borja enlists Olegario’s help to find the group behind the attack on the bereaved family.

In the camp of the Senator, Don Emilio devises a trap to capture Cardo while Alvaro questions Don Emilio’s intentions. Renato turns the situation to his advantage by making it on the news with another accusations that will shut the Bloody Sun Group forever.

He holds a press conference to blame Bloody Sun for the attack that k!lled Bert. Unable to contain herself from the suffering brought about by the false allegations made against Cardo, Alyana comes into her husband’s defence and berates Renato on live television.

Meanwhile, Cardo and his fellow fugitives successfully fend off the henchmen send by Don Emilio and Senator De Silva. Fearing their enemies will seek retribution by k!lling Bert’s family, they return to Sitio Kasangga to convince Bruno and Regine to pack up their bags and leave with them.


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