Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 285-289

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 285-289 Romulo and Cardo find Homer’s hideout, Alyana publishes demeaning content against Senator De Silva

An intense gunfight erupts between members of the Bloody Sun and Senator De Silva’s men. Amid all the chaos, Cardo and the members of the Bloody Sun manage to escape, but the Senator’s younger brother, Victor, is left seriously wounded.

Elsewhere, while Billy and his team are busy searching for Homer, Diana and Delfin try to find out why Mateo went after Cardo and the Bloody Sun.

Both Delfin and Renato unsuccessfully attempt to get hold of Mateo, who is unrolling his own plans after an encounter with the rebels that left his brother gravely injured. Taking advantage of the situation, the Senator calls for a press conference to present himself as the people’s protector, and to further villainise Cardo and the Bloody Sun.

Homer’s group has grown more careless as they indulge themselves in Manila. Unbeknownst to them, Cardo and his allies are getting closer and closer to tracking them down. Alyana and Delfin express their grievances with Senator De Silva, who publicly accused Cardo of shooting his brother.

With their image being tainted by their enemies, Cardo, Romulo, and the rest of the Bloody Sun set off to find and eliminate Homer’s group once and for all. Their search leads them to a high-end gentleman’s club, where Homer is meeting up with a shady politician, and a new obsession named Bubbles.

Romulo and the Bloody Sun members’ efforts pay dividends as they manage to find Scorpion’s hideout. There, they witness Homer’s mischievous acts along with his fellow venom members. Soon, Cardo departs the warehouse to visit a person close to his heart.

Wondering where Cardo is, the Bloody Sun members return to Homer’s mansion in hopes of discovering the identity of the government official who has been protecting them. Meanwhile, a visitor catches Billy by surprise as she offers to help him in proving Cardo’s innocence.

Alyana publishes a write-up on Mateo regarding the Senator’s failed attempt to capture the Bloody Sun. However, Mateo conducts an outreach programme for the children of the Bloody Sun’s victims to divert the public’s attention away from an ongoing investigation against him.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Bloody Sun learn that Cardo left their hideout without saying a word. As the rebels desperately try to find their missing comrade, Emilio and Mateo start putting their respective plans into motion to force Cardo to come out of hiding.


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