Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 322-326

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 322-326 Cardo saves Becky and the Flower Power Girls from foreign rapists, Manolo employs a nurse to k!ll Romulo, Marco commits suicide over Alyana’s indignation

Cardo in an elaborate plan infiltrate San Rafael Hospital with George in disguise. Unknown to him, Andy is given the privilege by General Borja to look after Romulo.

Hipolito is also using the privilege Manolo has in investigating the incident to his advantage to make Manolo finally silence Romulo before the r£bel leader spills the beans out.

Feeling defeated by the news of the first lady, Marissa rocking the red gown better than the second lady, Catherine pushes her husband to the wall. Seething with rage, Vice President Lucas jabs his wife to have married Oscar when she had the chance. That, will have made her gain the spotlight.

In disguise as a nurse and doctor, Cardo stumbles on Borja and decides to secretly follow his grandpa to know Romulo’s ward. However, Catindig find these two suspicious health practitioners and run after them.

In the midst of their run, Cardo bumps into Andy and the nurse help the vigilantes escape the hospital through the fire exit. Meanwhile, Paco and Elmo are caught by Captain Gina and are arrested for unlawful entry and trespassing.

Plea by Marikit and Yolly to set the two free fall on deaf ears and Yolly has to use her life savings to post bail for Elmo and Paco. While the town’s people encourage Captain Gina to get Paco and Elmo arrested again, Gina plans to pull another vicious plan under her sleeve.

Homer successfully buys illegal firearms from distribution group led by Brandon, the congressman. After his lawless act, Brandon indulge in charity project to cover his antics.

Motivated by his misunderstanding with Catherine, Lucas chastise the president with his approach of solving issues threatening the national security during cabinet meeting. This compels Oscar to employ under handed tactics in solving it.

Elsewhere, Homer and few of his group members storm the former hideout of the Vendetta group in quest of gaining clues that will lead them to the r£bels new hideout. Unfortunately, Guzman and his men chance on them and they engage in guπ battle.

Homer is able to get away along with his men but the police were able to see their faces. Guzman believes there is more into their coming to the place and are the right hand men of Hipolito who the politician use to get back at Dumaguit.

They are able to secure some of their new weapons and the CIDG investigate on it. The report establish that Homer’s group is funded by Hipolito and he equally working with international t£rrorists since their weapons match that of the foreign terrorists weapon.

But least did the CIDG know that the Cabreras are the ones supplying that illegal firearms. As plans by Manolo and Hipolito to eliminate Romulo heighten, the CIDG also leaves no stone unturned to protect the r£bel leader.

At the Cabreras mansion, Catherine promises to stay by Lucas’ side in hopes of being the next first lady the next three years.

Delfin reveals all the information he has on Homer and Hipolito just to convince Dumaguit to expose Hipolito for the security to arrest him but Romulo remains adamant. Though, his vice has turned his back on him, Oscar takes things cool and bond with his family.

Lucas and Brandon celebrate their successful illegal business which the former is criticising Oscar about. Elsewhere, the De-Leons see the trending news on Alyana and Marco. They now understand why Alyana has failed to return to them.

Catindig digs out the background of Andy to know she comes from a poor home. He plots with Hipolito to use the nurse to expedite their devious scheme against Romulo. The girls working for Becky use a well crafted plan to get the Vendetta arrested to earn the mouth watery bounty on the head of Cardo and his members.

Becky is provoked by the stay of vendetta when she realised the group enlisted her daughter’s help to escape from the authorities in San Rafael Hospital. She storms the place to give them one-day ultimatum to vacate her premise.

Soon, an award ceremony is carried out in the school of Makmak and the kids. It turns out that the kids are in the same school with the president’s daughter. The kids invite Alyana to the awards ceremony and also had lunch with her. Marco, on the other hand, is in the Arevalos mansion in search for his girlfriend as calls to her proves futile.

Peng falls under the weather so Andy did not go to work just to take care of him. Catindig roles out his vicious plan with a male nurse who will inject the commander with deàdly serum.

When the nurse makes his syringe ready to inject, Andy miraculously shows up with Borja and it is established the health facility did not get replacement so Andy is made to come since Peng already is feeling better. The police nab the unknown nurse and the interrogation begins.

Catindig uses reverse tactics to blame Cardo for the assassination attempt. Elsewhere, the girls postpone the time to send the pictures they shot of the Vendetta to the police to attend a gig for foreign clients along with Becky in a yacht. Their gig turns into a deàth party discovering those drug abuse clients.

Cardo and the Vendetta group race to save Becky and her Flower Power girls from the ruthless scumbàgs. Now saved by Cardo, Becky turns a U-turn from her decision to evict Cardo from her house. She even invites him to a special Thank You dinner.

Finding Alyana with the De-Leons, Marco wants Alyana to cut ties with them but Alyana fails. She fails to pick Marco’s call, recalling the humiliation Alyana made him pass through by introducing him to Flora and her family as her boss and failing to hold his hands at their presence, Marco feels like he has lost his l0ved one.

He becomes hypo and crush his car, Meanwhile, Catherine cannot get hold on him.


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