Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 327-331

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 327-331 Cardo rescues Romulo and k!lls Manolo and his ex-army men, Lucas plans to destroy Marco and Alyana’s upcoming wedding

The Vendetta members receive news about Romulo’s impending hospital transfer. Determined to save their leader, Cardo resolves to seek much needed help from an ally.

News about his archrival’s hospital transfer also reaches Renato. The Cabreras on the other hand, lay the blame on Alyana for Marco’s accident. Turning desperate, Marco pushes his girlfriend back against the wall, compelling her to make a hard decision.

Upon learning of Romulo’s imminent hospital transfer, Cardo and the Vendetta scramble to come up with an efficient escape plan. Their mission, however gets tougher when Delfin and his deputies go on full alert to protect the r£bel leader from possible attacks.

Unfazed by the heightened security on Dumaguit, Homer and his minions set out to wage war against the authorities. Elsewhere, Alyana finds herself at a crossroads regarding her relationship with Marco.

Much to Renato’s dismay, Homer fails to wipe Romulo off the map. Homer wanting to win back vulture’s trust, vows to cross any line to get even with the authorities. The members of Vendetta on the other hand, mull over their next plan to rescue their leader.

Desperate for solutions, Cardo resolves to seek Andi’s help. Meanwhile, Alyana finally makes up her mind regarding her decision to marry Marco. Driven by his desire to save the nation from turmoil, President Hidalgo decides to personally pay the bedridden Romulo a surprise visit.

Soon, however, the two leaders find themselves wrestling with conflicting views on the Vendetta’s ideology. Seeing this unanticipated meeting as a menace to their political ambitions. Lucas and Renato make tactical moves in their favour.

Cardo and Vendetta find unlikely allies in Becky’s household. Unbeknownst to them, Homer and his cohorts are also silently ramping up their resources to get back at their enemies. Cardo and his comrades race against the clock to save Romulo.

To rescue their captured member, Vendetta summon the help of their new found allies. However, the vigilante group is unaware that an army led by Manolo is coming to assassinate Romulo. Homer’s fraction decide to head to the hospital to dispatch their former leader despite Renato’s decision to leave the task in Manolo’s hands.

Elsewhere, Lucas plots to stop Marco and Alyana’s upcoming wedding. Cardo goes to dangerous lengths to rescue Romulo. Just as Manolo is a about to k!ll Andy, Cardo saves her in the nick of time. In the ensuing pandemonium, Delfin catches sight of his nephew running away the the r£bel leader.

Renato, later, learns that Manolo’s task comes up with a hefty prize. Elsewhere, Brandon sees one of his high profile clients. Desperate for solutions to the country’s growing t£rrorism crisis, President Hidalgo orders the PNP especially the CIDG to shape up.

Equally resolves to bring justice to all the victims, General Borja and his deputies try to piece together the events leading to Manolo’s untimely deàth. They even go as far as interrogating Andy, whom Delfin suspects has a major hand in Romulo’s escape.

Shocked to the core, Andy gives her family and Vendetta a heads-up. Unfazed by the authorities move, Romulo sets his sights on accomplishing his biggest mission with the vigilante group. The news of Vendetta’s great acts of heroism stirs up opposing views among the public.

Despite their new found glory, Cardo, Diana and Ramil are certain that Delfin and his subordinates will stop at nothing to locate their whereabouts. True to their worries, the men of CIDG go undercover to hunt them down and their new person of interest, Andy.

With her daughter’s safety at risk, Becky exhausts all means to protect Andy and the vigilante group from the authorities who are on surveillance. Homer and his cohorts devise an intricate scheme to give Renato a taste of his own medicine. Through Becky’s help, Vendetta manages to escape the authorities’ watchful eyes.

With their neighbours extending full support to their course, Cardo and the rest of the Vendetta deem it necessary to prioritise everyone’s safety. Elsewhere, Renato amid allegations that link him to Manolo’s attack resolves not to let anyone foils his political ambitions.

Unknown to him, Cardo and his group are already gearing up to thwart his plans and wreak vengeance. Later, the Hidalgos are surprised by the unexpected arrival of one of their family members.

Lucas further threatens his political ties with Renato despite the controversies that the latter is facing. To win the director’s trust the Vice President reveals his secrets to Renato.

Meanwhile, Cardo and his comrades guard Andy to keep her from harm. He and his group then use this chance to gather more information about Renato. Elsewhere, Alyana realises the gravity of her decision to marry Marco.


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