Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 332-336

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 332-336 Alyana refuses to marry Marco over his violence nature, Renato holds a popular pastor as hostage in a bid to win the elections

Desperate to boost his senatorial bid, Renato forms a new alliance between Homer’s group and an influential person. Following the former NDA director’s command, members of the Venom waste no time in spreading terror in Dela Paz.

Cardo, on the other hand, gets alarmed upon learning that Delfin is investigating Andy. Later, the determined General attempts to squeeze the truth out of Andy regarding her conversation with Cardo and Romulo.

Alyana shares with Teddy her thoughts on her relationship with Marco. In his earnest effort to ramp up his senatorial campaign, Renato together with his newest allies, Lucas and Brandon, unleashes seeds of unrest in different part of the region.

After his attempt proves futile, the former NDA Director has his eyes on a prominent religious leader, whose power to influence his multitude of supporters might help Renato improve his declining ratings. Vendetta, on the other hand, sets out to uncover Renato’s plans to rig the elections.

True to the hunch, Cardo and his comrades later prevent the minions of the senatorial candidate from posing threats to the group of innocent teachers. Meanwhile, Alyana remains at a crossroads regarding her decision to marry Marco.

Wanting to clear things off between his new allies and secret army, Renato let’s Homer and his cohorts know the repercussions should they defy Lucas and Brandon. Brandon who is determined to prove his worth, works hand in hand with Scorpion and his right hand man to ensure Hipolito’s victory in the elections.

Unbeknownst to Brandon, one of the members of the Vendetta puts his henchman under close watch. The news about Vendetta’s act of heroism has President Oscar wondering about the vigilante group’s intentions.

Elsewhere, Marco goes into meltdown over Alyana’s defense of Cardo. With the help of a friend, Wally applies as a call centre agent. He soon finds himself in trouble after learning about the agency’s true nature. The Vendetta members on the other hand, plan to infiltrate a suspicious place which they believe has something to do with Renato.

Cardo then enlists Blossom’s help in worming their way into the shady call centre Agency. Renato pays Bro Lorenzo a visit in hopes of getting the latter’s support in his political campaign. Lucas learns that Renato fails to convince Bro Lorenzo to endorse him in the upcoming elections.

Despite his frustration, the Vice President remains adamant to earn the senate seat for the former NDA Director. As such, Lucas intends to talk to the church leader one more time, this time by himself.

His son, Brandon does his part to ensure the senatorial candidate’s win. Meanwhile, members of the Vendetta receive further information from the Flower Power Girls about the underground PR agency that works for Renato.

Confident about her husband’s integrity and his impressive track record in public service. Marissa convinces her husband to get Bro Lorenzo’s support in the upcoming elections. Oscar’s decision puts him in a tug-of-war against Renato for the much sought-after endorsement of the influential pastor.

Cardo and Vendetta celebrate after taking down the underground PR agency supporting Renato. Despite the joyous mood, Cardo realises that his family needs him now more than ever, especially after what happened to Wally. Elsewhere, Teddy rebukes Marco for how he treated Alyana.

Oscar is concerned about Lucas’ decision to support and defend his controversial party mate Renato. Because of this, Oscar is determined to gain Bro Lorenzo’s endorsement.

Unknown to the president, Renato has deployed scorpion to force the influential pastor into supporting Lucas’ political party.

Meanwhile, Cardo and the Vendetta remain determined to put a stop to Renato’s vicious schemes. In hopes of figuring out the senatorial candidate’s next step, Cardo asks to meet with Wally in secret.

Lucas stops at nothing to fulfill his political plans. While his camp holds Bro Lorenzo captive, Lucas turns the table on the church leader. The citizens also have divided opinions about the two public figures. Refusing to remain silent while her husband is being persecuted.

Victoria decides to stand up against Lucas. Vendetta looks for a way to rescue Bro Lorenzo. With Bro Lorenzo at their mercy, Lucas and Renato try to save their public reputation by putting the blame on the Vendetta for the pastor’s disappearance.

Unknown to Lucas and Hipolito, Vendetta is hatching a plan against them. Soon, after, the vigilante group gets a window of opportunity to seek information regarding Bro Lorenzo’s whereabouts upon finding out about Brandon’s birthday party.


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