Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 342-346

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 342-346 Vendetta foils Lucas and Hipolito’s plans of rigging the elections, Cardo is served with summons over a divorce petition Alyana filed

Lucas pressures William into stealing an important flash drive from Oscar’s safe. Despite his hesitation, William complies to the Vice President’s demand.

He soon gathers his men for a dangerous mission. Meanwhile, Vendetta sets out to ensure that the automated counting machines are not tempered with before elections.

Using Diana’s knowledge, the group keeps a close watch on the machine’s route to the polling precinct.

Vendetta finds out that the automated counting machines have yet to arrive at their respective precincts. Worried that the machines have been tempered with the vigilante group surveils the streets on the lookout for the trucks containing the important devices.

Unknown to Vendetta, William is carrying out his mission to manipulate the elections results to Lucas and Renato’s favour. Alyana turns down Catherine’s request to pay Marco a visit. After talking to Virgie Alyana later has a change of heart.

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News about the interception of the convoy of trucks containing automated counting machines spreads all over the country. Following an investigation, General Borja finds out that the trucks were hijacked by hired gun men before getting ambushed by unknown assailants.

Worried that the machines have been tempered with, Oscar checks if the flash drive containing the source code is still safely secured in his office. However, William manages to deceive the president by switching the original drive to his tampered one.

Despite this, Oscar refuses to take the controversial matter likely and makes a tough decision ahead of the elections. The tampering of the automated counting machines forces Oscar to declare a failure of elections.

Upon getting his hands on the manipulated results, the president gets shocked to discover that Lucas’ political party received the most number votes, with Renato topping the senatorial race. Because of this unwelcome development, Lucas becomes desperate to clear his name and salvage his reputation.

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Renato on the other hand, comes up with last-ditch effort to ensure his victory. Meanwhile, Alyana gives Marco another chance despite her father’s misgivings. Vendetta remains on the lookout at some of the voting precincts as the elections commence. Despite losing a number of supporters, Renato remains confident that he will win the senatorial race.

Lucas, on the other hand, struggles to answer questions on the regarding his alleged involvement in the tampering of the voting machines. Determined to support his family, Marco defends his father and brother, Brandon from their detractors.

Elsewhere, Flora’s family start to become suspicious of Gina and her goons. Vendetta is in high spirits upon learning the results of the national elections. Renato and Lucas, on the other hand, are disappointed that the results of the elections did not turn in their favour.

This pushes them even more to put an end to the vigilante group. Determined to marry Alyana, Marco tries his best to be a better boyfriend. Elsewhere, Gina finds out that she is leading in the barangay or local elections.

Oscar congratulates his party members who won the elections. However, he cannot help but feel disappointed over Lucas, who has lost his credibility. Because of this, the president resolves to find out his involvement with the automated counting machines.

Lucas, on the other hand, is determined to get Brandon released from jail, even if he has to ask for the president’s help. Meanwhile, Delfin worries about Cardo as the Vendetta continues to go against the Cabreras. Lucas remains adamant in getting Brandon released from jail and clearing their family from allegations despite his failure to win Oscar to his side.

Convinced that Vendetta is the only hindrance to their plans, he and Renato resolve to eliminate the vigilante group once and for all. Some of the Vendetta members recount to the Flower Power Girls how their group was formed. This prompts Cardo to contemplate why Alyana decided to end their marriage.

Elsewhere, the DeLeons become saddened upon receiving a letter for Cardo. Cardo starts to worry for Alyana’s safety after learning that she is working for Marco. Following Ramil’s advice, he takes a break from Vendetta to patch things up with his family.

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Meanwhile, the CIDG is able to find a new lead regarding the attempted tampering of the automated counting machines. Delfin immediately sends a report to Oscar, unnerving the letter with the news. Elsewhere, Homer resolves to switch his loyalties.

Upon visiting Ricky boy’s grave, Cardo hopes that his relationship with Alyana can return to normal. Soon, the vigilante reunites with Flora, who is extremely concerned over his safety. There, Cardo gets ahold of his summons on the annulment case that his bereaved wife filed.

Realising that the court’s order will only trouble her grandson, Flora attempts to shed some light upon his dilemma through moving advice. Meanwhile, Lucas threatens William after his name was dragged into the massacre of the board of elections officials.


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