Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 345-349

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 345-349 Cardo escapes with Alyana after her engagement with Marco, Lucas, Renato plot against Oscar

Lucas is determined to get Brandon released from jail, even if he has to ask for the president’s help. Delfin worries about Cardo as the Vendetta continues to go against the Cabreras. Lucas remains adamant in getting Brandon released from jail and clearing their family from allegations despite his failure to win Oscar to his side.

Convinced that Vendetta is the only hindrance to their plans, he and Renato resolve to eliminate the vigilante group once and for all. Some of the Vendetta members recount to the Flower Power Girls how their group was formed. This prompts Cardo to contemplate why Alyana decided to end their marriage.

Elsewhere, the DeLeons become saddened upon receiving a letter for Cardo. Cardo starts to worry for Alyana’s safety after learning that she is working for Marco. Following Ramil’s advice, he takes a break from Vendetta to patch things up with his family.

Meanwhile, the CIDG is able to find a new lead regarding the attempted tampering of the automated counting machines. Delfin immediately sends a report to Oscar, unnerving the letter with the news. Elsewhere, Homer resolves to switch his loyalty.

Upon visiting Ricky boy’s grave, Cardo hopes that his relationship with Alyana can return to normal. Soon, the vigilante reunites with Flora, who is extremely concerned over his safety. There, Cardo gets ahold of his summons on the annulment case that his bereaved wife filed.

Realising that the court’s order will only trouble her grandson, Flora attempts to shed some light upon his dilemma through moving advice. Meanwhile, Lucas threatens William after his name was dragged into the massacre of the board of elections officials.

Vendetta and Flower Power Girls hope that Cardo will succeed in winning back Alyana’s heart. Cardo, on the other hand, is crestfallen after witnessing Marco’s marriage proposal to Alyana. Not wanting to lose her, Cardo finally meets his estranged wife. Oscar grows more suspicious of Lucas and William.

Determined to know the truth, he summons the two for an important talk. Marco is enraged after Alyana goes missing right after their engagement. Worried that she suddenly changed her mind, he immediately sets out to find her. Alyana’s disappearance perturbs Teddy and Virgie, and raises speculation among the DeLeons.

Unbeknownst to them, Cardo has spirited Alyana away. Meanwhile, Renato gives Homer and his group a new mission. Determined to separate Alyana from Marco, Cardo brings her to his friend, Caloy’s residence. Cardo resolves to stay there for the meantime in hopes of reconciling with his wife. Alyana, however, is infuriated for what he did.

Oscar leads the oath-taking of the newly elected senators. Despite the security measures he imposed, Renato and his allies find a way to enact their vile plan. Oscar ponders on the identity of the culprit behind the explosion during the oath-taking ceremony. Aware that the situation around him is getting dangerous, he urges his family to be more careful.

Just like Oscar suspects, Renato and Lucas are plotting against him and his family. Caloy and his friends sympathise with Cardo over his predicament with Alyana. Marco resolves to find Alyana at all costs. After a long time, Cardo gets a chance to sleep next to Alyana. There, the vigilante recalls the moments they have shared since the day they met.

The following morning, he wakes up to find out that his wife is gone. Unbeknownst to Cardo, his wife has run away and is desperate to escape. Meanwhile, Gina is finally swears in as Counselor.

Cardo manages to stop Alyana from returning to Manila. Despite Cardo’s effort to patch things up between them, Alyana makes it clear that there’s nothing he could do to fix their relationship.

The DeLeons speculate that Alyana is with Cardo. Unbeknownst to them, someone is keeping an eye on their family. Elsewhere, Lucas remains confident that Brandon will soon be set free. Marco remains distressed as he still unable to find Alyana.

He later receives a visit from the police who are investigating Alyana’s disappearance. Thinking that Cardo’s family is trying to turn tables on him, Marco storms the DeLeons house. There, a heated argument breaks up between him and Flora.


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